They increase the budget in 2023 for the Search Commission

With the project of National Center for Human Identification (CNIH) ongoing and for which no specific budget has been considered this year, Economic package 2023 envisages an increase in the resources of the National Tracing Board (CNB) of about 41.2% in real terms.

The 2023 proposal is for general thousand 097 million 234 thousand 971 pesosa growth of just over 40% when inflation is taken into account compared to the 747 million 427 thousand 389 pesos that the CNB had as an approved budget in 2022. While in the field of personal services a growth of 58.2% in real terms is proposed operating expenses will increase by 110.90%, going from 90 million 714 thousand 278 to 198 million 791 thousand 066 pesos.

CNIH, whose facilities will be in Sochitepec, Morelosmust be an administrative unit, with technical-scientific independence, to protect information related to human identificationwhich, once processed, will be sent to the competent authority and will be known to the families concerned, according to the decree that gives it life, published in the Official Journal of the Federation on May 13.

When A political animal posted that although the property is already starting to be registered, the CNIH has not yet started operations 90 days after its creation, the search commissioner, Carla Quintana, announced that more than 8,000 profiles are already being evaluated for several dozen hires that have been expects for the end of this year and in addition that some areas of the CNB will be expanded in general, but the staff that will be part of the CNIH in particular will also be considered.

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The subsidy that goes to state search commissionswhich is expected to total 811 million 421 thousand 430 pesos in 2023, there will also be growth of 29.3% in real terms. In 2022, the approved amount for subsidies was 603 million 781 thousand 613 pesos.

In response to a request for information, the CNB expected that the budget for the CNIH would be allocated through the unit from the two budget programs it manages: P026, for the identification, implementation and monitoring of actions to search for missing and unknown persons, and U008, for grants search action tools.

Budget for human rights defenders and journalists

The Economic Package for 2023 also provides for a General Directorate for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders and Journalists of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Yesterday), there is an increase of 41% in real terms, going from 388 million 583 thousand 860 pesos, which was approved in 2022, to 569 million 539 thousand 836 pesos for the following year. Most of this increase is considered operating expenses.

Meanwhile, the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) and the Executive Committee for Attention to Victims (CEAV) will practically keep the same budget for 2023, which will increase by only 0.49% and 2% respectively in real terms.

The first will go from one thousand 722 million 324 thousand 772 pesos approved in 2022 to one thousand 798 million 324 thousand 772 for next year.

The CEAV, for which 958,219,471 pesos were approved in 2022, will access a total budget of 1,016,170,532 pesos next year. In line with the program strategy proposed for this non-sectoral entity in the 2023 economic package, these resources seek to advance the promotion and protection of the rights of victims of crimes or human rights violations, especially assistance, protection, care, truth , fairness, comprehensive compensation and due care.

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