“Queen of the Indies and the Conqueror”, between love and hate

The series “Queen of the Indies and the Conqueror” starring Esined Aponte and Emmanuel Esparza is an original idea of ​​Catalina Porto. / Courtesy of Caracol Television

She is indigenous, the daughter of Casique Galeras, who lives quietly in her village with her tribe, but is kidnapped by Diego de Niquesa, a Spanish captain, who abducts her to take her to Santo Domingo and make her his wife. But before she can be married off by her captor, she is rescued by Pedro de Heredia, a Spaniard who arrives in Santo Domingo after fleeing his native Spain after being accused of murder. Together, they embark on an adventure where, as fate would have it, they find themselves hidden in a cave, and that’s when Pedro realizes that Catalina doesn’t speak Spanish. Although he tries to discover her name, he fails and decides to name her Catalina.

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Pedro, a fugitive from the crown and after risking his life, becomes Catalina’s first and only love. Days later the man is captured by Niquesa who accuses him of taking his slave, for which he is put on trial before the governor to decide whether he should die or not, but everything works out in his favor and they spare his life changed to him to serve as a slave to Fernando de Valenzuela.

Later, after founding Cartagena and helping Catalina find her village, Pedro de Heredia betrays her. Driven by necessity, he plunders the city, causing its destruction and the disappearance of Catalina’s father. She, broken-hearted, runs away to return 18 years later, transformed into a woman, but with only one goal in her soul: to take revenge and end Pedro de Heredia’s life the same way he did it did after falling in love with her., finished his. This is the story of Catalina de Indias, the heroine who gave her soul, heart and life to a conqueror.

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This is the story that Colombians will see starting next Tuesday, September 13, in the evening of Caracol Television, at 10:30 p.m. It will star Esinéd Aponte as Catalina and Emmanuel Esparza as Pedro Heredia. A task which for both actors was quite a challenge but at the same time an enriching experience for their lives.

“It’s a character that suited me really well and they gave me a few months to build it. From my wavy hair to the earring that I wear in my ear, they were basic and I have to admit that I’ve never worn an earring in my life, it was something new for me… I also had to lose weight,” Esparza reveals about her performance as Pedro of Heredia.

Getting into the skin of a historical character like Heredia was not an easy task for the actor, who in an interview with The viewer He revealed that when he read one of the biographies about the conqueror, he realized how complex and cruel a man he really was, but knew that the story could not focus on those aspects. And that’s it the queen of indie It’s primarily a love story that spans 60 chapters, so it’s impossible to make the audience fall in love with a character that shows so much evil from the start.

For this reason, Emmanuel decides to focus on Pedro, who, although at first he shows that nothing matters to him, he later lowers his guard when he falls in love with Catalina and brings out all those qualities that he does not seem to possess . “We will see Pedro who will become a hero and who will overcome every obstacle for love… this guy can really make people relate to this beautiful story,” says the actor.

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On the other side of the coin is Essined Aponte, a Puerto Rican actress who plays India Catalina herself and who initially thought it was just a fictional story, but as soon as she learned it was a real fact, she began a deep study of his character. And this is that India Catalina in the series is a woman warrior by nature, strong, fighter; Even Essined herself describes her as a cat, ready to defend herself as often as necessary.

“I remember very well that when I came to callback Asier Aguilar, Dago García and the team of writers approached me to tell me that my character existed and even for this reason the awards are called India Catalina … I was sorry for the ignorance, but I immediately started researching”, admits Esinéd , who also tried to condense the various versions he heard and saw about his character. “Some said she was a traitor, others said she was the mother of Colombians, etc. and I think it was good for me to know all this, but at the same time I was very attached to the story that Caracol wanted to tell, because there are too many myths and versions… but there is no certainty”, he commented.

As a period series, both the scenery, costumes and locations were essential to the creation of the series. The artistic direction was by the famous Colombian designer Diego Guarnizo, who emphasizes with great pride the result achieved in this production. “It’s a very long road that we’ve been walking hand in hand with Caracol Televisión for several years now with productions like The Saga, Bolivar or Villamizarwhich I had the great privilege to be a part of… and it’s great to bring all this work together to make it visible with Queen of the Indies and the Conquerorconfirms Guarnizo.

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Every part, garment and accessory tells a story that relates to our origins and travels to all corners of the country. “Through art and clothing, we also show who we are and our roots,” says the designer. The series, which can be seen from Tuesday, September 13 on Caracol Television, was recorded in Santa Marta, Cartagena, Villa de Leyva and Bogotá.

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