From ‘A Heart So White’ to ‘Your Face Tomorrow’, 7 seminal works by Marias – Culture

Javier Marías was a cultured and Anglophile writer of novels, short stories, essays and newspaper articles, and he left behind a body of work that is often autobiographical in which he explores the nature of truth and violence in titles such as Your Face Tomorrow, Corazón tan white’ or ‘Tomorrow in battle think of me’.

With prose full of digressions, Marías began publishing (and translating) at a very young age, and at the age of 20, the first of his 16 novels, Los dominios del lobo (1971), was released in bookstores, followed by ” Travesía del horizon” (1972) and “The Monarch of Time” (1978).

Here are some of the more notable books he wrote, often returning to earlier plots and characters:


It was his first major success, published in 44 countries and translated into 37 languages. A novel in which some of the themes that preoccupy him emerge: secrecy, suspicion, silence, and how white hearts lose their purity.

“I didn’t want to know, but I did know that one of the girls, when she was no longer a girl and had recently returned from her honeymoon, went into the bathroom, stood in front of the mirror, opened her blouse, took off her bra and looked for her heart with the gun …” he writes as the first paragraph of the novel.

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