Genoveva Capdet, in love with people

Capt. Genoveva or “Geni” as she is commonly called by her trusted friends and clients, she is Catalan by birth (she lived in Barcelona until the age of 27) and Navarrese at heart. “When I graduated from law school in Barcelona, ​​a friend told me about it Personal Resources Area of the companies. Something perhaps unfashionable at the time. I was very interested because after all this is a department that puts people at the center of strategy, if it is well suited to the business. I was interested and did a master’s degree in human resource management. An incredible world opened up before me: I realized that my professional passion is to help companies and people have better relationships with each other”.

After completing his master’s degree, he joined a temp company as a major account manager in Barcelona. During these early years in the private sector, she met a man from Navarre who would eventually become her husband. Together they decided to move to Pamplona and start a family in a land that allowed her to develop professionally until she became the manager she is today: “After going through several business consultants and the promotion and development department of Chamber of NavarreI discovered that I am not an office person, that I like to be with people more, in the daily activities of organizations, to listen and to contribute”.

With this premise, he decided to return to the world of consulting and in 2004 joined Montaner & Associates. After fourteen years as a senior consultant helping hand in hand the most important companies in Navarre and the Basque Country, in 2018 she took a step forward and became an entrepreneur. So it happened direct partner of the firm in Navarre together with Nora Retaa professional of recognized prestige in the community.

“I found that I’m not an office person, that I like being with people more in the day-to-day of organizations.”

“We are experts in management selection (with special knowledge in the processes of boarding), but we do not make a choice of use. We develop our own methodology that really adds value to the company and adds to the processes that the organization already performs independently. We also work in an innovative way change managementas we help people and organizations to grow and develop through management support (coaching of Executive Directors and Managing Directors), both individually and as a group (whole departments). In short, we are experts in people and organizations,” he states when explaining the services offered by the firm in Navarre. A catalog that summarizes in a tagline: “With these ingredients we become your hand-in-hand partner to analyze, design and execute your people strategiesand thus generate new opportunities for the company and its teams”.

Montaner & Asociados specializes in the selection of management personnel.

“Genie” uses the plural when talking about her work. It’s not about greatness, they’re assessments he shares with his directing partner. Example: “We are very proud that when we enter an organization to work for the first time, we end up staying for several years, establishing long-term relationships. How is it achieved? Basically, we operate with integrity and also with simplicity. We create a very close relationship with our customers, enjoying and putting a lot of passion and achieving good results. But above all, because we never stop educating and innovating to be able to create new solutions for the new challenges that the business and social world pose to companies”.


It was we who commented that this time of change at all levels, perhaps more intensively in the business world, will force them to a continuous process of adaptation which will challenge your work. An admission that seemed to be expected during our chat, because he greets it with a smile and promptly replies, “That makes more exciting, if possible! Because the game board is changing and you have to help create new rules or update the ones that were there”. He assures that they are well prepared to accompany their clients in this moment of “evolution and progress” which he says “will be interesting for everyone to say the least”.

Besides, she’s convinced we’re headed for some organizational structures that need to be more flexible and open to “welcome new profiles joining the labor market” that the management of control gives way to another based on some very clear goals shared with a team and trust. “It will be more inspirational and service-oriented leadership. How can I help my team shine? After a short pause, he adds that “every time of change is also a time of opportunity“.

We ask him how much these lines are inspired by the positive attitude that comes from his words. And with a gesture that might mean we didn’t get it, he clarifies. “They are the result of our observations, project after project and after accompanying many companies”. From experience, wow. “That’s it,” he finishes. Follow his steps to deepen this idea. “If I’m positive, I’m positive in that sense we generate opportunities, we open windows to evolution, improvement and achievement of results, both in people and in organizations. On the other hand, I am very realistic and aware of the scenario in which we are moving. I still find it challenging.”

“I am very realistic and aware of the changing scenario in which we are moving. I still find it challenging.”

In this reality we see that labor mobility is much higher and it turns into difficulties when it comes to keep the talent, something doesn’t look so positive. But she disagrees: “The Navarre labor market, like any other, is going through a process of change. From university onwards, national and international mobility is preferred and should be seen as an asset. I don’t like to talk about talent retention. Organizations should take note what should we do to seduce him, what I want as an organization, what you need, and how I can help you be happier in here. The concern should not be retention, but generating satisfying experiences in the employee journey from the moment they enter my company to the moment they leave”.

He claims it can be if it generates environments “where there are productive happy people and may be accompanied”. Especially “because the person is not the same” when he comes than when ten or fifteen years have passed. “The reality of life and the motivations are different and as an organization I need to be able to give you an answer to ensure that your stay is satisfactory at all these stages, showing you that I care about you. Because the biggest asset a company has is its people, and you have to take care of them. But not retaining the talent, everyone is free. Also, new generations jump from one position to another every two to three years. Therefore, the process of adaptation, boarding and professional development within the company must be streamlined.”


Grup Montaner has 34 offices in Spain, Andorra and France and has companies specialized in temporary work (quality) and services (TQ Servicios), although its flagship is still Montaner & Asociados.

The global turnover for 2021 increased by 9% compared to the previous year and reached 78.5 million euros. “We are very well positioned in Navarre, we grew as a team and billing. One of our goals was to give visibility to the brand and its human team, and from 2018 to now we believe that we have jumped“.

From Pamplona, ​​in addition to serving his Navarre clients, he also pilots projects with leading companies in other areas, such as Madrid and the Basque Country, where he has a quality office in Vitoria. “We work in the industry pharmacythe automotive industry, the university, startup more advanced, enough for both the administration and the public company… The good thing is that where we step, there we stand”, he insists.

Genoveva Capdet combines her work with teaching in the Master’s degree at the University of Navarra in Madrid.

Does Montaner have his own method, is there a secret that explains his success? “Yes, we have a secret: fall in love with all the people who go through our projects, admire them, see them as a gift, as an opportunity… direct all your efforts to help them generate success in your organization. If you get used to people, you’re not good at HR. We admire and respect the originality of each person, people are not made into soap operas“.

When asked about plans or upcoming news, he replies that they are growing the team of consultants. “We will continue to grow. On our horizon is to keep learning, questioning our work, not so much for the pride of being the best, but for the sake of being able to contribute more and better to our customers. We are not moved by complacency, we want to be the best company to contribute more and better. And signing new talents is also a good way to improve.”

“Right now, every organization, whether you know it or not, is in a process of change.”

Curiosity gets the best of us as he dwells on the question and we ask him. Everyone knows the process that goes into hiring an employee. But how a director has been selected? “There’s a very important piece that connects the company’s goal to that of each candidate. It is not easy, there are many nuances and details to consider, but we focus on values ​​and goals, that the way candidates and organizations beat and breathe are similar, among other aspects. And we do it very well!” He adds that the qualities that are now being sought after are these fluid skills. “Right now, every organization, knowing it or not, is immersed in a process of changeIt is therefore necessary to involve people who are flexible and have the ability to integrate and adapt. People who add”.

In this scenario values ​​like pride of belonging or loyalty to the companyWe agreed, but Genoveva disagreed: “I will not promise my organization eternal love, but as long as I am interested in their project and I am interested in them, I will be very proud to work with them. If after four years the opportunity arises and there is a separation, I leave and we remain friends. But while I’m with you, I’ll be thinking about you and how to make this business bigger as I grow as well. You don’t have to oppose concepts, you have to arrange them in a different way”.

You must have noticed that sometimes he uses language reminiscent of that of coaching, and it’s no accident. It turns out that Genoveva Capdet and Nora Reta They are teachers of the subject coaching in the Master’s degree in People Management, which the University of Navarre teaches at its headquarters in Madrid.

A priority in his life is quality time with his family (he has three daughters). For this reason, she blocks places like dinner on Thursdays to go out with her husband. He also tries to get ‘exclusive’ time with each of his daughters.” “We talk a lot and like to be with family. They are always my priority and I am very proud of the family we have created. My family is my best project. I already gave you a title,” he concludes with a laugh.

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