Three plants that will bring nature and freshness to your interior

Natural green is always a good option for decorating interior spaces, they will give life to a place that usually does not have much greenery due to its conditions. Indoor plants are presented as one of the best options for providing the natural tone you are looking for in your home or office.

Houseplants don’t require a lot of complicated care, so if you’re someone who has a hard time keeping track of them, these three options are perfect for you too.


Its green heart-shaped leaves are very decorative. Photo: The hour

This plant has become an ideal decoration for any type of interior because its green heart-shaped leaves are very decorative. They are perfect for placing in high places such as shelves so that the stems hang down or using it on the floor so that its leaves grow upwards with more dimensions.

This plant, known as a “climber” for its ability to adapt to space, also purifies the air of toxic substances and is a sustainable indoor plant due to its easy care.

The most important thing is that it is located in a place with a warm temperature and in a bright room, where there is no direct sunlight, so that the leaves do not burn.


Aloe Vera is one of the most famous succulents in the world. Photo: The hour

This plant should become a necessity in your interior, it is one of the most famous succulents in the world, it is visually pleasing, easy to care for and has various properties for you.

Due to its conditions, aloe vera easily adapts to outdoor and indoor places, this time we deal with the second option, to keep the plant in optimal conditions, you must make sure that the substrate where it is located drains the water very well, not water too much, put it in a place with light and ventilation.

Avoid placing it in areas with strong air flow or heat sources such as kitchen appliances.

With this, you will not only pleasantly surround your spaces, but you will have at hand a plant with many benefits for your health.


If your style is a little more summery and refreshing, Kentia is perfect for you.

And last but not least Kentia. This plant resembles palm trees, so if your style is a little more summery and refreshing, this is perfect for you. Care is also easy to work with, the main thing is to put it in a place where it will expand in the best way and where its leaves will curl.

You should keep it in a place with lots of light, but never direct, and water it without excess. However, if you have to spend the days watering, you don’t have to worry at all, as this plant can withstand drought better than excess water.

It is recommended that once it is placed in the space, it remains there because it is a plant that is very sensitive to drastic changes in temperature. If you want to do it, it is best to do it gradually so that the kenya adapts to the conditions.


In general, houseplants do very well in warm and stable temperatures, so caring for them is more focused on the type of soil, water and cleaning you need to do.

Watering will depend on each pot and plant, although on average it is recommended to do it once or twice a week, considering that the soil needs to be wetted more than the leaves of the plants in general.

The main thing to remember is that pots should never stand in water or they are more likely to die.

Houseplants generally do very well in warm, stable temperatures. Photo: The hour

When choosing land, consider those substrates that have a balanced pH of 6.5-7 and are porous, so that irrigation water abounds longer. Finally, you need to maintain good ventilation, so it is ideal to open the windows every day and clean the leaves of your plants with a damp cloth to avoid dust accumulation.

Go ahead and don’t wait to give green life to that space you love so much!

You must remember that the pots should never stand in water. Photo: The hour

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