“No guru is absolutely right, there are as many ways to reproduce as there are people”

Have you ever felt overwhelmed looking for plans on blogs like “Little Cuenca”, “Pequeplanes” or “5 things to do with kids in Albacete” for fill the last minute of your children’s life? with 150,000 Twitter followers, 20 years experience as a teacher and outstanding awards for children’s literature, Miguel Lopezbetter known as OR Hematocriticaldays will be involved September 16 and 17 in Educational forum FARO EDUCA to say with his signature humor what every family has probably wanted to hear at some point: “We can and even should relax.”

– “Seems like at any moment someone is going to revise us”

– Maybe our kids are happier eating a nocilla sandwich on Samil Beach than in a deserted bay, perfect and wonderful with a vegan breakfast. We see the accounts of influential families and education gurus and feel funny.

VI Educational Forum

The biggest meeting of the entire Galician educational community is back: parents, teachers, pedagogues…

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– If you were with another father for a beer, what advice would you give him?

– I would tell you that no educational guru is absolutely right, there is no single way to reproduce; on the contrary: they are as many as there are people. We are constantly told that we are doing things wrong, but we know that this is the best for our needs and tastes. To make them feel good, to trust them, to make them feel good.

“The key is to listen to them and listen to our children of the past”

– How to relax?

– We can calm down, take the tension off ourselves; understand this education is not a competition to create super adults of the future, but to raise people who are calm and happy now; thinking that wasting time is good for our children.

“Education’s Grand Challenge? Take your foot off the gas”

– Should we label boredom?

– Boredom is essential because it makes us think how don’t be bored. It encourages creativity and the ability to seek life, entrepreneurship. Now many people say that it would be nice if there were business subjects in schools: well, there is no better venture than looking for something to do on a Sunday afternoon.

“I don’t know how to do things without humor. In class, it serves to motivate and consolidate memories”

– Your latest book, which is also your first essay for adults, is titled: “Listen to them!” Is this imperative the key to parenting?

– Listen to the children and listen also to our children of the past because we do many things believing it is for their good, but think about what you would have wanted as a child: if you wanted to go to four extracurricular activities or play with your friends in the park.

“Children are full and complete people and we should treat them as such”

– You never stopped thinking like a child…

I don’t think I’ve ever had that. click. This was something I realized when I started as a teacher, I saw that I treated my students for what they were: people; and noted that the others do not. They are treated as a different species, we even speak to them in a different voice: “Ayyy….”. We give them orders, we yell at them, we punish them… Things that nor would it occur to us to do the same.

– Defends the vision of childhood as a complete stage

– If a child is an adult from the future; you and i are old from the future Every person, at every age, is a complete person. We should treat them with respect and understand that we do not have a privileged position in relation to them. Once we have that perspective and give it the value it really has, our relationship with them changes completely.

– A question of empathy?

– Not all people who work in education have empathy, but everyone should have it, it is an essential tool. For me, for example, it helped me realize this I shouldn’t give the kids homeworkthat he has no right to dispose of his free time as he pleases.

– Homework #A for Notes: What do you think?

– Grades are a form of communication between the educator and the family, although there are higher and better formulas such as meetings with parents that give us much more: the grade says nothing about what the student is like as a person. What I think is that in any case, we should not involve children in such a random game, which depends on so many things and which involves emotions that are too complex to deal with in Infant or Primary School. They don’t have to live in a bubble, but each thing in its time.

– All your work seems to be characterized by humor, what role do you think it should play in education?

– This is my way of seeing the world, I don’t know how to do things without it: neither to educate, nor to write, nor to live… Of course, this serves to motivate the children and make them enjoy being in class. All learning is about emotions, especially wonder, and humor are closely related. It serves to fix memories.

– The great challenge of education today?

Take your foot off the gas, give kids more freedom to be themselves, don’t see school as a cookie oven that creates equal individuals, but accept that everyone is different and adapt to it. This is the work that many of my colleagues are already doing, a lot has already changed, the trend is towards individualized and personalized training.

– For whom is it easier to write? For children or for adults?

– It is easier for me to write about children, I think it has to do with empathy, I like to write about them and it is not difficult for me, the emotions I had are very fresh and I think this has helped me work as a teacher and as a children’s writer

VI Educational Forum

The biggest meeting of the entire Galician educational community is back: parents, teachers, pedagogues…

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