Love and friendship: ideas to surprise the secret friend

This month, Colombia celebrates the day of love and friendship, so different types of activities are held to celebrate and give thanks to the bonds of love with the couple and loved ones.

For this year next Saturday 17 September is the day when this date is officially celebrated and traditionally the secret friend is played with friends, family or colleagues in the office where sweets are usually given to that person who has appeared on paper and on to whom a gift should be given.

It becomes an opportunity to make something your own, creating the perfect gift yourself that is made with time, inspiration and creativity. To this end, Skillshare, an online learning platform, offers various courses that enhance creativity and allow you to make the perfect gift according to each person’s taste.

You only need to have a device connected to the Internet to take the classes and study from anywhere, either by streaming or downloading the class to access it from areas without an Internet connection.

To make the gift, it is necessary to know this special person, to know what he likes, what unites and identifies him. Here are some recommendations to get you started:

Make the map: Saying what that special person means to you, being able to capture love, gratitude and wishes on paper will become a perfect symbol of friendship. Among the various courses they offer is: Live Encore, where illustrator Jing Wei teaches a fun step-by-step technique for creating a collage on paper.

Make a portrait: Knowing the features of a friend is a symbol of sympathy. Making a portrait of both will undoubtedly frame the affection, it can be accompanied by the original image to represent the efforts made. In the portrait drawing course taught by Emily Armstrong, you learn how to draw a pencil portrait from scratch.

The movie of his life: Surprise with a short film specially inspired by temporary use and lived anecdotes will be an ideal gift. It can be done through images or everyday situations that symbolize the union. In Make Movies for Fun, Ben Rutrie teaches basic techniques for telling a story through an audiovisual format.

name bracelet

A slightly different but original gift can be this thread name bracelet. You can play with different colors and patterns, with the tones that this person likes.

Origami figures

An origami figure can be made with a small gift or detail inside. In addition, each of the modular parts of the pyramid can be a letter or a message.

scrapbook album

Scrapbook means scrapbook, but it’s actually a craft that comes from the United States, where it started to become popular in 1980. You can design a mini album with cardboard, cardboard or any kind of decorative paper whose sheets are envelopes with tabs so that you can add the photos.

paper cup

It is easy to make a paper cup with origami or cardboard. It takes a bit of creasing, but it looks great in the end. You can also make other shapes around the cup or put the name of the person to whom you will give the gift.

box of drawers

Also known as a tiered box, it is a paper box that can be opened, it has 4 drawers at different levels. You can also put pictures and text inside it. It’s perfect to create a kind of surprise.

Cup of sweets

This is a very nice detail and easy to do. The advantage is that when filling the cup, you can include the sweets that the recipient likes, accompanied by a card or special detail.

picture frames

If you have experienced many moments of laughter, madness and sadness with that special someone. Why not surprise him with a photo frame that contains pictures of the most important moments. It can be made of cardboard or foam.

Scratch card

With this new gift idea, you don’t have to give a letter, this option can serve as an original way to deliver a gift. With the mixture of liquid soap and paint placed on the card, a scratch card is made, like those in raffles and lotteries, in which prizes are hidden.


Through this gift, the secret friend will always remember this date, every time he picks up his keys, the day he received the gift and the person who gave it to him will be in his mind. This object is functional and practical at all times.

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