Mencho’s daughter and other “good girls” from the world of drug trafficking

One of the characteristics of these young women is their studies at prestigious universities.

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Social media is the window used by the children of drug traffickers to show off the luxurious life they lead thanks to organized crime. Some “good girls” have appeared thanks to them and the splendor they reveal, accompanied by the name of their famous and sought-after parents.

One of them is none other than the daughter of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, “El Mencho”leader of one of the most powerful criminal groups in Mexico: Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

Jessica Johanna Oceguera Gonzalez, “La Negra”, is considered one of the “good girls” of narco. District of Columbia court records document that “Mencho”‘s oldest daughter lived a life of luxury in Guadalajara.

During his adolescence, youth and adulthood, he managed to travel to exclusive tourist destinations and study at prestigious universities in the city.

CJNG’s power allows him access to the upper echelons of Guadalajaraa fact documented by her defence, which reports that she received a degree in marketing from the Western Institute of Technology and Advanced Studies (ITESO).

His lawyers presented letters written by acquaintances of “El Mencho’s” daughter, in which they described her as a kind woman, concerned about vulnerable sectors and always ready to cooperate.

Jessica’s opulent life did not go unnoticed by the prosecutionwho noticed that a woman running a company that laundered money for CJNG had time to vacation at the luxury Vail complex or go to a soccer tournament in Los Angeles without problems to support her son.

On the day of his arrest, he was wearing a Rolex watch, a Louis Vuitton coat and an Hermes bag.. He was also carrying a substantial amount of cash.

After spending 25 months in a US prison to continue his trial for freedom, he offered a property valued at almost $500,000 as collateral. He also promised to move into an apartment in Columbia with a monthly rent of $3,000.

More CJNG “good girls”.

Laisha Oseguera González, youngest daughter of “Mencho”, is also considered the “good girl” of drugs. Although little is known about his life, it turned out that it took place in the most exclusive and luxurious places in Guadalajara.

But the fact that put her in the public eye is this after the arrest of her mother Rosalinda Gonzalezordered the kidnapping of two sailors in retaliation.

The first “good girl” of CJNG is not the daughter of its founder, but the daughter-in-law of her wife, it is about Ana Paulina Barajas Sahdwho lived a life of luxury thanks to the fact that he allegedly helped “run” a business with drug trafficking resources.

Five of the nine companies in which Ana Paulina is listed as an owner are listed by the United States Treasury Department.

Daughters of He Kills Friends

Grecia Cardenas and Marlene Cardenas, daughters of drug trafficker Osiel Cárdenas Guillén alias “Mata Amigos”former leader of the Gulf cartel (CDG), showed their ostentatious life on social networks.

Because of her lifestyle as a socialite or fashion influencer, Greece is called Matamoran Kardashian. He says he lives in New York and shares photos of him getting laid on trips, on private jets or in designer stores where he apparently spends large sums of money.

According to reports, both live in South Texas, in residences owned by tycoons, where they display luxury trucks. They are said to have a private Jet Hawker 800 that takes them wherever they want without restriction and even suggest visits to Venice, San Francisco and even the Mexican Caribbean.

Marlene Cardenas is associated in the underworld with Carlos Martinez aka “El Cuate”who was allegedly favored by the Tamaulipas state government led by Francisco Javier García Cabeza de Vaca as he would give Martinez concessions for a casino in the municipality of Matamoros.

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