“Impossible Love” by Frankie Ruiz: who sang it first and who composed one of the most sung and danced salsas in Peru

At the age of 13 he recorded his first album and in 1974 traveled with his mother to Puerto Rico (Dicogs).

Peru This is salsa country and these songs are part of everyday life. There are topics of the moment and bands that become trendy, but as the weeks go by the song is forgotten or heard less and less. However, some classic salsas are timeless and always enjoyable to listen to “Impossible love” on Frankie Ruiz.

To Tartare saucea nickname he didn’t like, everyone wanted to see him, he had a sweet voice that enchanted on stage and in the 80s he was one of the most loved in Puerto Rico and the world. In 1985, he started as a soloist after Judith Ruiz, the singer’s wife, recommended him. This year it was so surprising that it outsold the Gran Combo. In 1987, the popular theme was born, and in the following note we tell you its story.

Puerto Rican singer and songwriter, Peter’s streamHe was the creator of the thread. In 1987 Frankie Ruiz had to confirm his successful moment and together with the label, T. H. Rodventhey tackled their new album called “I’m going, Dad!”. This album had eight numbers, including the popular song.

The composer changed the song
The composer modified the song “Impossible Quererte” to create “Impossible Amor” (Salserísimo Perú).

The label contacted Arroyo to request two songs, and the first thing he delivered was “I Wanna See You.” He then started working on the next topic and the first thing he did was rummage through his personal files. In this search he found “Impossible To Love You”a song inspired by the separation from his first wife and recorded by the group Canayón de Puerto Rico in 1985 Arroyo made changes to the lyrics and thus “Impossible Amor” was born.

“I’m laughing because ‘Impossible Love’ starts the first two lines with another song I wrote called ‘I Decided to Forget You.’ And I said, “I can start a song with that, but with a different tune, because the idea I had was supposed to start with something like that. And I said “I’ve already used it” but well it’s another singer, another album, another capsule, I don’t think there’s a problem. So that’s where I started: “Today I decided that I should forget you,” the composer revealed in an interview with Salserísimo Perú.

Impossible Love by Frankie Ruiz

TODAY I decided I should forget you

What I gave you yesterday, I cannot give you today

Another cutie got in my way

and someone who knows how to give me what you forgot

TODAY I decided I should forget you

I have to go to other lands to fight

because your love is full of intangibles

and in your face it is impossible for me to win

Unless… as fate would have it,

you make amends and realize you were wrong (2)

It’s impossible to love that I love you… if you have to treat me like this

TODAY I decided that I must forget you… I must leave

The album
The album “Voy Pa’ Arriba!” there were eight songs and among them “Impossible love” (Area 51 in salsa).

nice mom in other lands to fight

Unless… by some fate you come to your senses and realize that I was

stayed bad and you know about this porcelain

that i love you mom… another love came my way and someone who knows how to give me what you forgot

that i love you my china…this is so you know china that you will never treat me this way

that i love you my porcelain because i’m your selfish love i’ll have to forget because i already found out that your love is not in na hey what’s up

that i love you mom…you did it to me the first time you did it to me the second time but the third time mom it’s never gonna happen

nice mom if i love you…

Jose Antonio Teresola Ruiz, Frankie Ruiz was born in Paterson, New Jersey in 1958.. He was an American singer of Puerto Rican descent who had his best years in the 1980s. Music was everything to him and at the age of seven he could already go on stage. At 13, he recorded his first album, accompanied by Charlie Lopez and his orchestra.

In 1974, he moved with his mother to Puerto Ricowhere he became the vocalist of several local ensembles, including La Moderna Vibración, La Soluciones and the orchestra of Tommy Olivencia. In the early eighties, thanks to a warm and soft voice that was perfect for interpreting songs between ballad pop and traditional salsa, he became the standard bearer of a new musical trend along with other singers of Puerto Rican origin What eat santiago Y Lalo Rodriguez.

Frankie Ruiz died in August 1998 (Discogs).
Frankie Ruiz died in August 1998 (Discogs).

with “Soloist, but not only”began his solo career at the end of 1985. This album reached the top positions in the Latin music sales charts and won the Latin American award for the best album in 1986. Everything got better in 1987 thanks to “¡Voy Pa’Encima ! ”, a recording work that earned him the prestigious magazine’s Salsa/Tropical Music Artist of the Year Award billboard.

His artistic career and fame were marked by problems with alcohol and drugs, which unfortunately ended with an AIDS infection. He died on August 9, 1998 at the age of 40 from cirrhosis of the liver, just a month after performing his last work in concert at Madison Square Garden: “Birth and Memories”.


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