An incomparable love story was born on the cold streets of Bogotá

Back or speed up! This is the new slogan of the day for Gustavo, 46 ​​years old from Bogotá who for more than two decades ventured into the dizzying life on the cold streets of the city.

In the past are the dark days he lived due to drug use that alienated him from his family and to his children, who are now adults and with whom, fortunately, he now maintains a good relationship, albeit from a distance.

Today, Gustavo puts all his efforts into building his future, and in this he is accompanied by his wife Ubisette, whom he met 12 years ago, also on the street. She became his teammate and his biggest motivation.

Supported by the Street Board Strategy

With determination, they both decided to close the doors to addictions and for several years, hand in hand with a professional team from the Regional Secretariat for Social Integration, through the “Street Approach Strategy with Individual Care Plan for Capacity Development”They provided them with psychosocial support and workshops in practical courses to generate entrepreneurship.

Jose Barreto, a professional from the sub-directorate for adults, says that “through this strategy we welcome them and convince them to make a change and improve their quality of life, this couple of citizens living on the street took the initiative to grow and do something for themselves you are.”

“Proof you can when you have the will”

And he added that “from a proposal developed by the local Engativá accommodation team they learned to make machines for collecting rags and by selling them they were able to start saving with which they managed to cover many of their needs and those of their families. In addition, they also participated in service fairs called by the local town hall to sell their products. This is proof that you can when you have the will.”

For 6 years they live with their pets in a very organized “kambuche”, in a green area in the town of Engativá. In their neighborhood they are well-respected, neighbors say they are very hard-working, helpful and accommodating.

Below is a picture of one of Gustavo and Yubiseth’s pets who live in Engativá.

Pets are great company for Gustavo and Ubiset. Photo: Social integration

In the sector, Yubiseth is dedicated to cleaning houses for days, while Gustavo does assigned construction and recycling jobs.

New opportunities with exploration

With the support of the Regional Secretariat for Social Integration, this year this couple will take on new challenges. Ubiset will resume high school education through the Comprehensive Preparatory Education Circles (CIPREIA), in alliance with the Ministry of Education.

See the tweet from the Regional Secretariat for Social Integration regarding the comprehensive preparatory training rounds that Ubiset and Gustavo will benefit from.

“Getting back to learning is great, After I graduate, I would like to enroll in a hairdressing course. and also, study nursing, you have to put the record in it,” Ubiseth said.

in turn Gustavo is progressing through the support selection processby public transport, for the purpose of official appointment.

Currently, also with the support of the secretariat, this pair of fighters has been nominated for a housing acquisition process targeting vulnerable familieswithin a social program developed by a foundation and religious organizations.

All about love

“My life has improved thanks to my Ubiset and the Regional Secretariat for Social Integration, which was a major part of that change because with them we were able to learn things and learn and have opportunities. Continue with the desire to help those who have fewer opportunities and don’t lose hope that one can progress,” said Gustavo, who also took advantage of the space to leave a message: “It’s never too late to do things for yourself and your family, of course there’s a future for going back or picking up speed!”“.

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