Sonja and Harald of Norway’s marriage broke royal rules, as their children later did with unconventional partners

Behind her kind and smiling visage,
Queen Sonja of Norway hides an iron will. It was
the first commoner to marry with an heir to the throne, in European royalty and the first to become queen. Today, royal marriages are joined by love (like Martha Louise of Norway with her shaman) and there is a whole new generation of commoners on the throne.

In the fifties and sixties it still was
unthinkable that a bourgeois girl
daughter of a cloth merchantlike Sonja from Norway,
gird the crown. the marriage of
Harald from Norway and Sonja Haraldsen is however one of the strongest European monarchies after approx
and thirty years on the throneand their love story, one of the most romantic among royalty.

Harald and Sonja met when they were just 15 years old at a summer camp in 1959. He was
son of King Olav V and crown prince and she
daughter of a menswear entrepreneurraised in a comfortable environment that gave her access to the choicest circles.

The two young men kept theirs
a secret relationship of almost a decade and when Harald reveals to his father that he is having an affair with a young commoner who has studied
Fashion design and English and French literature and worked as a seamstress in the family business, and that he was ready to marry her, the monarch was strongly opposed.

He sent Harald to study in
Oxford University, with the idea of ​​meeting someone more suited to his rank. Harald studied economics, political science and history until 1962. Sonia was
sent to Switzerland by her parentsand participated in a dramatic event: he had a suicide attempt there.

Sonja and Harald from Norway on their engagement day.

Harald ran to her side and left his studies in England to work in a shipping company. It was in 1968, after almost a decade of dating, that the young heir threatened his father to abdicate the throne if he did not allow him to marry Sonia, and
Olav V finally agreed to the marriage.

During this decade of secret love, other couples were awarded to Harald, among them the then
Princess Sofia of Greece.
Kings Paul I and Federica visited Oslo with their daughter in the mid-1950s, as did Sofia and Harald
they had shared a dance and, according to rumors at the time, the Greek princess took a fancy to the Norwegian prince.

Tall, blond, blue-eyed, sailing Olympian and future king, he was the “golden bachelor” of European courts and the object of desire of most princesses who married. However, he
continued to bet on Sonia. Olav V finally agreed that his only son should marry “Miss Haraldsen”.

Sonja was born in Oslo on July 4, 1937. Her parents are
Dagny, housewife, and Carl August Haraldsena textile entrepreneur, and spent his childhood and adolescence in the affluent district of Winderen, on the outskirts of Oslo, where he graduated from high school in 1954.

Princess Sonia 1969

Later he received a diploma in
tailoring and tailoring at the Vocational School in Osloand later a diploma from
École Professionelle des Jeunes Filles, Lausanne, Switzerland. Her studies included social sciences, accounting and fashion design. He returned to Norway to continue his studies and
earned a BA in French, English and Art History at the University of Oslo.

On August 29, 1968, the couple tied the knot
wedding in Oslo Cathedral. The bride wore a satin gown with a cut-out skirt, long sleeves and a plunging neckline, which
she had designed it herself. The compromise sparked a heated debate about
the future of the monarchy in Norway: If a prince could not put the interests of the nation before those of his heart, he could not be a true king.

Many thought about it. But there was much less resistance to the idea that the prince
chose an ordinary woman as his wife than many feared: after all
two older sisters to the prince
Ragnhild and Astrid had done the same.

The bride and groom greet the many present in front of the cathedral

After the initial storm passed, the Norwegian people immediately accepted Princess Sonja as a member of the royal family. She was destined to become the country’s first queen
after the death of Queen Maud, wife of Haakon VII and Harald’s grandmother, 53 years ago. In the following years, their children were born,
Martha Louiseon September 22, 1971 and
Haakon Magnuson July 20, 1973

On January 21, 1991, Harald and Sonja
became kingsafter the death of Olav V. After her marriage, Queen Sonja shows a
a strong sense of social commitment. Discreetly but effectively, it plays a very active role in
initiatives with refugees and migrants.

King Harald and Queen Sonja turned 70 in 2007: the King on 21 February and the Queen on 4 July.

He is also interested in visual arts and culture and sponsors numerous cultural events both in Norway and abroad. She showed it
face as schedule and ceramicand his works have been exhibited in several
exhibitions in Norway and abroad. Conservation of nature and the environment also focuses a large part of their concerns. He is also a passionate photographer.

Harald and Sonja’s suffering may explain why they themselves accepted this
his son Haakon, the crown prince, will marry Mette Marita young woman with a difficult past who brought to her marriage a single son and after her marriage with
controversial writer Ari Bennwho killed himself a year and a half ago, his daughter
Martha Louisa will marry the shaman Durek Verret.

The Norwegian monarchy is no longer the only one celebrating
marriages with ordinary peoplebut she is the most tolerant in the marriages of her children, it is difficult for Sonya no
to be reflected in them.

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