Celes Vizcaino, who makes boys and girls happy with sports

RFB. When the father of the theory of multiple intelligences, Howard Gardner, pointed out that to be a good professional you must first be a good person, if you have met Celes Vizcaino he would very likely consider his brilliant thesis proven.

Because the feeling is immediate when one is near it, that it has good vibes in the space it occupies and around it. But the axiom is unconditional that you follow or do a little research about his career in the world of basketball Huelva.

Highly respected as a trainer, her reputation extends to the Andalusian community. Great adjectives express those who know her and follow her from time to time. that passion that is an essential part of your life. We signed up for Gadner, and the undeniable competence that Vizcaino shows in her future adds to our perception of a serious and responsible professional, conveyed in a simple conversation with her and studying a little of her career and achievements.

One morning when I was training in Huelva City Summer Campus Celes, when he was done, went back to the phone and noticed that in the WhatsApp group of teachers from Jose Oliva School, in which teaches physical educationI had a lot of unread messages. The queue of them was continuous for congratulations. When she went up to the first one, she was surprised to see that the person they were congratulating was her for her nomination for the Buena Gente de Huelva Awards 2022. «From then on, a few days full of congratulations and nice messages” -tell us-.

Of the other nominated colleagues, he personally knows Manoli, president of Sporting women’s football. «Nice guy, sports lover and very nice people«.

Celes Vizcaíno conveys an image of simplicity and closeness. A friend told us it was impressive to see her coaching men’s teams. With real “big boys” under his leadership, it does the greatest no-fuss discipline and instilling in its students absolutely respectful and sporting styles and ways of competing.

It inspires confidence, a core value for everything and certainly essential for team sports. But that solvency is fueled by her good fortune, so it seems to us that those guys and girls who connect with basketball through her must be very happy.

This tells us that “I have always had close references, simple people who lead by example in their everyday lives. Then, mine were my parents, two examples of good peoplewho always tried to instill in my brother and me the basic values ​​of respect and being good people«.

Celes Vizcaíno’s way of being and behaving is in tune with our model. He believes it is essential to give visibility to good people, good deeds and good news. «Today, every time we watch TV or social networks, it seems that the most is bad news, bad people… But it is not so, there are many good people who do positive things for othersof solidarity, but which do not have the same informative resonance as others«. That is why he believes that this type of event – the Good People Awards initiative – is important for the work of promoting people who, in various walks of life, dedicate themselves altruistically and selflessly to doing good for others.

He always admired people who were good. «I think kindness is a value that encompasses many others. It is doing good, caring for others, respecting difference and diversity. For me, kindness is synonymous with good people and is a value that I have always considered fundamental.«.

She feels lucky. «At this point in my life, I am excited about everything I do on a daily basis: my family, teaching at the José Oliva School, continuing my studies in Ciudad de Huelva and passing on all these values ​​to children and girls with whom I share so many hours. You have to live in the present, here and now, and that is the biggest illusion«.

He proudly wears his Valverde ancestry. It was there that she started playing basketball as a child. A decision that would mark the rest of his life. She discovers that sports is her passion and being a teacher is her vocation. She considers herself privileged to be able to combine her profession as a physical education teacher with a basketball coach.. We think it deserves it, for the good people.

Real luck to his students and the players of their teams. To keep enjoying. Congratulations Celes.

Awards Good people from Huelva. Cajasol Foundation. Huelva Good news.

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