The court archived the case of the Aguilar girls

The Provincial Court of Palencia confirmed the opening of the investigations carried out on the April 14, 1992 disappearance of Manuela Torres and Virginia Guerrero, in the well-known case of the Aguilar girls. The Chamber, in a 12-page ruling to which Diario Palentino has access, rejected the appeal filed by the collegial representation of the families against the order of the Court of First Instance and instruction number 2 of Cervera de Pisuerga, issued last June 8.

The judge in the case, who ordered the reopening of investigations into the disappearances of Virginia Guerrero and Manuela Torres, aged 14 and 13, agreed to a stay of proceedings “because there is no known perpetrator in the conduct of the events that are the subject of the complaint.”

Now the high court of the province has just ratified the decision taken in the first instance by the instructor, although there may be some procedural tool to get to the Supreme Court.

The order of the Superior Court of the province emphasized that the investigations initiated by the court in Cerverano, which began in 2021, focused on three possible suspects, which generated so many lines of inquiry. The Chamber maintained that after that time the new investigations, “although intensive and described by the prosecutor as commendable, did not lead to solid and relevant incriminating data to direct any attribution to a specific person, nor procedurally imputation nor prosecution’ and disentangled and rejected one by one the eleven pieces of evidence sought by appellants.

The Court of Palencia claimed that within the eleven requested tests, it was requested to search Fontoria’s cave, which had already been explored without finding any biological remains. “Although there is more advanced technology today, the truth is that almost 30 years have passed and the aforementioned cave is actually a magnesium mine with a great depth of mud and expansion. This would be a test that is not very conducive to getting some results. As for the search in another cave, that of Servatos, the Chamber understands that no “solid justification” has been provided for its current inspection, except that it is on the Reynosa-Aguilar route.

With regard to one of the suspects, the reporter of the District Court order claimed that “he has already been investigated for a year”, and with regard to the second suspect, the main one in the investigation, the Chamber maintained that he was also investigated in a comprehensive manner, including and the interception of his phone, “without being able to justify even his police detention, nor his imputation in court.” Likewise, after analyzing the alleged inconsistency between statements made by the suspect and his mother in connection with a trip to the United States in August 1992 due to lack of a passport, the panel found it irrelevant. In relation to an enforcement complaints report involving a white vehicle 127 in the 1990s, it was also, in the chamber’s view, “irrelevant” because the aforementioned car “was not occupied nor was ruled as a suspect, but for three girls for whom no investigation matches”.

“Given the media prominence of the disappearance and its initial investigation from 1992 to 2001, they could have declared and intervened on those dates rather than waiting almost 30 years to act as witnesses,” it said. says in the order of the Provincial Court regarding some intervened in a television program in which one woman even told how years before the disappearance of the girls, when she was 13 years old, she climbed into seat 127 of a neighbor from Aguilar de Campo who pounced on her and tried to rape her, although So, out of fear he did not report it.

It should be remembered that the Magistrate of Court Number 2 of Cervera de Pisuerga requested in June 2021 that the Civil Guard of Palencia investigate a new line discovered as a result of the testimony of a woman who, as a child, experienced a case similar to that of Virginia Guerrero and Manuela Torres, who have been missing since April 14, 1992, after spending an afternoon in Reynosa (Cantabria), although they never returned home.

The girls were last known to be enjoying the afternoon in Reynosa, going to a disco and a park; they were seen hitchhiking and got into a white or cream Seat 127.

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