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From Friday, September 30 to Sunday, October 2, at Casa Espiritual Hnas. Marianitas, located in the parish of Vilcabamba, will develop the spiritual retreat for married couples. There is a quota for 14 couples.

The purpose of this activity is for them to live the experience of encountering the Bible in the family environment in order to achieve a process of maturity that strengthens their relationships both internally and in their contact with today’s world.


Create spaces for self-criticism and reflection around the reality of the family and the environment that surrounds it.

Awaken in the family self-respect and dialogue based on self-sacrificing love

Encourage direct contact between the Word of God and the family.

Create an appropriate space of faith in the family.

Theoretical basis (Amoris laetitia)

Marriage is a process, with ups and downs; successes and failures; comparisons and deliveries. The key to family life is transparency: couples remain open to each other and to God. Feelings can change from day to day, but marriages last longer. I say this to begin with because so much of what happens in marriages is a result of how couples feel about their marriages. When couples are together, they can withstand almost anything. Together they overcome emotional ups and downs. However, when one or both of you feel neglected, misunderstood, cheated on, or abandoned, a marriage can feel like hell. The truth is that marriage is not an image. There are no “perfect” marriages, only moments. And moments come and go. Marriage is more of a process. It’s something we work on and work on well when we decide to work together.

Lean on Jesus

Working together in marriage requires communication. In marriages where faith is present, they can benefit greatly when couples choose to lean on their faith and share it with each other. Of course, Jesus being the center of marriage and family does not mean that everything will be easy, simple or pleasant. It just means that when things get tough, and they will, husbands have Jesus to lean on. I can’t tell you how many times turning to Jesus has helped my marriage and parenting. By “lean on Jesus” I mean simply re-engaging in the language of faith. When faith is part of the conversation or the argument (or the yelling), there is always an opportunity for reconciliation. Keeping faith in the conversation leaves minds and hearts open to a third perspective. So what does this look like in real life? For example, during discussions, and perhaps sooner rather than later, one of us will remember that God is also here in the mix of things. When this happens, there are several possibilities:

1) Try to pray together asking for God’s help.

2) Turn your thoughts into silent prayer.

3) Depending on the situation, ask God for forgiveness or the ability to forgive the other person



This retreat will be developed based on the following aspects:

1. Family encounter with Jesus in the Eucharist.

2. Encounter with the Word of God.

3. Topics for reflection in the community.

4. Personal dialogues.

5. Spiritual guidance and orientation.

6. Group work.

7. Space of joy and creativity.


The spiritual retreat will be led by Father Milko Rene Torres Ordonez. Priest of the Diocese of Loha with 31 years of pastoral ministry. Pastor in various communities of Guayas, Loja, Pichincha, Los Angeles (USA). Doctor of Biblical Theology. Lecturer. Trainer and teacher of seminars in Guayaquil and Loja. Founder of the Bible School of the Diocese of Loha. Columnist on social topics in newspapers: Crónica (Loja), El Mercurio (Cuenca).

Those interested can contact or sign up for WhatsApp: 0984589203; Email: milkorene@gmail.com.(I).

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