The evidence that complicates the murdered couple’s son and his lover’s attempted suicide

Investigators into the alleged double parricide of Vicente Lopez have abducted a diver wearing a blue hood, what would be the clothing that the accused Martin Santiago Del Rio was wearing when he was filmed going in and out of the house where two weeks ago he allegedly killed his parents, judicial and police sources informed this Friday.

It is a diving jacket, with a central fastening, a hood and the branding “Rever Pass”, which was stolen last night in the same operation from an apartment that the accused rented in the Belgrano district of Buenos Aires, where he also A Glock pistol with the same caliber 9 mm used in the double murder was seized, as well as documents for another weapon with a caliber 9 mm, but brand “Bersa”, which has not yet been found.

“This is the same diver that we filmed him walking the 30-plus block round trip, from Nunes to Vicente Lopez, on the day of the event. Always with that blue diver’s hood, and also covered with a chinstrap and a peaked hat that was under that diver’s hood.” said one of the researchers.

The subject of the search is an apartment on the 13th floor of Tower 1 of the exclusive Forum Alcorta building, located at 2055 Ramsay Street in lower Belgrano, where investigators believe Del Rio Jr. went after committing the alleged double parricide.

Police spokesmen said that in cooperation with the city police, the prosecutor’s office was able to locate Martin Del Rio in this department on Wednesday, August 24, with videos and through the geolocation of his cell phone.

This is an apartment that the accused himself had already mentioned in his last testimony before he was arrested, which he had rented temporarily for his parents to move into while they waited to buy and move into the Chateau Libertador building in Núñez, although like them they didn’t like it, it ended up being used by one of his daughters, he explained.

However, prosecutors believe Del Rio Jr. himself was the one who dated him.

In Thursday night’s proceedings, which took place while the three prosecutors were investigating Del Rio at the San Ysidro Attorney General’s Office, officers seized a Glock model G19 semi-automatic pistol, 9mm caliber, that was in a case and everything else inside from a bag.

According to the sources, there was no ammunition in the magazine of the weapon and inside the box was a brown inner holster, a possession card of this semi-automatic pistol in the name of the accused and another possession card of a semi-automatic pistol but of Bersa brand, which could not be traced.

“The Glock was hijacked because of the relevant expert opinion. Ballistic comparison will tell if this gun or another is the murder weapon. The missing Bersa has our attention, but we’re also not ruling out that he used his own 9mm, which his father apparently also had in his house and which also went missing along with a .22 revolver the victim had in the car, another judicial source added.

Additionally, a consumer identification card in the suspect’s name and a gun card also in his name were seized from the Belgrano department.

In the closet, the police found a Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile phone, without a SIM card and an invisible IMEI, which was also seized for proper analysis, as well as a laptop and a router.

Meanwhile, court spokesmen said Del Rio Jr. testified between Thursday afternoon and this Friday dawn, around eight o’clock, before prosecutors Martin Gomez, Alejandro Musso and Marcela Semeria, at the headquarters of the San Ysidro Attorney General’s Office. , where he previously had a two-hour meeting to prepare with his official defender Liliana Cucurulo.

Sources say De Rio is pleading not guilty, denying the facts, trying to justify “with inconsistencies” what he did the entire day his parents were killed, and even insisting on re-incriminating his parents’ maid. Maria Ninfa “Nina” Aquino, who was jailed for almost 13 days for alleged “surrender” but was released on Wednesday due to lack of evidence.

Prosecutors charged Del Rio Jr. with “double murder, quadruple-qualified by liaison, treason, by criminis causa (murder with the intent to achieve impunity) and by use of a firearm,” a crime that carries a single penalty of life in prison.

For the team of prosecutors, the youngest of Del Rio’s children was the one who, on the afternoon of August 24, executed his parents in the mansion of Calle Melo at Vicente López 1100 with a 9-millimeter pistol from the back seat of the car. where they were found murdered, inside the garage; and they think mobile phone is cheap.

Double crime of Vicente Lopez. Jose Enrique del Rio and his wife Mercedes Alonso.

Her lover tried to commit suicide

The woman who had an extramarital affair with Martin Santiago Del Rio, arrested this Wednesday as the alleged perpetrator of the double parricide of Vicente Lopez, tried to kill herself this Thursday with pills and left a letter, although she is out of danger, police and judicial sources said.

It was “Paola”, testifying as a witness in the case, who compromised the accused, the investigators said.

According to the sources, this Thursday afternoon the woman was at her home in Aristóbulo del Valle 2700, in Vicente López, when she swallowed some pills that she had in her house after trying to get her daughter to buy Alplax at a pharmacy where they didn’t sell it because there was no recipe.

According to spokespeople, Paola left a letter saying she was traumatized by what happened to Del Rio and the assault she suffered last night at her home over the incident.

In that note, she also stated that she had nothing to do with the double parricide and that she had no idea he was in a relationship with a “psychopath.”

For her part, it is the daughter who notices the situation and calls the police, who together with medical personnel go to the scene.

The spokesmen said the woman never lost consciousness and was “non-contact and with low blood pressure,” so they transferred her to Vicente Lopez Hospital for a mental health evaluation as well.

In turn, Paola herself told the police that she just wanted to “sleep,” the informants added.

The case is being investigated by prosecutor Alejandro Guevara, who, if he deems there is any danger, will intervene in the Family Court for a measure of personal protection.

Double crime of Vicente Lopez. Santiago del Rio.

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