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The history of the breed creole It will certainly include your name. And with it, that of the Uruguayan livestock breeders. Because it’s not just another horse. It is currently EL Criollo. When last Sunday afternoon the last cow was released in Esteio, Brazil, defining the finale of the Freno de Oro, the test par excellence of the Creole breed that combines morphology and function, Matrero Hummingbird became a legend. This test, to which only the best 48 males and 48 females from around 2,000 horses that are part of the qualifications held in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay arrive, is like the “World Cup” of the breed.

With these numbers showing the filter to overcome to reach the grand final, it can be said that competing in Esteio is already a great achievement for every binomial and exhibitor. Add to that going to the final on Sunday, where only the top 16 positions in the table take part in each category at the end of the tests on Saturday, the merit and pride increases.

Thinking about the possibility of seeing Uruguayan horses participate in the final is something that is always exciting, but because of the universe and the existing level in the region, it was very difficult. A few years ago, different riders and cabins managed to reach Esteio and take part in the tracks, but the real story begins to be written by a phenomenal duo composed of Colibri Matrero, a horse from the La Pacifica lodge, and his rider and trainer Gabriel Marti.

In the 2022 edition of the Freno de Oro, Matrero Hummingbird was dedicated as the Tri-Champion of the Freno de Oro consecutively, an unprecedented event in the breed and one that is unlikely to be repeated. In addition, he accumulates another Ficcc Gold Brake, which is the horse with the most decorations to date. This is how something that was initially incredible and unthinkable became a legend that entered the history of the competition.

The beginning of the road.

This horse arrived at the Gabriel Marty Training Center in Barra do Quaraí in May 2017 to begin his preparations for next year’s Freno de Oro, but he had already shown his mettle as a colt. “When the tamer gave us the horse, we tried it and we were very impressed with some of its things, the way it moved caught our attention,” admitted Juan Salustiano Peirano Vejo, director of La Pacifica Lodge. From there his journey begins, he enters a tamer competition shortly after birth and is doing very well, but they decide to stop him for a while. “Sometimes, at an early age, horses show abilities, and if one does not respect the time of evolution, they eventually fall apart,” Peirano stressed.

La Pacifica focuses a lot on observation to make the selection, “we always try to see what is the best of each generation and follow their morphological evolution, this is how we determine which animals will be tamed and which will not, especially the males” , commented Peirano. Apparently knowledgeable people from his flock, where he put the eye, also put the bullet. They choose Matrero, wait for him as long as necessary, and then pass him on to a recognized trainer like Gabriel Marti, who does his job and brings the magic to the track to put on a show.

To get there, or at least try, you have to work hard and it takes a lot of training and practice. In that time, in all the training, in the accumulation of hours and days and years together, no one got to know the horse like Marty, no one. “During the five years I lived with him, he is a horse that taught me to know and respect him. For us to work together, I had to conquer him, conquer his soul, conquer a friendship, that’s how I like to think of our relationship, it’s something special that only exists between us,” Marty reflects.

When thinking about his outstanding qualities, his trainer mentions how excellent his movements are and that he is a “good cow” horse. Both features have earned him the spotlight on the tracks time and time again, landing him on the podium with exceptional performance and excellent testing. His level is unique, “he is a unique horse, I dare say there will be no other like him,” Marty said.

The results speak for themselves. Each test is better than the last and averages rise, expectations and illusions grow and the chestnut achieves the unthinkable. “It was a very important milestone, we experienced it with wonder and joy, but we never imagined we would get to this place,” admitted Peirano. For his part, Marty confirmed that even in his wildest dreams he did not think about getting four “gold medals”, but much less in this way: “I never thought that I would get here, I would become the rider , who managed to get on the podium the most consecutive times, this is a dream and today I can only thank God and this pingo that all words fail and are not enough”.

Beyond twists of fate, luck and many other factors, there are things that are not random. This victory is the product of various elements: the potential of the horse, the knowledge of the trainer and also hard work. The only way to see results is to work steadily and steadily, even when you are tired. “I’ve been working on this since 2008, I’ve already ridden almost 90 horses in the Freno de Oro final, and if I’ve learned anything, it’s that the secret lies in daily work, training and dedication,” says Marty.

Learn from an expert.

Gabriel Marti is a famous jockey and trainer from Brazil and with international recognition. A lifelong criollo lover who started riding when he was 4 years old and knew he wasn’t getting off anytime soon. After graduating as a veterinarian, he devoted himself professionally to care and training, and since 2008 he has participated continuously in the final of the Freno de Oro.

Today, all the journey and efforts bear fruit and Marti also conquers this podium together with Matrero, achieving a unique prize as a rider. “The road is hard and difficult, but it is worth it. You have to work hard to achieve fame, that’s the only way to get to the top,” expressed Marty, trying to share this sentiment with all those gures or young people starting out in the creole world.

Every run of a cow, every point in the plate is experience and lessons that the rider accumulates in his career. After each participation he learned a lot and today he positions himself from a different place before going out on the track. “I learned that to enter the race you need maximum concentration,” says Marty, only living this way is an optimal state to give everything on the track.

However, the rider realizes that in addition to training the horse, psychological and physical preparation of the rider is required to achieve maximum concentration. Personally, he chooses to remember all the dreams and projects he had as a guy and channel that energy into doing his best work on the track.

This Freno de Oro undoubtedly had a special touch to this horse who has been successful in every appearance he has made on the track, but this test is known to be the result of a series of factors. All of these elements create a responsibility that Marty says has become a pressure on the horse. “The tension I had inside me was very specific, it was with him and not with the others, every time we would enter the track I would pat him on the neck and ask God to give us what we deserved as a binomial” , the rider admitted.

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What will come.

The big unknown for all “cryolists” and followers of the racing tests is what the horse will do now. Speaking to Marty, he commented that it’s still undecided if he’ll be in the next Ficcc, but there’s one thing that’s clear to him “he deserves to live up to the fame he’s getting, and as far as I’m concerned, he’ll be forever thanks to that great horse called Colibri Matrero”.

Some time ago, after winning the second Freno de Oro, Peirano said in an interview with Rurales El País that “everything changes and nothing changes” and thus he summed up the teaching that the victory left them as a cabin. Knowing that being where they are is an amazing thing, but also convinced that they must continue to work as they did on day one, they set new goals and put another chip on that chestnut that would get people talking .

The Brazilian press defines him as the horse that managed to charm the public, his rider defines him as a phenomenon, an individual marked by God. Today it is possible to confirm that Colibrí Matrero is a horse that was born with special magic and wrote a chapter in the history of Freno de Oro and the Criolla breed that will continue and be remembered always.

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