The cities and regions of Ponferrada require work and care for nature on the day of La Encinina – INFO BIERZO

The Act of Ponferrada with the regions is already an appointment in La Encinina and aims to evaluate the work of neighborhood councils and neighborhood mayors.

Offering the cities and regions of Ponferrada for the day of La Encinina

The representatives of the towns and districts that make up the municipality of Ponferrada today took part in the traditional donation of the Virgen de la Encina, which takes place on the day of La Encinina, “Ponferrada’s own day”, as the mayor of the city, Olegario Ramón, recalled. Health, work and care for nature were the main requests of the villagers to the patron saint in the village vote, which aims to evaluate the work of the various neighborhood councils and neighborhood mayors of the capital Berchiana.

Ramon pointed out that these minor local entities are “the first door that city dwellers knock on” in the face of any adversity and praised their managers as “those who have the most merit because they work day in and day out to solve the problems of their neighbors, without getting anything in return. In this sense, the councilor recalled with emotion the figure of Luis Alvarez, municipal mayor of San Cristóbal de Valduesa, who died last April and whom he remembered as “a dignified young man concerned about his people”.

Asked about his requests to the employer, Ramon indicated that the main desire is to have “health to work for the city.” Along those lines, he called for “high-mindedness and unity” to “place the interests of the city and its towns above private interests”, although he acknowledged the additional difficulties involved in fully entering the pre-election period.

In the same way, he trusted that the arrival of European funds and the actions envisaged in different parts of the city, worth more than two million euros, will make the “radical transformation” of the city a reality and contribute to “restoring the economic pulse.

For his part, the councilor for rural affairs, Ivan Alonso, highlighted the work done by his department when it comes to meeting the specific needs of towns in the municipality. “We will fight to make this the year of the cities, to see these powerful investments for all the cities and boroughs of the municipality,” he said.

Offering the cities and regions of Ponferrada for the day of La Encinina
Offering the cities and regions of Ponferrada for the day of La Encinina
Offering the cities and regions of Ponferrada for the day of La Encinina
Offering the cities and regions of Ponferrada for the day of La Encinina

Caring for nature and the environment”

On behalf of the localities that presented their offer of honey, chestnuts, peppers and other local products, the words of Peñalba de Santiago representative José Manuel Neira, who insisted on the need to “take care of nature and the environment with care, investment and work,” after a summer in which the city was engulfed in flames. “There was a fire, it didn’t touch us, but it was very close,” he admitted.

On behalf of the three settlements that make up the group of Los Barrios de Salas – Villar de los Barrios, Salas de los Barrios and Lombillo-, the mayor of the neighborhood, Sigifredo Verdial, asked for the “help of the cities” in the face of the situation of “free fall”, that they are facing. “If they don’t help us, the cities will disappear and it would be a great shame,” he said.

Finally, the head of Santo Tomás de las Ollas, Carlos Fernández, asked the Virgin “to make the government team see sense” so that they take care of the requests for improvements in the industrial areas of Montearenas and La Llanada. “Instead of asphalting paths in the parks, asphalt the accesses to the Lanada industrial area,” said Fernandez, who emphasized the industrial nature of the city.

In this regard, he announced that on September 28 the LM Wind Power factory would be visited by a senior North American manager from General Electric, the company’s parent company, and complained about the image of “abandonment” he would find on his way, with problems with the lack of public lighting, cleaning and clearing or containers. “We don’t make attractive landfills and that’s why it’s very difficult for companies to establish themselves,” he concluded.

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