Valery Burga, Evelyn Vella’s husband, broke his silence: “I’m done with her, my love is over”

Valery Burga, Evelyn Vella’s husband, broke his silence after the divorce was announced. | love and fire

Valery Burga decided to break his silence after hearing the version of Evelyn candle about the end of their marriage. For starters, the bib guy made it clear that he decided to call it quits three months ago.

“I broke up with Mrs. Evelyn Vella three months ago or maybe a little more. I’m done with her, I told the lady our relationship is over. Why couldn’t it be more? Because I ran out of love,” he said.

He also denied it Evelyn candlewho said that Valery Burga he was unable to leave the United States because his residency was under evaluation. “I don’t feel like it, I don’t want to go see her because I don’t want to go.” I can go wherever I want. I’m not going because I don’t want to go see her,” he said.

At another point, the barber was upset by the statements that the businesswoman made in the show “Magaly Tv: La firma”, a space that repeatedly caught him going out to nightclubs with other women.

“I’m nobody’s clown. She seems to be used to it, and she has no shame, no shame, no dignity, because she appears on those shows where she’s been mocked, stepped on, mopped the floor with her, and she sits there like nothing, without a little self-esteem, I am terribly sorry for everything that is happening, “he added.

Valery Burga benefited from the interview with “Love and Fire” to confirm that it is completely false that he is being cheated Evelyn candle with a young Spanish girl because he has known her for a while.

“Now she says that I cheated on her, that I betrayed her, that I’m a person like her, that I cheated on her, that’s a lie,” she said in a rather serious tone when answering this question.

Evelyn Vella hinted that she would return to her husband if he apologized publicly. (America Today).

And another time, the barber surprised many by pointing out that he regretted his marriage with Evelyn candleWell, he never thought it would end this way. “Sorry, yeah, sorry, yeah, sorry,” he said.

“I got married very quickly, I didn’t give myself a chance to get to know the person I married well, and I thought that people change and people don’t. I stopped loving her, I stopped feeling anything related to a good feeling with her, I realized that I’m not, that I don’t want this relationship in my life,” he added.

Valery Burga He also mentioned that he was tired Evelyn candle because he was a person who always wanted to control everything he did, which made him get bored and decide to abandon everything to start from scratch with another woman.

“When there are disappointments, when there are things you see not going well, it all ends. That “love doesn’t end overnight” that “I got married for life” is a lie. I can’t condemn my life to be with someone who no longer gives me, fulfills me, and satisfies me. I cannot condemn my life to live with her because I got married, no,” he said.

“I don’t have to apologize to anyone, not her or anyone, the one who has to apologize to her kids is her for not doing it (to release the statement on time) when I told her to” , he added.

Finally, the barber asked his new partner not to participate in this confrontation he was having Evelyn candleWell, the then businesswoman is not to blame for releasing the statement about their breakup.

“Celia is a girl who has nothing to do with all this, I met Celia just recently. She asked me, “Hey, are you married?” And I told him, “No, I broke up.” And he said to me: “No, because you have pictures.” And I told her, ‘I haven’t removed it yet because my wife is a public figure and I’m waiting for her to make the decision to remove things, to make her announcement so I don’t make her look bad,'” he said.

Evelyn Vela reveals the real reasons for the end of her marriage with Valery Burga. | Magaly Tv: The company.


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