Escape to contact nature

People tend to use their vacations to get away from everything that has to do with everyday life.

It doesn’t matter if the trip will be a weekend getaway, a holiday or even for a period of 10 days. The goal will always be the same: to clear your mind and reinvent yourself.

Faced with this situation, the most remote or non-traditional destinations are established in major urban centers.

Therefore, cities with fewer inhabitants and with tourist attractions that are directly connected to green areas, mountains, mountains and rivers attract the attention of tourists.

Therefore, if you are thinking about where to spend a few days of complete relaxation and distraction, here we will tell you everything you need to know.

Tandil, a different town

This city in Buenos Aires, which was founded on April 4, 1823 and has more than 150,000 inhabitants, is located 300 kilometers from the federal capital.

The development of the Tandilense community is mainly due to agriculture and animal husbandry, but it is also well known for its sausages or cured meats.

Over the years, Tandil has managed to establish itself and establish itself as a town of natural beauty that has become a major tourist attraction for those who wish to visit.

The most iconic place of Tandil is undoubtedly Piedra Movediza. This is exactly a stone that weighs about 300 tons and is about 6 meters in diameter. Curiously, due to its natural position, it balances on the edge of the hill. From there you can have a great view of the city.

You can also visit Cristo de las Sierra, which represents the dream of the people of Tandil and is part of a religious tour. Traveling in this space requires half an hour of walking, which consists of a slight climb and which also offers a great view when reaching the top.

Museums are added to these open spaces. There is one related to fine arts, railroads, natural sciences, and also Fort Independence. In the latter, it will be possible to analyze cultural and natural issues of the region; in turn, there is a sector focused exclusively on the Malvinas War.

For its part, as mentioned above, gastronomy has an important place thanks to hacinados. Tandil cheeses and salamis are exceptional and nationally recognized, with a unique taste that makes visitors not only try them, but also buy them to take away or as a gift.

Parque Independencia, which has an excellent view, and Valle del Picapedrero, which has a fun route, are also points to visit.

With all these attractions, without a doubt, Tandil becomes one of the most chosen destinations to escape from the noise of the city and get in touch with nature.

Purmamarka, the city of seven colors

Jujuy has this small town of less than 1,000 inhabitants that has the distinction of having the Cerro de los Siete Colores in its beautiful landscape.

This amazing destination located in northern Argentina has managed to preserve its cultural and architectural style over the years, having a picturesque tone that further adorns its landscapes.

It is clear that Cerro de los Siete Colores attracts all eyes as it is a must if we visit this site.. The name is due to the different shades that the mountains located there show, which is due to the variety of pigmentations in the geological formation.

One will have the opportunity to approach the foot of the hill on foot or observe from afar at the vantage points located at various points. It should be noted that experts recommend watching it between dawn and noon.

Salinas Grandes, considered one of the most remarkable walks in all of Argentina, presents an extraordinary landscape. This place is located just over 60 kilometers from Purmamarka. In this space you can see an endless white landscape due to the salt in the ground, with pools of turquoise water. An important fact is that it is located at 3850 meters above sea level.

For its part, the Church of Santa Rosa de Lima is the most important building in Purmamarca. It was built in the 17th century and is made with materials from the region such as clay, cardon wood and adobe. It has a Cusco style that is reflected in the interior decoration. Most importantly, it was declared a national historical monument in July 1941.

Another very famous site is the Cabildo, which is the smallest of the 10 buildings in this style found in Argentina. It is located in front of Plaza 9 de Julio and is also considered a National Historic Monument.

others exercise which is always very frequented by those who arrive there is the Paseo de Artesanos, where you can find various items that can obviously be purchased. You can buy jewelry, paintings and souvenirs representative of Purmamarca.

With all these elements, plus many more that can occur while enjoying your stay there, it is clear that Purmamarca is another one of those places that Argentina has that stands out for its nature and own imprint.

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