Pilú Jewelry is the language of Catalina Echeverry

A representative brand of the crafts of El Poblado, those creations that come from the hands and ingenuity of our local artists and creators, is Pilú Jewelry. Get to know her technique and the inspiration of her creator.

Catherine Etcheverry is the creator of pilu jewelry jewelry brand established in Medellin 12 years ago.

This jewel has a special history and also a unique seal. He was born as an expression and connection with nature and this is reflected in his design.

And it is that the creations of Pilú Joyearía allow us to admire our biodiverse Colombia. It also reflects the work of various artisan communities who have ancestral knowledge and are dedicated to the craft of goldsmithing.

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Pilú Jewelry’s latest collections are inspired by Chiribiquete, the so-called “Grand Canyon”. But at Expoartesano 2022, where this craft is exhibited, a creative work is presented that has the Magdalena River as its center, the result of several trips made by its creator, Catalina Echeverri, in search of inspiration.

It is a collection that also explores the basic techniques of jewelry, forging some openwork, casting in wax and there are other studies that can be seen at Expartesano 2022 until September 18, in the Plaza Mayor, Yellow Pavilion, stand 419.

VILLAGE LIVING She spoke to Catalina Etcheverry about her crafts and told us this.

How did Catalina Etcheverry get into jewelry design?

I came into jewelry design because of a connection I had from a young age with handcrafting.

I had a recurring dream where I felt very hot in my hands, my hands were growing, growing, growing and this was repeating itself constantly.

Whenever I went where energetic people lived or people who did spiritual therapies, they always told me that I should work a lot with my hands because there I had a lot of power, a lot of energy.

So, from a young age I was involved in various activities like wood carving, ceramics, sculpture and in my professional career as a business manager and marketing specialist I also practiced it.

From a creative perspective, how did you build your technique in your career as an artisan?

As a business manager and marketing specialist, I eventually worked as a jewelry category manager for a multinational catalog sales company.

There he ran the jewelry line, and it was an immediate connection to, well, handcrafting. When I started running this line, I was interested in doing a lot of process research. That’s how I got into goldsmithing.

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From there I started making my first pieces and it became a passion for me until over time I combined my knowledge and my academic training with this craft and passion and Pilú Jewelry was born. That’s how I got into creating jewelry.

How are the Pilú Jewelry creations?

The creative part always encourages her with trips in connection with nature, that is, every time I travel or want to encourage creativity, she makes a trip.

My travels usually have a purpose. In the last collection, for example, I made several trips to Honda (Tolima) and went around Magdalena hand in hand with a consulting bridge that I achieved. We sail from Honda to Bocas de Ceniza (Barranquilla); So travel for me is the main source of inspiration and creativity.

Pilú Jewelry is the language of Catalina Echeverry-09

What is your crafting technique?

As far as technique goes, I started a lot of product creation, which is related in a very literal way to what I saw and what I liked, experimenting a lot from technique.

My technique is basic and basic because MY jewelry has undergone a very big transformation. From the years I have been working in the jewelry field and also through my association with the Jewelry Space workshop with Elena Aguilar who guides me in various design techniques.

Now my jewelry has become a little more of an expression of my essence, an expression much more in its own language.

What do people get when they buy a piece of jewelry from Pilú Jewelry?

When a person buys a piece of jewelry, they take away artisanal and hereditary know-how from Colombia. Nature takes. A group is required. Work between women.

They express finesse, the lightness of the organic, of the handmade, of the artisan; very immersed in the essence of Colombia, our biodiversity and the richness of the territories.

Jewelry in El Poblado

The brand Pilú Jewelry belongs to the house. Its point of sale is located in the shopping center Oviedo, in El Poblado, in Medellin.

All their designs can be admired in the physical store and also in their virtual catalog available at: www.pilujoyeria.com.

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