“I think love is the absolute engine of life”

He became one of the most popular faces of the Mediaset group. He navigates right between Cuatro and Telecinco, the group has full confidence in him and he will soon present a new reality show with Lara Álvarez, a nightmare in paradise. He was recently in the latest edition of survived and they continue to lead first dates, the program that brought him to television hosted by Vasile. In addition to the small screen, he does not neglect the theater and this summer he is touring the stages with it Miles Gloriosus, with the premiere in Mérida in July and with which it will soon be presented in Basque theaters.


Age: 62 years old.

Place of birth: Baracaldo (Bizkaia).

Trajectory: He has a law degree and was a lecturer at UPV in the Faculty of Information Sciences for ten years. In 1995, he registered two ETB-2 programs on his resume citizens Y the afternoon burns. Years later, he would become the king of racing with give me the boat. Then came more intervals: The Computer Addicted, Want to Be a Millionaire?, The Wall, Little Big Show, See You Again, There’s a Deal, The Super Show, Crazy Numbers, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, The Record Show, Catch a Million, The Third in Discord or hundred x hundred. now present first dates. It’s inside survived almost brand new a nightmare in paradise. The theater is on tour with the play Miles Glorious.

You’ve had a very busy year…

I would say a spectacular, wonderful year. I finished the tour all murderers with very good results and followed the premiere Miles Gloriosus in Merida. On the other hand, First Dates season was outstanding, we spread the love left and right and I also went back to survived and I did two editions of The House of Secrets.

Come on, it’s clear.

Anyone who knows me knows that what I like is working and that there are years when the streaks are more intense. But I’m not one to come, no. You have to balance the good times and the more regular times.

And it has yet to be released a nightmare in paradise.

That’s right, a new program that will also be very intense. In addition, I will start a new season of first dates and I will continue the tour with Miles Gloriosus.


I have been in Marbella for a few days but as soon as I find a place I will go with my wife and daughters on a beach holiday. I need them.

It combines very well many different formats, both in theater and television…

I like to do a little bit of everything. For a professional, it’s great fun as well as an excellent source of learning.

Do you mind leaving your comfort zone?

I love being out of it because it gives me an adrenaline rush and keeps me alert. You have to look in all directions. Sometimes you like sitting on the usual sofa, but you need to change your position.

“Success and failure depend on a thousand factors”

What remains of that law professor who taught journalism at the University of Leioa (Bizkaia)?

Everything. This professor who taught journalism, every time the class started, it was like he was at a function. In those hours we all functioned because I made them very active. College was a great school for me, a school where I was in front of audiences every day. It helped me to get to know people, to empathize, to know what mechanisms influence when you want to attract attention.

However, his passion for acting is stronger than that for law.

Actors are not always lawyers, but lawyers are actors, and it is true that I like to act without the need to put on a toga.

Have you ever regretted changing your profession, even if only for a minute?

Never, not for a minute. I always knew what I wanted to be, from a young age.

Sobera is a benchmark for the Mediaset group.

And why didn’t you pursue a career closer to acting?

It was always clear to me that I would study Law. It’s an exciting career and I believed it could help me in my everyday life, and it did. And then I devoted myself to teaching because it has a lot to do with communication, the field that interested me.

However, being a lawyer seems to be more prestigious than being an actor. Don’t you think so?

I don’t know what to say. There are more and more lawyers in the hole, and there are also more politicians in the same place. Few actors, right? so i don’t know what to tell you about prestige. but you need to start revising the qualifications. I think that in general, at least in Spain, the acting profession is very loved and respected. I notice it on the street when people address me with a lot of affection and sympathy.

We often talk about trash TV…

too much. This is a term that was coined many years ago and may have some truth, but over time we call everything that we do not like, that is related to the world of the heart, a mistake. My summary is that television has many good hours of information and entertainment. We need to start appreciating him and putting him in his place. It brings good things to the society and proof of that is that there are many millions of people who watch it.

Is it disrespectful to use this term?

I think if. The world of television, when it is dedicated to ignoring, vilifying or insulting, can be considered trash, but when it is not, no matter how little we like the formats, it is not trash TV. Also, if one wants to be ultimately consistent, one must ask what is happening in the world of information, not interpretation, when we are given biased views of life or political interpretations of reality. Isn’t this trash TV?

It can be considered as such.

Perhaps this is the heart of the matter, and therefore we must be critical, very critical, but always with respect. There are plenty of people who watch shows that others don’t like, but that doesn’t make them trash TV.

On TV, you grow up between Celestine and Cupid, always surrounded by love and sentimental ties. Are you very excited about love?

Love moves a lot, me and most people. I’ve been in the shape of first dates. The other day I read to Arsuaga that the first human need is love, not food. The essence of the human being is that he is destined to perpetuate himself and therefore to reproduce, that is why company and love are so important, the search for a partner, the love for her… I am one of those who think that love is absolute engine of life.

And the sex?

Also. This is a variant of love. But pure love, true love, delivered love is a living engine. It has remained with us throughout mankind.

If I were to talk about one of your programs in a special way…

I think I did some programs that were impressive because of the results, because of their impact on the public, because of their importance: Hit the Jackpot, Catch a Million, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Survivor, First Dates…

They say you’re a sure bet on TV.

It’s like those who think that buying Telefónica shares will make them rich, and time shows that they are not. What you say is the same. As television professionals, the only thing we can guarantee is that we will work hard. The success or failure of a program depends on thousands of factors, and they are beyond your control. You only control the work and delivery, the rest is out of your hands. When I start a format, it’s true that people trust me and try that format with me, but then they freely make their own decisions and if they have to stop watching the program, they do.

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