Jaime Garcia | “I feel good, I lost weight for health and I don’t want to please anyone”

Jaime García shows a different mood driving Ñublense. The national DT has demonstrated a visible weakening and this has not gone unnoticed in the football environment. In dialogue with AS, the strategist who surprised with good campaigns in National Championship and in Chile Cup, He opened up to talk about the personal change he’s going through. He also had time to mention the driving style he used in the Chillán team that gave life to one of the club’s best seasons in First Division.

“I feel super good, I did it more than anything for health, I’m not trying to please anyone. Well, because of the Covid problem (he was hospitalized in Chillán), it left me with an important problem in my heart, arrhythmia, I also have a problem with (blood) pressure and it was affecting me a lot. I had to change this life, I needed it. They gave me a lot of advice on the subject of the image and all that. But one understands that this is nonsense, a suit for example does not make you drive, it makes you look better. Obviously there is a team looking for productivity, technicians who may have a profile. Many have come here with profiles, but they have definitely fallen to 80 meters and 1000 kilometers so far. The problem of the profile, the form, whether it speaks more or less about football, with sports vocabulary, will not make you win the game,” Garcia said.

– Is there too much emphasis on shapes?

– You must respect the dignity of the profession, you must professionalize it more. There are teams in which the young ones go with five balls and have no more. There are other things to bring dignity to football. It’s good that we as technicians are the reflection, the mirror, but I try to act as I am. I have a good upbringing, but my lifestyle is a little more hyperventilating, I like to be who I am. I didn’t want to change my shape to please others, I did it mainly for health. I, on the subject of the profile, am what I am, who will hire me, must hire my form. If one day I leave here, I won’t leave with a profile that Jaime Garcia will go in my suitcase, as it is, and go with me.

– Of course, that’s his style.

– Maybe if you go to another club you will expose yourself more. I shouldn’t lose my essence, I think if that happens I won’t be able to function, the players already know me like that. I don’t know if my way of being will bother you or bother you, but that’s who I am. Also, as a technician, one puts up with so many things and has to adapt to my lifestyle.

– Did you only change your diet or did you supplement your diet with physical activity to lose weight?

– No, the question was purely nutritional, for better nutrition, healthier. I made a remarkable change. Well, little by little I got back into exercise. Clearly, this is not an ego problem. I have this outside, 1000 kilometers away. Where I come from, ego doesn’t work.

Aunt Gladys, props…

– Charisma, the arrival not only with the players but also with the environment, is it key in your management and in that of any group leader?

– You must have harmony. When you have someone you lead with, respect is possible, but if you’re going to look down on everyone, it doesn’t work. It happens often in today’s society, a few stars pass you by and you think you own the universe. Ultimately, they are handed over to you to manage, not lead. I try to look at whoever is maybe earning less as if they are just as important on my coaching staff. I include everyone who works with me and it is something that is not only talked about but also done. Respect for props and Aunt Gladys (the one who does the laundry) is greater or equal to each player. I make them see this. Disrespecting them is like hitting me.

– Putting the work team above everything?

– All the people who work with me are responsible for me doing well. They are the people who take good care of the players, the ones in the offices, the coordinator, the props. I believe that in life you should work in harmony. All of a sudden they’re getting coaching and all that and you’re screwed as a person in the end, you’re insured, you’re making money, and the money isn’t flowing out. When you exercise leadership, you have to make your people, those around you and support you in bad times, you have to respect them. You must make them share your achievements and your sorrows.

– The old slogan “we all win and we all lose”.

– Look, in the end you also go through complicated processes. During these four years, I went through difficult times personally, health-wise, and there were some. If you treat them badly, you don’t catch them, they end up trampling you. In the bad times I’ve had, they’ve been the ones to lift me up. I go through Aunt Gladys’ workplace, through props, I have a very good relationship with them, also with the medical field.

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Garcia with former referee Carlos Chandia.

– A kind of horizontal leadership?

– The topic of leadership I make it super shared, as if I lead. I think I’m one of them. When a club is soulless, when there is no joy, the outlook is not easy. I think I gave joy and soul to the club. It was a club that was very worn. As a professional, you can be branded as good, bad or more or less, but you have to give them something else. All technicians work, have a small book, but not all have the spices.

– Today these are soft skills.

– Look, I think this is a team professionally and in other things. Go fix the things you’ve been doing wrong. In football you always have to reinvent yourself, in the technological part, with the players, changing your way of being. You always reinvent yourself in the little things. But how you can get to the player is completely different, how you manage in the dressing room, because there you can’t take anything with you. You can’t enter with a computer, with studies, other things enter there. Sometimes you have to solve a player’s problem in a split second. Or some bad word that the player says that you should try to answer with joy.

– Good strategy…

– You end up displacing it. You can’t react the way they expect you to react, aggressively. You have to have a lot of things in the dressing room. For this reason, the technicians are 10,000 and those who lead are 40. It is extremely difficult, not everyone can lead. One keeps making mistakes and you are full of mistakes full of virtues. I try to empathize with the player as well. If I have to apologize, I do. They know that’s who I am, I have no problem apologizing when I’m wrong. This is the way I have it. I am one of those who are in the (sports) complex. I am neither more nor less. No yelling or anything, I have absolute respect for those who work for us.

– But it seems that you are the leader, there is no doubt. How can this be explained?

– The form of leader I have with my people is like that, but clearly there is leadership. I try to reach the player a little more, they are looking for other formulas. They are different characters, I know who I can challenge in front of the group, I know who I can’t. I know who I should tell things to myself, I know who I should hug, when I should speak loudly to them and when not. I will never change an order though. I always tell them that as long as there is a spirit to play, we can lose, win or draw and I will not change what I promised them before. I’ll change if there’s no attitude, that’s my way of doing things. With those who are next to me, I try to be one more, to be able to understand them too. Players must be aware of who is driving the car. I have always worn this, I have not taken coaching courses. It’s natural, that’s how I am.

– Want to try this formula elsewhere? His physical trainer, Claudio Munoz, revealed that he can train abroad.

– I hit the dwarf twice (laughs). I said “where did you get it?” and he said to me “no, teacher”… Look, like all of us, I have dreams, desires, but you know what… all I’ve done is what came to me at the moment, I don’t rush everything. My contract is until November 5th, I will make decisions there. If they want me here, Ñublense is my priority. I have to see if they want me. After that I will be free and I haven’t talked to anyone. I really wouldn’t talk to anyone out of respect for the institution and those four years. If one day something comes out of me, it will be because of what I have done here in Ñublense, not because of what I am talking about here or because I have put on a muzzle. I don’t live for the moment, I’ve lived for what it cost me and it cost me a lot to get there.

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