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have you thought about adoption? Apart from an act of love, it is a legal measure for the final protection of children and adolescents declared in a state of family vulnerability and suitability for adoption. We then tell you what the requirements are and how the process works to be able to have an adopted child.

The procedure is carried out before the General Directorate of Adoptions according to an administrative order by which a boy or girl acquires the status of a son or daughter of the adoptive family and ceases to belong to his blood family.

“Adoption is a way to guarantee their right to live in a suitable family, properly protected and loved with the best conditions of upbringing to develop fully”, according to the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Groups. If you are interested, you must meet the following requirements:


To apply for the adoption process You must be single, married, cohabiting or in a common-law relationship, aged between 25 and 62, who lives in Peru or abroad. Foreigners residing in our country must at least prove that they have lived in Peru for at least two years.

Not only married people can adopt, they can also cohabit and be single (Photo: Reference / Pixabay)


To be accepted in our country, these are the following requirements:

  1. To have good physical and mental health: present certificates of good physical and mental health, issued by competent specialists of the public IPRES. They must not be older than 6 months and must have the results of the diagnostic tests attached.
  2. Minimum family economic capacity of S/2700: Submit documents proving the family’s economic ability to cover the needs of the adopted girl, boy or adolescent.
  3. marriage certificate or a copy of the judgment or a valid notarial document of recognition of the de facto union (if cohabiting).
  4. No conviction for domestic violence.
  5. That they are not registered in the register of debtors with overdue food.
  6. You have no criminal and police recordthat they can register, from an analysis of parental competences and the exercise of parental rights.

NOTE: Requirements 4, 5 and 6 are checked by the General Directorate of Adoptions or the relevant adoption unit, so you do not need to process and submit them in your file. In these cases, you will need to submit affidavits.


The national adoption procedure has four stages, the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Groups explains:

1. Assessment

  • Realization of the virtual information session on the Sirna platform.
  • Registration of personal data.
  • Watch informative adoption videos.
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Adoption
  • Self assessment.
  • Enrollment in a preparatory workshop.
  • Participation in a preparatory seminar (1 month).
  • File submission (approximately 1 month and a half).
  • Comprehensive assessment to assess suitability (its duration will depend on whether there are objections and families need to correct them).
  • Legal assessment.
  • Psychological assessment.
  • Social assessment.

ANSWER: After passing the overall assessment, if the result is positive, a decision is issued declaring the family suitable for adoption and it is entered in the National Register of Adoptive Parents, which includes national and international families. There is an indefinite waiting period until appointment.

2. Name

An interdisciplinary team composed of specialists from the General Directorate “Adoption” prepares proposals from families in the National Registry of Adoptive Parents who are on the waiting list for a child or adolescent. How do they denote minors? They are carried out prioritizing your best interest, taking into account your needs and characteristics; as well as families’ expectations and suitability.

3. Family integration

This process takes an average of two months. It begins with introduction and empathy between the family and the child or adolescent. In case of favorable sympathy, which has a term of 5 working days, with the possibility of extension to another 5 days; begins a period of coexistence called pre-adoptive foster family, which has a duration of 10 working days, which can be extended to 5 additional working days. If there is adequate family integration, the adoption is approved by the appropriate resolution of the director. Once the adoption decision is issued, they will become the father and/or mother for life of the designated minor.

4. Post-adoption

This stage lasts for three years. The family is visited every six months by psychologists from the General Directorate “Adoption”. The main objective is to ensure the welfare of the adopted minor and his future development in the adoptive family.

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