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Changing the name and even the surname can be done in Mexico officially, which means that this modification allows the new way you want to be called can be seen reflected in your birth certificate and official identity documents.

This procedure may be done in the Civil Registry as directed by the Supreme Court of the Nation and although Each state of the republic has different requirementsin Mexico City and the State of Mexico there are specific specifications related to the cost of the procedure and the limitations that we will present below.

CDMX Name Change: What’s the Cost?

The name change process in Mexico City has price of 600 pesos. This request can only be made in person at civil registry offices.

When going to an instance, clarification of the act must be requested through an amendment, which is “change to adapt its legal and social reality” of the appellant.

The Metropolitan Ministry explains that the reason for this change of names is “when a change of name or other essential information is requested that affects marital status, affiliation, nationality, the person’s gender and identitythe goal is to adapt to the legal and social reality”.

Requirements for changing your name in CDMX

  • official identification: can be INE, passport, professional identity card, military card and driver’s license.
  • Copy of birth certificate.
  • Address proof.
  • Accreditation documents legal personality: Power of attorney, signed in front of two witnesses and identification of the interested person and of the person performing the procedure.
  • Certified copy of birth certificate of the father or mother, as the case may be, and if they do not have one – a certified copy of the marriage certificate.
  • Public, private or religious documents in stages of their lives to prove your claim (childhood, adolescence and adulthood, minimum 7 to 10 documents).

You can learn more about the process at this link.

Edomex Name Change: Is it Free?

The process of changing your name and even your gender in the state of Mexico is completely free and is available at any civil registry office.

The company’s management explains that “the procedure for modifying or changing a proper noun (is integrated) with a pejorative circumstance that offends human dignity or exposes to ridicule“.

Requirements for changing your name in the State of Mexico

  • Application and other formats determined for this purpose by the General Directorate of the Civil Registry of the State of Mexico. The request will contain the arguments, reasons and/or presentation of the interested parties, as well as the signature and fingerprint of the applicants.
  • Certified copy of the birth certificate of the registered person.
  • Applicants valid official identification, if available.

Subsequently, you will need to perform a series of procedures with the authorities to validate the name change.

Changing Your Name in Mexico: What to Consider?

The Supreme Court explains that for the change of name to be appropriate, all procedures related to must meet a set of standards.

It was also said that “a mismatch between a person’s gender identity and that which appears on record in their documents implies a renunciation of a constitutive dimension of his identitywhich in turn can become the object of rejection and discrimination.’

Standards for changing the name to suit

  • The procedure should be focused on overall adaptation of self-perceived gender identity.
  • Will be based on free and informed knowledge without demands that may be unreasonable.
  • Be confidential, expeditious and freeas far as possible.
  • They cannot demand accreditation of surgical or hormonal operations.

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