The brutal murder of two girls that shocked Nicaragua

Nicaraguan police this Thursday presented the alleged perpetrators of the murder of the two girls, including a 16-year-old teenage girl. (Photo 19 digital)

Sisters IJU, 7, and MJU, 10, went out to play on Friday night, September 2. A 10-year-old friend, a neighbor of the girls, looked for them around eight o’clock at night to attend a general vigil held in the neighborhood. the city of Bethlehem, Managuawhere they lived.

the girls’ mother Norbita Urbina DamasioThe 24-year-old didn’t give them permission to go out, but they must have slipped away because when the mother woke up at 10:30 a.m., her daughters were no longer home. A desperate search then began, which ended Monday night when they were found dead in a hilly area three blocks from the house.

The disappearance of the girls was followed step by step by the Nicaraguan media, which these days partly replaced the prevailing theme of the political and human rights crisis that the Central American country is experiencing.

“This seems like the worst possible news. They killed the two little sisters who had been missing since last Thursday at Villa Bethlehemin Managua. The National Police It has not yet been confirmed, but on Monday night, residents of the neighborhood found two small bodies in a sack that had been thrown in an empty lot,” La Primerísima radio station inaccurately reported on Tuesday, September 6.

This is the mountain property where the victims' bodies were found: (Courtesy photo)
This is the mountain property where the victims’ bodies were found: (Courtesy photo)

The next day, the same radio reported: “Man and woman are the killers of the two girls. They are a couple. They live opposite the house where the murdered girls lived. The 12-year-old girl who went looking for the little sisters is the couple’s niece and is in their care as her mother works in Panama.”

The corpses were placed in a room of the house and on Sunday, when the stench became unbearable, were dumped wrapped in a mattress in a nearby hilly field.

“We want to express our deepest condolences, in the commitment to work hard to avoid situations as terrible, as tragic, as painful as that of the couple created by Compañero Cardinal Salucciano Joseph32 years old, who is a military man from Nicaraguan Army Air Forceand his wife or partner, Norbita Urbina Damasio 24 years. They are the parents of the girls brutally murdered last Friday night,” he said. Rosario Murillo that Tuesday in his usual midday chain intervention with the official media and mentioned the full names of the slain girls, despite the fact that Code of childhood and adolescence forbids it.

This Thursday, the police presented three alleged perpetrators of the murder and rape of the girls of the family Joseph Urbina. “The alleged perpetrators were apprehended at their home #L-07 in the town of Belen (located five houses from the victims’ home): Alfredo Antonio Lara Ortiz, 19 years old; AESR, (we omit the name for under 16s); Alison Jahoska Salgado Rugama18 years old,” Nicaraguan police said in a statement.

He added that “traces of human blood” were found in the suspect’s house, as well as “a blunt object (a piece of block) and a piece of blue cloth used to commit the crime.”

A mattress and a piece of white duplex wire were taken from the place where the bodies of the minors were found, and samples of body fluids were taken for chemical and biological tests.

According to the police report, “IJU, 7 years old, was killed by mechanical asphyxiation, that is, by suffocation. The girl MJU, aged 10, was killed by blunt force trauma to the head and had a green ecchymosis in the pubic area.

The Ciudad Belén girls were allegedly raped and murdered five houses away from where they lived.  (Courtesy photo)
The Ciudad Belén girls were allegedly raped and murdered five houses away from where they lived. (Courtesy photo)

This Friday, Public service charged the three suspects with “aggravated murder and attempted rape”. Alfredo Antonio Lara Ortiz and the adolescent are accused as direct perpetrators of the registered crimes, and Alison Jahoska Salgado Rugama, sentimental couple Laura Ortiz and the teenager’s sister, has been charged as an accessory to these crimes.

In the indictment, prosecutors allege the sisters left without their mother’s permission on Friday night. By 10 p.m., both were sitting on the sidewalk in front of the gym, in front of the defendant’s home. The accused Alfred Lara He called the younger girl and took her to a room in his home where he wanted to undress her. As the girl resisted, he punched her in the chest and suffocated her by covering her nose and mouth with a towel.

According to the prosecution, the accused youth tried to do the same to the other 10-year-old girl, hitting her on the head with a piece of block when she resisted, causing her death. While the girls were killed, Alison Salgado Rugama I watched.

With the murder of these two girls, the feminist organization Catholics for the right to decide increased to 45 its registry of women fatal victims of sexist violence so far in 2022 in Nicaragua.

“Two girls were brutally murdered by individuals who were born and raised in a country that tolerates, justifies and hides sexist violence,” Nicaraguan feminist Maria Teresa Blandon said on Twitter.

The murdered girls are from the mouse, an ethnic group from the North Atlantic of Nicaragua, and his family settled three months ago in the Ciudad Belen neighborhood of Managua. The bodies were transferred on Wednesday by the army, as the father of the victims is a soldier, to the community of walakitangin the Río Coco Arriba, in the department of Hinotega.


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