Four tips for entrepreneurs to attract more customers in love and friendship

Special dates, such as the day of love and friendship, which is celebrated in Colombia on September 17, stimulate entrepreneurship.

In Colombia, the day of love and friendship will take place next Saturday September 17th. According to Fenalco, sales are expected an average increase of 33% this weekend especially in the food sector, florists, hotels and restaurants.

The growth of e-commerce, the increase in efficiency of the world’s processes and market trends have led large, medium and small companies to implement solutions that enable growth in logistics management. Special dates are the perfect opportunity to promote entrepreneurship in the country, as seen in the Business Creation Dynamics Report prepared by Confecamaras, which highlights that more than 172,500 companies were created in the country in the first half of 2022.

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Amor y Amistad is the fourth most important sales date of the year after Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s DayFenalco data for 2021 shows it, the number of transactions has grown between 20% and 40%, Fenalco also highlights that consumers invest between $70,000 and $90,000 on average, the most common gifts for this day are sweets, chocolate and flowers For this reason orders grow during this period and the logistics sector also moves significantly to achieve successful deliveries.

Business recommendations

In these dates of high demand, it is necessary for companies to adopt technologies such as transportation management software based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, such as Drivin TMS SaaS, which enables businesses to optimize their routes, make the most of their vehicle capacity, monitor drivers in real time and send notifications to customers about the status of their orders, thus achieving satisfaction with the purchase made.

“Globally, the transportation management system or TMS market is expected to grow by 10.9% over the next three years. Transport and distribution route optimization techniques help to complete daily tasks in less time and eliminate manual supply planning with the capabilities of the logistics route planning system.” says Juan Ángel Country Manager of Drivin.

To take advantage of this opportunity where, in addition to providing excellent customer service, you can build loyalty and reduce costs, Drivin shares 4 effective ways to improve order delivery:

1. Visibility of the operation

By implementing a transportation management system, in addition to optimal planning of delivery routes and optimization of resource utilization, it provides real-time information on operation progress, vehicle location, among other variables. It also provides visibility to the end customer, through multiple notifications on the status of their deliveries.

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2. Reduce cost and delivery time

In addition to achieving savings of up to 30% in transport costs, transport management software generates significant time savings: spend fewer hours optimizing transport routes and administrative work by automating tasks. The time saved can be spent on winning new business and other income generating ventures.

3. Automatic and sustainable delivery

Transportation management software such as Drivin, They allow all management to be done digitally, making it easier for companies to manage, plan transportation trips based on route proximity and distance while collecting vital data directly from mobile phones.

In addition, through the Drivin 4.0 software it is possible to know details about what is happening with the vehicle, the time of stops made, fuel control and the reason for any delays, enabling control and a line of communication essential for compliance.

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4. Improve the customer experience

A shipping software significantly improves the customer experienceas companies can inform them when their orders will arrive and see where they are in real time.

Therefore, it is important to anticipate each step of the operation by implementing an effective monitoring system and planning to address and answer the user’s main questions. Where is the order? When is it out for delivery? Where is he, why is he late? Periods of high demand may seem difficult to manage, but with good preparation, a business can grow exponentially, achieving an important connection in the minds of customers.

Link: Advice for companies that will deliver in love and friendship, published in Valora Analitik.

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