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Second Promiscuous Court of the Facatativa Family – Cundinamarca CARRERA 3 No. 6-89 FLOOR 3 – Temporary Seat-FACATATIVÁ- CUNDINAMARCA

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To Mrs. UBALDINA PEDRAZA, identified by postal card No. 657, issued at the municipal registry office of Viani Cundinamarca. To appear before this court under the process of voluntary jurisdiction under PRESUMPTION OF DEATH IN DISAPPEARANCE No. 25-269-31-84-002-2022-00145-00 established through legal representative by Mrs. EVA PEDRAZA DE ORDOÑEZ , in her capacity as the granddaughter of the missing person, according to the extracted facts in the case:

1.- Mrs. UBALDINA PEDRAZA, who, according to a copy of act 260 of October 3, 1947, issued by the sole notary of San Juan de Rioseco, a document in which she is identified by postal card number 657, issued in Vianí, through which acquired the property called finca la esperanza in quota share (1/3) part of the rights in its name in the property called finca la esperanza, a property with real estate registration number 156-17335 ORIP FACATATIVA, acquiring these rights in 1947. , and as an adult, has also requested verification from the municipal register and the national register, a copy of the identity card cannot be obtained if provided, but it is assumed that at the date of issue of his postal card number 657 she was of legal age and it was known that HER NAME WAS: UBALDINA PEDRAZA, at that time majority was acquired at 21 years.

2.- That the whereabouts of Ms. Ubaldina Pedraza is unknown until the date of the submission of the request to declare presumed death due to disappearance, but it is known that she has a son named: Alfredo Pedraza and that he after he was married for Georgina Rodríguez and that according to the baptism certificate of the Parish of Tequendama in the city of Viani, on February 20, 1930, the son of Ubaldina Pedrasa was baptized in said parish, and on March 4, 1956, she was baptized Eva Pedrasa, born on January 19, 1956 and appear as paternal grandparents, Ubaldina Pedraza, maternal grandparents: Pedro and Bellarmina Aguilar, date of birth January 19, 1956 and as parents: Luis Alfredo Pedraza and Georgina Rodriguez., who according to This is recorded in the marriage certificate between Jose Alfredo Pedraza and Georgina Rodriguez, married on January 24, 1954, according to the coast in the cited certificate. This also costs the corresponding civil registry of birth of Eva Pedrasa Rodríguez and who today appears under the married name or surname for this reason in the citizenship card issued in her name appears cc no. 51,576,842, issued in Bogotá, DC, in which she appears as Eva Pedraza de Ordonez, place of birth Viani, copy of folio 213, issued on June 9, 2020, and therefore she is the direct heir of her grandmother Ubaldina Pedraza, this on behalf of his father, Luis Alfredo Pedraza, who died only 26 years old on February 23, 1956, and who married Mme.

Georgina Rodriguez, according to Costa in the book of Catholic marriage certificates n-. 19 folio n.61, born 66 according to the Catholic rite, celebrated in the parish of Nuestra Señora de Belen de Bituima Cundinamarca on January 23, 1954. Therefore, Mrs. Eva Pedraza Rodríguez is the granddaughter of Ubaldina Pedraza, who is unknown. her whereabouts and is not registered as deceased and she has the right to apply to the family jurisdiction for a declaration of presumed death due to disappearance.

Many years have passed since Mrs. Ubaldina Pedraza disappeared without her immediate relatives, including her granddaughter Eva Pedraza Rodríguez, daughter of Luis Alfredo Pedraza, and on her behalf I participated in the civil proceedings brought before the Municipal Court of Indiscriminate Liaisons in Viani. . 258674089001- 201900096 is the plaintiff Hernando Pedraza García, and he has done so on behalf of the heirs of Ubaldina Pedraza as an intervenor.

3.- More than 95 years have passed without knowing the whereabouts of Ubaldina Pedraza and therefore her only direct heir, her granddaughter Eva Pedraza Rodríguez, since her mother also died, she never knew of her whereabouts, that the investigation did not it is known if she died in the Armero tragedy or in some other type of event, as her whereabouts are uncertain.

4.- Mrs. EVA PEDRAZA DE ORDOÑEZ has taken steps to find it, carrying out, among others, the following: she has made inquiries in various municipalities such as Bituima, San Juan de Rioseco and the neighboring Vianí, where she has also asked about the whereabouts of her grandmother Ubaldina Pedraza, who is believed to be over 130 years old as of today, given that she is the mother of the petitioner’s father: Luis Alfredo Pedraza, who is the son of the missing Ubaldina Pedraza. That the petitioner herein: Eva Pedraza Rodríguez, is the only living relative of her offspring, as her father Alfredo Pedraza and her mother Georgina Rodríguez are deceased and today, when she got married in ID number 51 576 842, she assumed a married name: “Eva Pedraza de Ordonez. date of birth according to citizenship card number 51 576 842 born in Viani Cundinamarca on 19 January 1956. His father ‘Alfredo Pedraza died in Viani Cundinamarca at the age of 26 on 23 March 1956 and his mother is reported as Ubaldina Pedrasa as petitioner’s grandmother.

5. That the only known relatives of Mrs. UBALDINA PEDRASA are her granddaughter EVA PEDRASA RODRIGUEZ, now known as EVA PEDRASA DE ORDONES, reporting him and calling on you to help find him. More than 95 years passed without his whereabouts being known.

6. Her whereabouts have so far been impossible to locate and she has not been reported nor has she given any signs of survival.

Those who have news of the missing person are also informed to notify this court as soon as possible, and those who think they have a right to exercise custody of the same to report at this office to stand up for their rights.

This EDICT is published on the web portal of the Judiciary – District Courts – Second Court of Promiscuous Family of Facatativá-edictos, today thirty (30) August two thousand twenty two (2022) at 8:00 am

For the purposes of article 583, number 2 of the CGP in accordance with article 584, number 2 ibidem, a copy of this EDICT is issued for its publication for the duration of the law in the newspaper El Tiempo or La República, on Sundays and on the stereo station Vilmar FM Stereo or Radio Unilatina FM Stereo.



Signed by: Doris Astrite Mountain

Clerk Circuit Court Promiscuous 002 Facatativa Family – Cundinamarca

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in accordance with the provisions of Law 527199 and Regulatory Decree 2364/12

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