Top 10 Luxury Airbnb Shipping Containers

Traveling enjoying nature has become one of the priorities of people choosing their holiday destinations.

People not only seek out these little getaways to explore the world’s most important cities, but they also choose new forms of tourism to be able to rest, without the frenetic level you face when you settle in city centers.

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Clean air, nature, sea, animals and, above all, silence. They are the new slopes and have been developing in recent years, from tree houses to bubbles to see the starry sky.

Now you have a new option if you want to relax, but without giving up comfort and luxury: containers in the best placeswithout losing a single detail of comfort.

These are the best options you can find on Airbnb:

1. Container in Larvik, Vestfold, Norway

In the south-east of Norway, next to the river Numedalsvegen, you can enjoy this luxury container in an unrivaled environment.

Norwegian container

It is visible in the picture, but the description states that there are no neighbors or other houses aroundmaking it the perfect destination for a few days complete disconnection.

Norwegian container

In addition, the main room is fully glazed so that you have the feeling of sleeping outdoors, but well covered, something that in Norway you will certainly appreciate.

*The price per night is: 245 euros.

2. Container in Canyelles, Catalonia, Spain


Of course, in Spain you can also enjoy the fashion of luxury containers and the one in Kanieles is a great example.


Pool, nature and decoration that will make you feel at home. This container is an excellent option if you want to enjoy a few days of disconnection a little closer and with leisure nearby.


And if it’s not time for leisure away from home, you can always enjoy yours pool and terrace equipped to both enjoy the best alfresco dinners and take a few heart-stopping naps in these peaceful hammocks.

*The price per night is: 230 euros.

3. Container in Columbus, North Carolina, USA


In the unbeatable setting, in Green Greek, North Carolina, this container can spend a few days completely isolated, so much so that the owners (3 brothers who built the house) recommend taking car for getting around.


Common areas are equipped with fire pits and barbecues to make the quintessential American evening of storytelling and marshmallow eating or marshmallow pierced on a stick, a great activity for the little ones as It has a capacity of 4 people.

PS: on Airbnb you can see Jacuzzi which is at the back of the garden. And yes, you can enjoy it.

One of the things that stands out the most about it luxury container lost in the bushes is that the decoration is impeccable.


Perfect to always feel comfortable, both inside and outside the home. In addition, its huge windows make it very bright.

*The price per night is: 254 euros, but if you travel in September they have an offer and you can rent it for 181.

4. Container in Millersburg, Ohio, USA

Ohio USA

This is one of the the most impressive and large containers where you can stay on Airbnb.

Its 487 meters is perfect for a household 4 peoplebut to have maximum intimacy and independence with each other, something they achieve with the 2 heights.

All container windows are facing idyllic forest in which it is located. If you are looking for a moment of special detachment, you can go up and take an amazing relaxing bubble bath with such views.

Ohio USA

There’s a fire in the patio to keep the nights warmer, and the owners say the forest they’re in is perfect for see deer

Ohio USA

*The price per night is: 250 euros.

5. Container in Cleasby, England, UK

Great Britain

If you search for this point more and find yourself in a Rural environmentyou can’t stop visiting this container located on a farm in North Yorkshire, with private views of the Cleveland Hills.

Great Britain

As you can see, there is absolutely nothing around and in fact no TV or wifi, so you can really enjoy yourself break the link you are looking for.

Great Britain

Of course, the house is fully equipped and has a wood stove, an outdoor fireplace, a wood-fired hot tub. You won’t know there’s no TV because you won’t have time to watch it while enjoying these amenities.

It is a small space, with capacity for 3 people, with an XXL bed and a sofa bed in the living room.

*The price per night is: 208 euros.

6. Container in Schöneck/Vogtland, Sachsen, Germany


notice of athletes!it is the best place to spend a few days in nature, but with the possibility of doing impressive routes in cycling, hiking or skiing.

with capacity for 3 people, Thanks to its double bed and an extra single bed, it is the perfect destination for spending time various holidays with friends.


In addition, if you are more, you can rent the adjacent container with the same characteristics.

The environment is so wildly natural that in fact, as you can see in the picture, you can have breakfast or watch the sunset with a hot chocolate on the terrace with your neighbours, the cows.


You can see more pictures of this container in winter surrounded by snow on Airbnb because it’s really fascinating.

*The price per night is: 154 euros. Between 3 friends it is profitable!

7. Container in Al Khiran, Al Ahmadi Province, Kuwait


And from a cold environment we go to a much warmer one in Kuwait, surprisingly, it allows pets! Little more can you ask for that bohemian container located on the beach Places for 4 people.

It is located in the southeastern part of the country, almost on the border with Saudi Arabia, and allows rest in a completely peaceful environmentwith friends or family.


It is one of the best activities that you can enjoy starry night from the roof.


Another of his strengths is Outdoor area equipped with a fireplace and grill to spend the warmer nights because the sea breeze that is close to the house may make you need extra heat.

*The price per night is: 383 euros.

8. A container in Kauste, Hieu County, Estonia


It seems incredible, but in this container in Estonia It has capacity for 5 people. This is one of the best options to spend a little various family vacationsin an environment full of nature on the island of Hiumaa in Estonia.

The outdoor area has a sauna in the middle of the garden with glass so you can appreciate the greenery that surrounds you from within.


Also, the location is unbeatable as it is 900 meters from the beach.

After relaxing on the porch of the house, you can take a trip to the Takuna Lighthouse, a perfect activity to explore the area and end the day with impressive views.


*The price per night is: 110 euros.

9. Container in Borgue, Scotland, UK


Scotland is one of the most naturally rich countries you can find and in this case you will stay in a a farm surrounded by greenerypheasants and sheep.


This container has stunning panoramic views of the Cumbria coastline and the Galloway hills.

You and 12 friends can rent a previously ruined 16th-century castle in Scotland for less than €250 a night

Plus, it’s a perfect area to explore if you’re looking the busiest tourismbecause it is surrounded by beaches, bays, walking trails and beautiful towns like Galloway.

It has the capacity to 2 people and no wifi or tv so these relaxing vacations are fulfilled in every way!


*The price per night is: 154 euros.

10. Container in St. Augustine, Florida, USA


On last place, container with more personalityprobably from all over the United States, it’s in Florida and you’ll feel like you’re in a video game or a very cool cartoon chapter.


With capacity for 6 people, it is the perfect accommodation to spend a few days on holiday with friends. It has 5 bedrooms, 5 beds and 2 bathrooms.


Yes, you should have seen the photo of the bathroom to see that they don’t skimp on detail in any of their rooms. i have free parking and the best technology throughout the house, including some gaming machines harvest in the middle of the room.

There is 5 stars of its 25 qualifications, as despite its modern image it is also ideal for crafting outdoor activities.

It is only 100 meters from the river, ideal for walking, cycling or water sports. You can visit the nature activity guide that your host offers you.

*The price per night is: 485 euros.

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