The other on the right, by Jose Ramon Lopez Ruby Calderon

Morena’s speech, starting with the speech official of the leadership, “headed” by Mario Delgado, is a propaganda trinket. More importantly, it is a rhetoric that relies mostly on an outright lie. All propaganda involves lies as well as simplification and exaggeration, but Morena’s is extreme: extreme lies, oversimplification, exaggerations everywhere. Morena is a hyperbolized party. Mass hyperboles, with left make-up, popular and patriotic, to cover up the attempt to petrify the party as a tool of López Obrador. The morenista-amloísta speech that Delgado spreads reaches levels of stupidity and cynicism like those in this message:

These and other indignities of the workshop justify the harshness of the criticism complained of. The lie is in everything that Delgado and Morena spread, not in most of the criticism. They have lied for years, accusing all critics – all different types of critics – of being corrupt, conservative, neoliberal, fascist or far-right, but they want to not be treated as they deserve. Pathos of the victim.

Poor Mario Delgado… The far right does not propose the legalization of abortion, nor the expansion of civil marriage, nor the public regulation of drugs. Against the ruling party’s cheap story, many of us have been proposing the “trifecta” of abortion-egalitarian civil marriage-drug legalization since before AMLO was president. Who does not offer this, none of these, either together or separately? Far right and illiberal right. Who doesn’t make these suggestions too? This president. Who has never made them? AMLO. Is he far right then? Those of us who are not like Delgado are not exaggerating: no, López Obrador is not far-right; but it is neither liberal nor progressive, because if it were, it would be proposing what it does not and has never proposed: those three legalizations/regulations in favor of rights. given the fact that the Morenoist god does not say or do anything about these measures of social progress, the president is in favor of the right one. Simplicity cannot understand it, bigotry rages to hear it, but it is true. If López Obrador does not say or do anything in favor of these measures – and he does not say or do anything in favor – he is against the progressive left – although he dare not say anything openly against it out of hypocrisy.

As the years pass and the workers do not learn or change for the better, their automatic response today is the same nonsense as yesterday, “where were they?”. Or “why didn’t they protect him before?”. The rebuttal remains the same and very easy. In my case: I proposed and argued for what I propose and defend today, such as the legalization of abortion, civil marriage for non-heterosexual people, and illegal drugs. For example: “A Logical Argument for Abortion”, The law in actionCIDE, October 2016 (connection). Published two years before López Obrador took office. Another example: “Arguments against opposing ‘gay marriage'”, law in action CIDE, March 2016 (connection). Published more than two years before López Obrador became president. And I was one of the first to openly push for the legalization of drugs, not just marijuana, during Felipe Calderon’s six-year term. If you propose this legalization, you oppose any version of the “war on drugs” and therefore any militarization, Calderon’s, AMLO’s, whoever’s. But the fans either never understood that or they can’t understand it . After all, fans.

Although they shout: who is militarizing today? The workers. Did others do it yesterday? Obviously some of us criticize them too. Workers lie. They lie abominably. Some didn’t criticize before? Apparently, workers today are like them. They are the new Calderonistas. Worse for more hypocrites. Or doubly idiotic: for believing that no one else has criticized anything before 18 and/or for believing that what AMLO is doing is not militarization. “Demilitarizing and pacifying militarization” is another of the construction workers’ fantasies. Does not exist. What exists is only the (es)pedist contradiction. And the deterioration. In legislative events, in government and in the mind of the worker. When cynicism reaches the fanaticism of despair, the result is the ultimate idiocy: bad for AMLO, but also for Calderon, the comfort of idiots.

With reason, the finger may sink deeper into the sore spot: Not only does López Obrador not propose the legalization of drugs, he does not even propose the legalization of just one, marijuana. And not only does he not propose legalizing marijuana, he blocks it. This happened in the Chamber of Deputies through Nacho Mier. Thus, AMLO plays into the hands of drug traffickers because the existence of their business as drug traffickers depends on the illegality of drugs, that is, on the existence of prohibition. The so-called anti-conservative maintains the ban. Because he doesn’t even want to legalize marijuana. By following the ban, you are perpetuating the “war”. So the president is another controversial conservative follower of the “war on drugs,” which is always a selective war on drug traffickers because it always involves corruption. In this case, the army. And not only does the “war” continue – changing discourse and intensity – but it also militarises more. More than Calderon. Possibly with new help from Alito. López Obrador just implied that Calderon was right, but no: they are both wrong. Wrong and similar, and kindred before History.

As if the right wing wasn’t too much, add to all of this the president’s desire for informal preventive detention (PRD). A proposal that inflames ignorance, conservatism, authoritarianism with an emphasis on punishment and criminal populism. López Obrador is a master of throwback mixology. PPO is another retrograde “medicine”, another aggravating syrup. (em)PPO(ra) is charged against the poor in general, poor women in particular, and is useful against political enemies… In short, anyone who wants to understand informal pretrial detention should read, for example, what analysts and activists Intersecta was told well of him.

And that’s not all. No. Because this is Mr. President AMLO. Under this government, there are more poor people, the same fiscal policy as before, and substantial inequality or socio-economic inequality than ever before. Three of my recent articles in And so on; I invite you to read them (here); I’m just insisting that what this government is doing on taxes is fundamentally a neoliberal, right-wing, non-egalitarian policy. Neither the idolaters of the Obradoristas nor those of the neoliberal right can accept it. But that’s how it is. They kiss or scratch an image that the president has managed to sell. Paradoxically, but paradigmatically, “intellectuals” do not think. This Gómez Naredo has just admitted it again: “in moments of debate and fear of mistakes, we always trust AMLO.” Those are his words. I translate them more clearly: “we don’t think, we don’t risk thinking, we obey, we just follow and defend what he says, he is never wrong”.

No abortion, no “gay marriage”, yes drug prohibition, yes militarization, more militarization, yes informal preventive detention, yes pro-rich fiscal policy, more clientelistic social policy (not socialist or anti-poverty, but pro-AMLO and Morena ), and hyper-presidential authoritarianism, are his facts and his propositions. Which left?! Who are those who, defending or attacking, call López Obrador a leftist? Huge mistakes: that of those who believed he was a social democrat, that of those who believed he was a communist, that of those who believed he was helping Mexico, that of the obsessed anti-progressives who confused all progressivism with the simple linguistic “political correctness” and do not realize who coincides with López Obrador in social and fiscal beliefs. A great mistake to all who believe that the president is a leftist. This is another right. The other national law. The New Mexican Right. With many coincidences with the old, before and now. This is right-wing populism. AMLO is the new right-wing PRI. It is and always has been a hypocritical PRI right.

Extra. One of the left pillars like the social democrats is progressive taxation. Hernán Gómez belittles and attacks social democracy, but criticizes Ricardo Monreal for not proposing social democratic taxation, while kneeling before López Obrador, who prevents progressive taxation. Conclusion: Hernán is a clown – and a pathetic political merchant: he looks very bad as a promoter of morenista staff tweets.

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