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    Thor: Love and Thunder ends with a little casting detail you probably didn’t notice. The latest installment of Marvel’s Phase 4, Taika Waititi’s craziest film yet, is hiding some very special members in its cast.


    Next up is the latest MCU movie (now available on Disney+). Thor, Valkyrie, Korgand the new Ppowerful fertilizeralso known as Jane Fosteron his mission to win Horus, butcher of the gods, who holds a good (and dangerous) place in the ranks of Marvel villains.

    However, Gor wasn’t always a villain.. He was just a man wandering the waterless desert with his daughter, praying to his God for water and salvation. His prayers went unanswered until finally his daughter died. Shortly after his death he meets his God Rapu. He discovers that he is a scoundrel who despises those who pray to him and is too busy celebrating that he has defeated a man capable of wielding the Necrogod Slayer.

    Gore renounces his faith and his belief in any God. Suddenly he hears the Necrosword calling him. He uses it to finish off Rapu and vows to destroy them all.

    In his will to do so, he will attempt to reach Eternity, a being at the center of the universe who will grant a wish to the first person to reach it. Thor and company must stop him before he arrives, but they don’t know that they carry the key to Eternity: The Stormbreaker.

    However, Gore is about to die. The sword slowly consumes him, keeping him alive just so he can use it. Similarly, Mjolnir keeps Jane alive, but also protects her body from the cancer she has been diagnosed with.

    To lure Thor to him, Gor kidnaps the Asgard children. His plan works and he manages to wrest the Stormbreaker from him to open the gates of Eternity. But all is not lost as Thor finds a way to reach Gor and temporarily gives his powers to the kidnapped children to fight the monsters that have trapped them.

    This battle ends very badly and Jane, along with Mjolnir, comes to Thor’s rescue, knowing that using the hammer will cause his own death. To no avail, however, as Gor opens the gate and reaches Eternity, taking Jane and Thor with him.

    Thor pleads with Gor, claiming that it is not too late to do the right thing and bring his daughter back instead of destroying the gods. Gore refuses. He is also dying and it would be cruel to bring his daughter back and leave her alone. Jane promises him that Thor will take care of the girl. She dies and Gor’s daughter is resurrected. He forgives his father and hugs him as he dies. He later joins Thor.

    The last scene of the film is Korg counting The story of Thor and his apprentice, who was born in Eternity and possessed the powers of God. She calls Thor “Uncle Thor” and works side by side with him, wielding the Stormbreaker as a defender of those who cannot defend themselves. Together they are known as “Love” and “Thunder”.


    The most beautiful detail of this, which probably very few know, is that Love is played by Chris Hemsworth’s real daughterIndia Rose Hemsworth.

    Before the film was released, Hemsworth said that his children “they really wanted to be in the movie. Taika had their children. Christian Bale, on his. Natalie and her children. So my daughter plays the role of Love.”

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    It was a fun family experience. I don’t want children to become stars and actors now. It was just an experience for everyone and they loved it,commented the actor.

    Hemsworth was full of praise for his daughter’s work: “It was like when we’re at home and I tell her to do something, she says phew, no, I’ll do it my way. And good for her because she did a great job.

    There you have it – Thor: Love and Thunder is truly a family story in every way.

    “Thor: Love and Thunder” is now available on Disney+ to stream streaming.


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