Audio recordings that reveal the relationship between Juan Carlos I and Barbara Rey: “I love you very much”

The Save the King documentary about the figure of John Charles I, which HBO Max aired this Fridayreveals sentimental connection that the honorary maintains in the nineties with the actress Barbara King. In the three-part series, you can listen to several audio recordings she recorded secretly the former head of state in telephone conversations and where the latter spoke lack of charisma of the then leader of the PP, Jose Maria Asnar. She also reveals to her lover that Civil Guard I’d rather be dead than Luis Roldan instead of capturing him and bringing him to justice.

First time you hear recorded sound material by Barbara Rey with Juan Carlos I. First the CESID and then the CNI paid the actress for years – with money from the reserved funds – to buy her silence. Supposedly there was too videos recorded inside the house from her, but then they were destroyed in exchange for a large sum paid by the Secret Service.

The documentary talks about 50 million pesetas (300,000 euros), which were supplied in a sports bag for this operation, to which they were later added monthly payment which the actress had been receiving for years, as well as a contract in the television of Channel 9 Valencia at a rate of 500,000 pesetas (about 3,000 euros) per piece.

Juan Carlos to the actress: “I love you very much”

In the first of the audio recordings, Juan Carlos I calls the actress to confirm a private meeting with her a few hours later. “A quarter to three is it okay to arrive?” he asks in a conversation where they both point love and complicity how they felt about each other.

Barbara King: how are you my life

Juan Carlos I: Is it okay to arrive at a quarter to three?

BR: Perfect. When you’re around you call for me to open the garage.

JC: Okay.

BR: Well, nothing my life. A very strong kiss. Sleep and rest.

JC: I love you very much.

BR: I love you so much, kiss.

The second of the audio recordings that appear in the HBO documentary has been recorded shortly before the March 1996 general election. This election marked the end of the stage of Philip Gonzalez. Barbara Rae asks the monarch who he thinks will win the election and the two analyze the PSOE’s difficulties at the time, as well as «little charisma“Y”an idiot» that Asnar had as opposition leader.

Barbara Ray: And what do you think is going to win this election?

John Charles I: I think something will win the PP, but not with an absolute majority.

BR: You know what happens that the (‘popular’) don’t have the strong guy, with the charisma that has a pull on people. Since Asnar has no…

JC: There is no such attraction.

BR: No, no, and this is very important. I don’t understand, with the mess Felipe González is making, why people keep voting for PSOE.

JC: I don’t know, I don’t understand.

BR: Do you understand?

JC: No.

The third audio is about the former director of the Civil Guard, Luis Roldanwho was already running. The emeritus reveals his mistress sensitive data of the investigation and desire of the deserving that not to be found alive facing the prospect of a lawsuitlong» in which sensitive issues may surface.

Barbara Ray: Hey, and the one they arrested that was connected to Roldan. and that this can give a hint to approach of Roland. And I say: yes, in no case will they find it!

Juan Carlos I: No one expects to be found here.

BR: Do you think so?

JC: Although between you and me the Civil Guard says you’re better off not finding it. That he was better off finding him dead.

BR: What do you say?

JC: Yes

BR: Don’t tell me why? Because of everything he knows?

JC: Um, no. For… I don’t know

BR: And then?

JC: Well, because it will be very long process.

“Save the King” in a documentary directed by the journalist Santiago Acosta for the producer tangerinebelongs to Mediaset. Along with Barbara Ray’s audio recordings, there are excerpts from recordings that another of Juan Carlos I’s lovers, the photographer Angelica “Keka” Campillorecorded in view of some memories he was unable to complete when he died in 2015.

The series synopsis explains that it’s “a gripping story of spies, conspiracies and hush-hush agreements, told in the first person by witnesses and experts, in which The entire state machine sought to protect Juan Carlos I from their own actions and hide their scandals.

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