Horoscope for September 11, 2022 – Trends – Life

Phrase of the Week:
“You have to prioritize, that’s the secret of time management.” Robin Sharma, leadership and personal development expert.

Eight of Pentacles
You have a great connection with the abundance that comes from the earth and the sky, and because of this, life rewards you by giving you all the resources you need to make your dreams come true. Believe that you will not miss anything and encourage yourself to invest in yourself, travel, move your money as your heart tells you. Let go of the fears about the future and ideas of scarcity that may haunt you at times. Remember that wealth is your divine right, acknowledge it and give thanks for the blessings received.

A pound of sticks
New projects or partnerships that excite you may appear on the scene this week. Life invites you to make an important business decision that will allow you to activate your leadership and do it in a different way or remain in fear of the unknown, repetitive formulas that no longer work with you. You must activate courage and personal strength to take on this energy of renewal. Enjoy your sexuality and remove any blockages you feel in your body.

nine glasses
This week invites you to indulge in a deep emotional cleansing. It’s time to let go of attachments and past situations that still weigh on your heart. Have the wisdom of the tree that loosens the dead leaves so that new fruit can flourish. Feel the pain and move through it, don’t hold on to it, just accept it as a teacher in a time of transition and uncertainty. Reconnect with yourself, make loneliness your best ally and give yourself all the love you need.

Queen of Pentacles
The Queen of Pentacles invites you to trust your vision and let go of the doubts that cloud it. Your whole being knows what you want to do, where to go and how to invest your money. However, the fear of the future or the feeling of a possible mistake sometimes paralyzes you. You can stay in a comfort zone that starts to hurt and feel uncomfortable, or you can jump in and trust your heart. Connect with the power of mother earth and give yourself permission to taste what you want.

The Hanged Man
The opportunity opens up for you to begin to understand that there are situations and emotional patterns that you have been living in for a long time that are not yours. Maybe you are repeating the story of your parents or ancestors and it is time to see it to change it and heal it. This is the perfect time to be with you and enter into silence and observation. Writing, meditation, and yoga are great allies when your consciousness begins to expand. A family constellation could help you a lot.

The devil
The devil invites you to meet your shadow and your darkest side, he asks you to integrate those aspects of yourself that you still consider dangerous or wrong, and to encourage you to be radically honest with yourself and others. See if your close relationships are based on affection or love, realize if you are in a toxic relationship where you have given away your power and how in touch you are with your sexuality. It’s time to see yourself deeply and take yourself fully.

the legal process
This week is perfect for monitoring the judgments you make about yourself or others. Whenever you judge, you forget your power and move away from love. Judgments bring only suffering, they take you away from the beings you love and make a lot of noise in your mind. Dare to release them and open yourself to the possibility of beginning to understand yourself and others in a more compassionate way. Also, don’t judge your soul’s calling and need to start doing other activities in your life.

two swords
It is possible that your mind is once again pestering you, filling you with doubt and anxiety about the future. This usually happens to you when you are about to make an important decision or when changes are coming in your life. Observe the dynamics of your thoughts, but do not feed or judge them. If you’re feeling anxious, allow yourself to feel it and work through it. Don’t fight because it will get bigger. Take this time to write and introduce yourself. Above all, you want peace.

King of Cups
The King of Cups is asking you for emotional maturity. Stop looking outside for what you haven’t been able to resolve within yourself. Stop blaming others or projecting your own pain and inadequacy onto those closest to you. Take charge of your emotions and take responsibility for your emotional well-being. It’s not about guilt, it’s about understanding that you are the only one responsible for your emotional world. The peace and joy you need is within you. Stop looking outside and look inside.

Six of wands
Embrace life’s rewards and surprises with joy. Recognize that you are worthy of all the joy and abundance in the universe. This is a week to celebrate and connect with your creative and sexual power. Allow yourself to share this energy with your loved ones, show the world all that you have achieved and do not hide your brilliance; on the contrary, use this moment to inspire others. Take trips that allow you to be in touch with nature.

Three swords
Your mind may be very restless this week, either because you are anxious and afraid of the future, or because you want to learn something new and are ready to commit to a learning process or training that can transform your life. Try to be present and help yourself by meditating and breathing consciously. Also watch what words you use to yourself and others. Be very careful in the conversations ahead of you these days.

Five glasses
Your heart aspires to love freedom and to be respected in time and space, so encourage yourself to express to your partner what is important and vital to you in a relationship. Don’t give in by adjusting to a dynamic that doesn’t work for you or avoid having an honest conversation with your partner for fear of conflict. Allow yourself to let go of fears, attachments and emotional burdens, give yourself permission to be honest with yourself and others. Love, when it’s true love, always lets you be who you are.

First quarter – Saturday 03
Full Moon – Saturday 10
Last quarter – Saturday 17
New Moon – 25 Sunday

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