Boys and girls can fix the world too

  • The Fixing the future festival, which takes place on the 16th and 17th in Barcelona, ​​opens the door to education and emphasizes technology as an essential tool for learning and teaching

“Education is the most powerful weapon for changing the world,” Mandela said. How right. Next September 16 and 17, the third edition of the festival will take place at the CCCB in Barcelona Fixing the future (fixing the future) which for the first time will include education. This will be done from a technology perspective, what is known as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Recently the “a” of art (STEAM) because science without the humanistic part fails.

“Without education, there is no future,” warns Sonia Casas, director of Habilis, Abacus’ education platform and festival organizer. The event is a meeting place for the whole community, which, far from being defeated by an uncertain future, is looking for a way to think, study, discuss and implement solutions for a planet threatened, among other things, by the climate emergency. From sustainable fashion to food, urban planning, music, circular economy, artificial intelligence or virtual reality. There will be not only talks and round tables, but workshops for the whole family (including children from 6 to 12 years old) because education goes beyond theoretical classes that are taught in a classroom or through a screen. “When we talk about technology, it seems like we’re only talking about digital technology. But it’s about learning with your hands, tinkering and experimenting & rdquo;, adds the person in charge of Habilis.

“When we talk about technology, it seems like we only talk about digital. But it’s about learning with your hands, messing around and experimenting”

Sonia Casas, director of Habilis

little inventors

Can you invent a fork that cools food, a family scooter or a bicycle for rainy days? Yes, these are experiments that are part of the project of one of the stars of the festival: Dominic Wilcox, artist, designer and head of Little inventors, an initiative to create projects created by boys and girls from all over the world. “Projects that can make life easier in the future & rdquor ;, recalls Casas.

The festival will also rely on the presence of Bethany Kobe, a promoter of STEAM education and one of the biggest advocates of technology as an educational tool. To help teachers be the first to embrace the digital world instead of resisting it, teacher Gemma Koch will demonstrate how much can be taught in the classroom thanks to technology. There will also be food for students at the event. It will be hand in hand Bee Wilsonactivist for a healthy children’s menu, a pending issue in many schools.

Those responsible for the festival – led by women and where more than half of the speakers are also women – insist that children and adolescents cannot be isolated from the challenges facing the planet. Citing Chomsky’s optimism as a fundamental way to take action, Fixing the future director, Sylvia Brandyinsists that negative messages should not always be sent to children and youth about the world they have inherited.

The eco-anxiety -feelings of discomfort, nervousness, tension, fear, frustration and anxiety in the face of environmental issues and the negative effects they can have on the planet – is a serious problem among children who are at risk – insists Brandi – to be paralyzed by pessimism and inactive nor to take initiatives to change the world.

“It is true that humanity is at a very critical moment, but never before have there been so many people dedicated to how to face the challenges. There are a lot of solutions, a lot of talent and a lot of creativity. We must look to the future with optimism. Our festival aims to plant seeds for change & rdquor ;, concludes Brandi.

“It is true that humanity is at a very critical moment, but never before have there been so many people dedicated to learning how to deal with the challenges”

Sylvia Brandi, director of Fixing the future

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The development of critical thinking is essential among the youngest. Our colleague Valentina Rafio – editor of EL PERIÓDICO, specialized in science journalism – will offer a workshop on how to find good sources of information, to distinguish real facts from opinions and above all to detect “fake news”, another very serious threat that humanity.

“We want to open the door to the STEAM world for families and for technology to be on par with other subjects in schools and institutes,” recalls the director of Habilis, who criticizes the fact that certain teachings do not reach schools and are only taught in extracurricular activities. Boys and girls – remember – need to experiment, create and learn with their hands. This is an excellent way to learn something fundamental in life: tolerate disappointment. Because, of course, things don’t always go our way. Not in the classroom, not in life.

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