Laura Zapata exploded against Gustavo Adolfo Infante: “A dirty man, without culture and education”

Zapata teamed up with Sergio Mayer to fight Infante off the air (Photos: Getty Images)

The recent outbreak in which he participated Gustavo Adolfo Infante on air when the reporter lost his temper and got confrontational Joanna Vega-Biestro and Ana Maria Alvaradoher companions from the show “Pájaros en el wire” column, of the program the sun is risingkeep giving us something to talk about.

And it is that Infante was heavily criticized for extolling himself on air and telling his co-hosts that “he’s the only one who brings exclusives” to the morning show, in addition to advising them to “get to work.” Also the communicator Image Television sparked controversy by telling her co-workers they were “getting fat” and even threatened Vega-Biestro with a request for her firing.

Gustavo Adolfo Infante threatens to resign from Salle El Sol if one of the drivers is not fired

After what happened Laura Zapata He lashed out at the journalist, whom he described as “sold out” and told part of his experience with him:

“He attacked my grandmother when he said that ‘what barbarity, how I made a scandal, that I am scandalous’ when I found my grandmother almost dying “Le grand senior live”I I think they gave him some money, two pesos, because he is a cork maker, then he spoke ill of me but also questioned the misfortune that my grandmother, Eva Mange Marquez and I had gone through, The man is a salesman, the man is disgusting” the actress expressed in a recent episode of the YouTube program From story to story.

The soap opera villain wild rose He disqualified the work of the entertainment journalist and even talked about the alleged addictions he had in the past.

The journalist made a splash by saying that his companions “have already gained weight” (Video: Imagen TV)

“He’s living off his families misery and he doesn’t deserve it, I love that the leaflet has already arrived. He’s human rude, dirty, without conscience, without culture, without education, who has caught himself as a workhorse, talking and making people fight, in families. But comes from a time of drug addiction, alcoholismI think it arrived today with cut or stripped wires,” he said of the situation that occurred on “Birds on a Wire.”

Talia’s sister referred to the moment when the journalist Anna Maria Alvarado asked the owner of The minute that changed my destiny to address the issue off-air.

“And Anita insisted and insisted and insisted, ‘hey, we’re on the air, why don’t we fix this off-camera,’ and then he let himself go, he let himself be a media thread, and that’s good because that sock thread hung him. Now if they forgive him, if they don’t take him out, wow! how much audience the channel will lose, trust“, expressed the actress who criticized the way Infante “brings bread to his table”.

Laura Zapata assured that the communicator
Laura Zapata assured that the communicator “brings bitter bread to his table” obtained from a job that consists in “separating families” (Photo: Instagram @laurazapataoficial @gainfante)

“The arrogance with which he treats the dwarf, they say that all dwarfs are arrogant, that’s it… What a shame to bring bitter bread to the table of your house, to the table of your children, bread that destroys families that invents, imagine nothing but baseness. Very bitter. It’s scary to be with a guy his size,” the 66-year-old actress emphasized.

Laura Zapata emphasized that, apart from Sergio Mayer and Alfredo Adame, Gustavo Adolfo Infante has “many enemies” who, like her, want to remove him from the air, as an example he gave his recent meeting with Marie Antoinette of the Snows:

“A The cylinder I met her at a premiere the day before yesterday and she was talking bad about him, she said “if you’re going to do something against him, please talk to me and I’ll join”. It was before all this happened, has many enemies, especially in the art world and we will work for them to remove it”, he concluded.


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