The great love story of Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, the longest royal marriage in history

Pain and horror around the world for the death of Queen Elizabeth II of England 96 years old. The monarch lost his life this Thursday, September 8, 2022, at his home in Balmoral, Scotland.

The British Royal House announced this through a statement: “The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon. The King and Queen will stay at Balmoral tonight and return to London tomorrow.”

Queen Elizabeth -in Spanish, Queen Elizabeth-, the longest-lived sovereign in history, who celebrated 70 years on the throne last June, leave a family legacytoday physically united but emotionally divided and marked by tension and scandal.

The monarch leaves with regret that he had to say goodbye 17 months ago to the great love of his life: prince philip of edinburgh. The longest royal marriage of all the palaces on Earth was not always so idyllic, although over all the problems, tribulations and infidelities on his part, love won.

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Princess Elizabeth and Philip of Greece and Denmark in the summer of 1947.

then princess elizabethdaughter of King George VII met Philip of Greece and Denmark when she is 13 and he is 18. The setting is iconic Brittanythe ship of Royal Naval College where he would later graduate as the top cadet in his class. On Christmas 1943 there is the meeting that will lead them to start an innocent romance who will take the princess to be happy “like she’s never been seen before,” according to her nanny, Marion Crawford in their personal diaries.

A relationship whose genesis developed in the midst of World War II. Lovers keep the flame of their love alive through romantic letters which are sent while he is serving his country, the United Kingdom, as a soldier. Meanwhile, Isabel received the letters, which she read with her sister Margarita when both were sheltered from the war at Balmoral, their summer residence. Paradoxically, Aberdeen Castle, where the monarch died this Thursday.

In September of that historic year 1943, in the last remnants of summer, Felipe went to Scotland to visit her at Balmoral and it was there that he asked her to marry him. The British sovereign, George VI, informed the couple that they would have to wait until Elizabeth turned 21 for the wedding to take place.

Philip’s German past and their obscure surnames did not help the couple’s relationship too much to endear them to the royal family and the most conservative circles of society. The decade of the 40s, until their wedding, was also not easy for them, because Isabelin her role as princess, she assumed responsibilities and made decisions that Felipe, due to his macho customs, often made her ugly.

Elizabeth and Philip at Westminster Abbey on their wedding day.

Elizabeth and Philip at Westminster Abbey on their wedding day.


On November 20, 1947, Princess Elizabeth, daughter of King George VI Y Queen Elizabeth Bowes-Lyonheiress to the English throne, married her great love: Philip Mountbatten. As soon as he uttered the words “Gone“(‘Yes, I will'”) at the ever-imposing Westminster Abbey in London, he lost his title of “Greece and Denmark” forever.

For your peace of mind, Sovereign George gave him the title His Royal Highness and since then called him Earl of Merioneth, Baron of Greenwich and the most important title with which he will go down in history: Duke of Edinburgh. In 1952, when Isabel She was already a mother to her first born child, prince charles (73), ascended the throne after the death of her father, her husband is the husband of the queen who revolutionized everything.

Five years later, Isabel II gave him two very significant titles and has a bearing on his institutional history: Prince of the United Kingdom and First Gentleman of the United Kingdom precedent. Just as in other monarchies, such as the Spanish one, women are given the title of queen when they marry a king, in the reverse role they most aspire to the title of prince. The imposition of the crown on Elizabeth IIwho decided to keep her maiden name as Queen, raised the issue of the possibility of the House of Windsor continuing to bear the original surname of Felipe: Mountbatten.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in a 2020 photo at Windsor Castle.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in a 2020 photo at Windsor Castle.


At the express request of queen mary in a formal petition to Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Isabel kept the name of the House, despite the indignation of her husband, who claimed with some anger that he was “the only man in the country who has no right to give his surname to his children”. In 1960 the queen issued an order declaring that her male descendants those who do not bear the title of Royal Highness or the title of Prince will bear the surname Mountbatten-Windsor.

Fruit of his wedding with Philip of EdinburghElizabeth II has four children: princes Carlos, Ana (72), Andrew (62) and Eduardo (58). In addition to four grandchildren, he had eight grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren. His firstborn, prince of walesis the father of William (40) and Harry (37), who in turn are the parents of George (9), Charlotte (7) and Louis (4), and Archie Harrison (3) and Lilibeth Diana Mountbatten-Windsor (1), respectively. Princess Anne is the mother of Peter (44) and Zara (41 years old), who in turn are the parents of savannah (11) and Elizabeth Island (10) and Mine (7) and Firewood (two).

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The entire royal family on the Buckingham balcony in June 2018.

The entire royal family on the Buckingham balcony in June 2018.


the controversial Andrew of York He is the father of two daughters born from his marriage to Sarah Ferguson (62). They are the princesses Beatrice (34) and Eugenia of York (32). Princess Eugenie has just given birth to a baby boy whom she named Augustus. In conclusion, Earl of WessexEduardo has two children: Lady Louise (19) and James Mountbatten-Windsor (14).

On April 9, 2021 the duke of edinburgh is gone forever 99 years old. He would reach a century of life just a few weeks later. Can not be. One year and five months later, this is his wife, Isabel IIthe queen of all Britons, the most important and influential sovereign of all monarchies, she who meets in eternal life the cause of her love.

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