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If there is one thing that characterizes soap operas, it is the presence of a leading couple who, after many episodes of fighting for their love, end up together. Throughout the various shows, viewers can see the chemistry between the actors intensify and we just want to see them kiss and get to that long awaited happy ending. However, several times what the cameras show us is not quite true, not only because it is fiction, but also because the artists do not have as idyllic a relationship as they lead us to believe.

in The bright side We dived into Latin American telenovelas and found some imperfections between the main characters that we want to tell you about.

1. William Levy and Mayte Peroni c Triumph of love

Mate Peroni and William Levy are one of those couples that, when you see them on TV, you wish they were having an affair in real life. And something like that happened, well, while they were recording Be careful with the angel, They are said to have had a brief relationship. However, the protagonists never confirmed it, although they did not deny it.
After this episode, they were called back to work on the production Triumph of love. They both agreed to the call and were incredibly affectionate in front of the cameras, but behind the spotlight, they were at a loss.

2. Fernando Colunga and Leticia Calderon c Emerald

In an interview, Leticia Calderon admits that although she did not get along well with Fernando Colunga, they did not form a great friendship either, because she preferred to stay with the group of women while he decided to go for sports. But with whom was the main character of Emerald It was with the character that Colunga played. So much so that he asked the producers to change the ending of the telenovela so that Esmeralda and José Armando do not end up together. It was unfair to Calderon that the girl completely forgave him for all the suffering he had put her through during the undressing.

3. Juan Soler and Adriana Nieto c Crazy Love

“There were many months of recording, a lot of stress, a lot of immaturity on my part and the truth is that things ended up pretty bad,” Adriana said of her relationship with Soler during the recordings Crazy Love. However, this time was abandoned and years later Juan recommended her to work in other soap operas in Miami. Adriana was very grateful to him and concluded that he was a “great man”.

4. Fernando Colunga and Silvia Navarro c Tomorrow is forever

The strained relationship between Fernando Colunga and Silvia Navarro was born out of a joke. Fernando is very particular about hygiene, so Silvia, while they were filming a scene in which they were kissing, tried to give him a piece of gum. The attitude did not please the actor and a rarefied climate was created between them. However, on the part of the viewers, we did not notice anything strange, rather the opposite, as the chemistry they conveyed on screen was amazing.

5. Belinda and Martin Rica c Friends Forever

“At that time, Martin always had all the advantages of being a man and all the girls were screaming at him on stage. It was difficult for me for the fans to know me, to respect me. And in the novel, many times it was “Martin first, then everyone in the group,” Belinda said, referring to the youth novel entries Friends Forever. It was this that gave rise to strained relations between them, or at least some rudeness to the actor on the part of the singer.

6. Lisette Morelos and Eduardo Verastegui c Rebel soul

There are times when there is no reason to dislike a person, we just prefer to leave and that’s it. Something similar happened between Lizette Morelos and Eduardo Verastegui, as although they had good on-screen chemistry during the tapings of Rebel soul, there was fighting and little sympathy between them.

7. Margarita Rosa de Francisco and Guy Ecker c coffee with the scent of a woman

coffee with the scent of a woman is one of the hits written by Fernando Gaitan, who is also the author of I’m Ugly Betty. The actors cast for the coffee TV series were perfect as the love between them transcended the screen and made viewers fall in love with the story. However, when the lights went out, Margarita and Guy did not talk to each other and were not cordial with each other.

8. Daniel Arenas and Ana Brenda Contreras c Wild Heart

Although the couple had amazing chemistry in front of the cameras, there were a few details that made both of them uncomfortable. Anna said that the actor has bad breath and that she does not want to kiss him, and Daniel claims that she has a bad smell. However, in order to soften the conversation and not damage their reputations, celebrities have come forward to clarify the terms.

9. Adela Noriega and Fernando Allende c nice mary

During the recordings of nice mary, Fernando and Adela did not have the best relationship. Some time later, the actor admitted that Adela was not experiencing a good personal moment at that time and that he, without knowing about this situation, may have had an attitude that could bother him or make her feel uncomfortable.

10. Iran Castillo and Jesus Ochoa c the beloved

During the recordings of the beloved Jesus Ochoa and Iran Castillo had a bit of friction that arose when he stopped the scenes he had with the actress because her wardrobe didn’t suit her. Castillo didn’t like this attitude at all, as he had canceled his birthday party that very day to shoot with Ochoa. After the conflict, Iran claimed: “I love Chucho very much, he makes me a great person; but well, you saw things that exist in every project, but we solved them later, things like wardrobe problems and so on; but nothing happens. An actor like Chucho is forgiven.”

Who is this TV couple whose chemistry you think runs through every screen?

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