The hairstyles for fine hair that inspire us the most

The nature of nice hair it is often more complex than those of other species manes. However, this does not mean that you should always wear it in the same way. In fact, to have more sound volume and does not always shine on your face, you can change your way of wash it off Y dry itbut also to change coloron court and above all of hairstyle.

For this last reason, we made a small list of hairstyles for nice hair to make your hair look longer rage and with ms Body. So you will be ready to welcome the autumn-winter season with new view.

Best Hairstyles for Thin Hair: Unstructured Ponytail

The hairstyles with lifting effect they usually fit very well nice hairIn fact, we all feel great horsetailHigh Y unstructured. And they are perfect for getting casual look, both for going to work and for any plan that arises on a daily basis. In addition, they adapt to long hair and thin hair. short.

To give it more volume, you can tease a few strands from the top of the head. Notice how the stylist does it Breanna Coho on Instagram that he chose to do waves to your hair to give it more volume. Also, if you have balayage highlights, this hairstyle will be effective because it will emphasize the highlights more. loops.

The best hairstyles for fine hair: surf waves

Surf waves are one of the hairstyles that women feel better with him nice hair. “Waves give vibration, vitality and manage to repair any see. It’s a great way to show off loose hairhe explained Maria Jose Latafrom hairdresser Llata ​​Carrera (Santa Cruz de Bezana, Cantabria) to I donate.

own Aitana details in your account Instagram how to perform them and the truth is she is an expert. This is a hairstyle that usually gets a lot of wear and feels great. Sara Carbonero is another of the Spanish “celebrities” who is much favored thanks to her boho style.

Best hairstyles for fine hair: use a headband

The diadem or gang are one of the best accessories you can wear if you have nice hair. The reason is that this an ornament helps to divert attention lack of volume. So this is a hairstyle which is useful when you are in a hurry and didn’t have time to do something waves to create thickness.

A trick to using it? Choose a color that goes in tone with yours the skin and put it to clear yours in front. Also, don’t worry because they are perfect for both everyday occasions such as for important events. You just need to know how to combine them.

Best Hairstyles for Thin Hair: Tousled Braid

Tousled braids are one of the best hairstyles for you nice hair. in L’Oral I especially recommend shallow on root or spike. On the other hand, they suggest always wearing a few loose strands to give a sense of volume. We pointed it out.

Best Hairstyles for Fine Hair: Headband Braid

In turn, the chain of hair salons Jean-Louis David suggested another hairstyle for fine hair: headband braid. This will generate the same effect as with a accessorythat is, focus attention on the top and distract it from the rest of the hair.

“Start by choosing a wide strand at the height of the right ear. Then start braiding it loosely towards the left ear, forming a diadem. Continue braiding to the ends and secure with a flat fork. Finally, gather the rest of your hair into a horsetail unstructured and draw in some strands to balance out the volume,” they point out. It can also be perfect to wear as a wedding guest.

The best hairstyles for fine hair: wet look

The wet look or ‘wet” is also ideal for women with nice hair and you can create it with mousse or hair cream. The best part is that it’s a lot easy and you can put it in a torment or in loose hair.

Likewise, the bob cut acknowledges it, but also pixie and on long hair. This is a hairstyle in which the sound volume it doesn’t exist and what really matters is the wet look finish. It’s perfect for going out nightas that’s when we usually get ready.

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