Daniela Ospina revealed when and where she will marry Gabriel Coronel

James Rodriguez’s Colombian ex-wife and businesswoman Daniela Ospina and Venezuelan actor and singer Gabriel Coronel announced their relationship earlier this year and have been very close and active on social media ever since.

Ospina and Coronel live in Miami, where they each have their own work projects that they share with their followers. A few weeks ago, however, the couple surprised their followers with a romantic proposal on the beach.

Through their Instagram account, they posted photos and videos of the exact moment he asked her to get married in a beautiful beach area where they were traveling.

Their followers have since congratulated them for being such a close couple and for the good relationship the actor has with Ospina’s daughter, whose father is player James Rodriguez.

Recently, Ospina opened the question option on her Instagram account for her followers to ask her what they want to know about her personal and professional life.

Apparently one of the questions he was asked the most, apart from what his daily life with Salome is like, is when the marriage will take place.

Although she didn’t give details, the model and businesswoman admitted that the wedding will be in 2023, but they don’t have an exact date yet as they organize the agendas and dates of their friends and family.

He also assured that it would be safest for the wedding to be in Colombia, where most of her family is.

They also asked her if she already had an idea of ​​the dress she wanted to wear for the day, but she assured she didn’t yet and asked her followers for advice on alternatives to wear to her wedding.

Right now, social media remains very active wanting to know more about what could be one of the most anticipated weddings of 2023.

How was the proposal?

“Long live love!” is one of the comments you can read in a recent post by the athlete and businesswoman Daniela Ospinain which he revealed the images of an important fact that will mark a new stage in his personal life: will marry again.

She said yes”, is the text with which the Venezuelan actor, singer and audiovisual producer Gabriel Coronel shared a series of photos of the proposal with which he proposed to Ospina to become his wife.

Dressed in white, by the sea, on a rock, Coronel knelt before the surprised look of the businesswoman to put out an engagement ring with which they now seal the beginning of a new phase of their life as a couple.

29-year-old Daniela Ospina is recognized, apart from her sports career as a volleyball player and businesswoman, for being the ex-wife of James David Rodrigueza historic player of the Colombian football team, with whom he ended his romantic relationship in 2017 in the midst of a marital crisis stemming from the unbridled life that the athlete began to lead after arriving at Real Madrid in 2014.

Ospina, who also ventured into the world of modeling, had a daughter during her previous relationship: Salome Rodriguez. James, in turn, later also fathered Samuel, a minor who would have been conceived by a surrogate mother.

Daniela Ospina is also known as the sister of the successful Colombian goalkeeper David Ospinawho featured in two World Cups with the Colombian national team and who recently jumped from Italian football to the league of Saudi Arabiawhere he is expected to spend the last stretch of his sports career.

As for the relationship between Daniela Ospina and Gabriel Coronel, it was out of the media and It was just released last February. However, it was considered “one of the most stable in native showbiz” by the tabloid media.

The announcement, via Coronel and Ospina’s Instagram account, ends days of engagement rumors that began after the paiza began wearing the ring in public appearances; however, he has so far avoided mentioning it.

Although the Venezuelan confirmed to the Latin media in the United States that the marriage proposal was made in the city of Miami in early August, the photos of the engagement, which was framed in a paradisiacal landscape on the coast, were unknown until now, from the sea.

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