Ximo Rovira: “Rocco Jurado gave me an indescribable squirt”

The communicator hosts a magazine on Levante TV. He has made no secret of his anger at being banned from hosting a pageant on Valencia TV because of his controversial past in Tombola.

They asked the protagonist of Once Upon a Time in America what he had been doing all these years, and he replied, “I went to bed early.” What did Ximo Rovira do during this time?
Professionally, I continued to work. I am connected with Levante TV and continue to do what I love most, which is communication and storytelling.
You also have a cooking show. What is your favorite dish?
I am the first assistant to the general manager in the kitchen, which is my wife. As a team we are good at Valencian dishes such as paella and fideu. I like to cook and it relaxes me, but in company.
What is the sin that can never be committed when making paella?
Many things can happen to you. A Valencian will not forgive you that the rice is like that empastrate, as we say here that the wheat is past. This is absolutely inexcusable. Paella is an extremely difficult dish and in this Valencian land it is a religion.
This is a very popular dish and many deviations are allowed in its name.
I am not a fundamentalist, but it is true that when one sees those paellas in which they put chorizo, pepper, peas or mussels, as you do in Madrid. Look, say it’s rice, but don’t call it paella.
Except for the gray hair, you look the same as ever. Are you the new Jordi Hurtado?
Geordie is not from this planet. I will be 61 years old and I take care of myself. I keep my weight low, I exercise moderately, I watch my diet and I’m lucky with my genetics. The machine is not the same, but the cheerful soul and good mood are always with me.
Kapuszinski used to say that “to be a good journalist, you have to be a good person”. I’ve heard that phrase uttered by a handful of bad people…
And in this work, as in all, there are bad people. I agree with him that these bad people are not and will not be good journalists. A journalist cannot deliberately miss the truth. There are many bad people who use the media for their own interests. It can kill good journalism. If you are an honest person, you will be a good journalist.
Have you ever had to pretend you like doing something you don’t like?
Yes, many times I have presented programs that I do not like a cucumber. Others had the opportunity to say no, but in a career like mine, I was conditioned by circumstances. But I always tried to put soul and authenticity into it.
Do you mean ‘Tombla’?
no Raffle He gave and took a lot from me professionally and personally. no regrets It’s over because it was an anomaly that there was a show with these characteristics on regional TV. But the decision at the time was to compete. We raced authentic ocean liners like Lina Morgan, Pepe Navarro and Javier Sard and won them. We were like the Gaulish village of Astrix. It was a much followed and loved program. But I admit it Raffle this is a space for another TV profile that is not standalone.
What did he give you and what did he take from you?
Oh, that makes you write a book! And we will enter first of all into what took my life. I was not prepared for such a large meteorite to hit my life. It was difficult for me to deal with everything that happened to me and that led to changes in my life that I would like to see differently. Luckily it didn’t get out of hand, but it was very difficult.
How old were you at the time?
It was in 1997 and I was 35-36 years old. I have always been told that I have a younger face and that I look like the perfect son-in-law.
are you still
I’m not saying I am, but I’m a good boy and it probably shows on screen.
What was the most tense moment you experienced on Tombola? There were several.
It’s true. There were a lot of tense moments. One of the times I breathed a sigh of relief was when I was told over the phone that a call had been received preventing Barbara Ray from appearing on the program. It was a very strict order. Two men in black came, entered the make-up room of the Valencian TV station where Barbara Ray was on that tense night, and took her away. We all thought that if Barbara Rey imposed her will because she signed a contract and participated in the program, she would have a big cock. In today’s eyes, the honorary king is a fallen tree, but in 98 there was a tacit agreement and silence about him and his adventures. This interview was bold and red-stepping.
Were they orders from King Emeritus?
No one guessed the originator of this call. I want to think it was a chain. The one that came to Canal Nou, I guess it doesn’t come directly from Zarzuela, I don’t know. There was also a lot of self-censorship at the time. Because it could cost you some serious revenge. How does this play then? It was unspoken. Everyone knew what was going on with the monarch’s special friends and no one said anything because they thought it was their private life. But these other exchanges with favorable treatment and tax havens are not acceptable.
Have you created a lot of enemies?
No, I’m telling you. I’ve had hard times. I had an airport collision with Rocco Jurado as a result of Antonio David’s intervention. He was in a state of nerves and told me everything. I don’t think it was anything personal. She was crushed as Rocco’s protective mother, and an indescribable gush fell upon me, which I stoically endured and did not complain. I only remember this incident and the one with Pepe Sancho, who I don’t know what the hell happened to me. Too bad because they both left and I didn’t get to talk to them again.
Did it hurt you to be banned from Valencia public television because of your Tombola past?
Yes, I’m hurt. But I want to qualify. The general management of the public television of Valencia asks me to present a program. This means that the content management agrees to submit a contest because I have the capacity to do so and they trust me. But in public television there is co-directing…
They call it Rector’s Council, don’t they?
Yes, their vowels are nominative, that is, the people who occupy these chairs are appointed by political contract. While the rest of the positions I listed are pros, they are there on merit. To me, if the professionals tell me: “Look Ximo, you don’t fit in…”. I come home and no problem. This is something that has happened to me dozens of times. What seems unprecedented to me is that the professional criteria of general management and chain workers can be overturned by three members of the Board of Directors. This is the system that currently governs regional television. This is what surprises me.
So there are three elected politicians who have the final say on this?
Yes, that’s right. They’re not completely foreign to the sector, but I’ve never met them in productions and they don’t know the sector. They are people with other profiles, mostly academics. I am very surprised that the president who is in office said that I am a great professional and a wonderful person. My reasoning is: if I’m a great professional, then you’re excluding me based on unprofessional criteria. It hurts me that you say I represent the Valencian audiovisual memory of trash TV. that’s the phrase.
What a plaque they put on you.
What is this? What is the audiovisual memory of Valencia? We go around every town in Valencia and ask people what I am? If they have an attachment to me or know me? Someone might think this is populism, but I feel loved by my people. Feeling rejected by such a biased and sectarian yardstick hurts me.
If you showed anything in ‘Tmbola’, it’s your ability to not get splashed by puddles.
I didn’t get involved in any of these messes. He was just trying to get the ship to safety. But there are people who do not share your opinion. I was the host of a very successful entertainment program. Like it or not, but Raffle This is a much imitated model. Does this prevent me from working in my regional TV station 18 years after the end of the program? Everything is prescribed, right?
Would you introduce “Slvame” if offered?
No. I don’t want to seem like someone who is now suddenly put on the spot… Simply because both Jorge Javier Vsquez and Mara Patio do it divinely. I feel good in my country, in Valencia.
Have you ever had that moment when the phone stops ringing?
Yes, like the actors. When projects are completed, the phone doesn’t ring. But I haven’t stopped working. I’m flexible and I don’t leave my rings behind to roll up my sleeves and do a magazine show on a small local radio station or to pick up the phone and start producing. I will not be photographed in anything. I like to make a living.
What things have you not swallowed in this profession?
I don’t swallow arrogance. I admire, for example, Rosa Mara Sard, who I worked with and she was a great woman, while we were a bunch of stupid guys. He was never above us or operating with arrogance. It was another companion. This professional profile is extremely generous to colleagues. And then there are others who have made it by accident and who are stars and are not even equaled in the second division.
Is there a lot of arrogance?
I don’t know if it’s a lot or a little, but there is. I’ve been through it.
What program would you like to do?
I love competitions because they give you a lot of room for freedom and improvisation. Therefore, the last one that was offered to me was a gift to me and has great success in other autonomous TVs.
Choreographer Bob Fosse said he was a collector of injustices, that he had a trunk full. And you?
Fortunately, no. In 38 years of experience, the most obvious one I remember is the last one. This is the moment when I was most amazed because I had all the illusion and all the assurances of returning to what had been my home for so many years. It was a huge disappointment. I will not be a victim of anything because no wrongdoing has been done. But I was not treated fairly.
What’s the best advice you’ve been given?
Hey! My father, who is now ill and losing his memory, was worried because he saw that I might fall down the slope of glory and tinsel. So he told me to always know who I am and remember my roots and my people. I tried to do it, although sometimes it cost me.
Does one become immune to sins with age?
I don’t think there is a vaccine for sins. What I do agree with is Oscar Wilde’s phrase that the best way to avoid temptation is to yield to it. As you age, you should enjoy life and moderate temptations. Sometimes we put on too many armors and suppress certain pleasures. You have to seize the moment.

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