“The only post I will dedicate to you in your long and unsuccessful career”

Cuban reggaeton Yomil Hidalgo attacked the Cuban singer Dianelis Alfonso Cartaya – better known as The goddess– whose career he described as “unsuccessful”, in addition to calling it “vulgar and generic”.

The origin of the dispute is that La Diosa previously questioned the concerts that the musician performed on the island, something that the artist believes that Yomil achieved thanks to his alleged ties to the Cuban government.

“This is the only post I will dedicate to you in your extensive and unsuccessful career, so that you continue to do and say about me as someone who thinks that what you say at this point in the championship might matter to me “Yomil Yomile wrote on his Instagram stories.

“That’s fine for someone else but I’m already cured of the fear my Fiona (gently) but I’m curious how you call an artist a hero who has a full story, a career and such a beautiful legacy in our country,” he pointed out.

“In any case the character here is you that the only history you have is being short on social media, vulgar and hereditaryno, sorry, not from the dollar, you don’t have the face of being born to a lot, I was born to a lot, that’s where I come from, and with great pride I can tell you that thanks to my efforts and sacrifice that I overcame,” he also said

Jomil even devoted part of his extensive epistle to “Sorcerer King”husband, producer and father of his youngest daughter from La Diosa.

“My king, be strong, my brother, you have a strong laziness… I’ll bet anything to anyone that if a woman of mine spends her life talking down and slandering and disrespecting another man it makes mine look ugly, your baby girl is disgusting” wrote the reggaetonist, who was accused of sexism by some Internet users, not only dedicating part of his message to the singer’s partner, but also sending her in the text to devote herself to “raising her children”.

(Source: Instagram Stories Capture/Yomil)

The reggaetonist indicated that this is the last time he “gives guidance” to La Diosa de Cuba, who also calls “Oti yielder”this in relation to Miami-based Cuban emcee Alexandre Otaola suing Yomil over a confrontation the two had during the reggaeton artist’s last trip to the US.

That same Friday, the singer called the artist “Tabo”, referring to the character of State Security from the popular Cuban series “Day and Night”.

“This was the document I asked for, Tabo, after so many concerts lying around for years. I speak with reason, dear, I don’t achieve them because I’m not you, I don’t have your influences. The media says I can right there? But at zero hour I do not arrive, something always happens, there is a huge difference between you and me and this is not talent and you know it, tabito ”, wrote La Diosa in a post on Instagram, to which he attached an official letter admitting, that she belongs

“For those who don’t know, summer closing and opening are government activities. If the government says you’re not going, you’re not going and you’re gone. It’s a pity that after you have a concert again, we won’t see the big political youtuber. You even threatened to go back to work this Saturday, honey. Whoever believes you, remember that from here to there is my papaya,” he added.

In another more recent post, La Diosa showed that Yomil’s post was deleted after she was condemned.

“Report my stories, the story tells who you are”wrote the reggaeton singer in a defiant tone.

Not for the first time in recent months, Jomil and La Diosa have engaged in an exchange on social networks.

In November of last year, Yomil called on his colleagues in the music world to join the Civic March for Change in Cuba on 15N to support the people and criticized that many of these artists did not come out on 11J to demonstrate.

Yomil’s words provoked a direct response from Dianelis Alfonso Cartaya, who suggested that the reggaeton artist make an appointment for that day.

“Yomil, on the 15th tell me where we are so you don’t feel alone, I’ll be waiting for you,” La Diosa wrote on the aforementioned social network, accompanied by a smiling emoticon that confirmed the irony of her statement.

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