The alleged parricide testified for more than three hours and maintained his innocence

He was arrested on Wednesday evening.

Martin Santiago Del Rio, the man arrested as a suspect in the double crime of his parents, found shot to death in his car in his own home two weeks ago at Vicente Lopez’s party in Buenos Aires, testified tonight for more than three hours before prosecutors in the case , before whom he assured him of his innocence.

Judicial sources assured Télam that the investigation conducted at the headquarters of the General Prosecutor’s Office of San Isidro, located at 476 Acasuso Street, in this city in the northern suburbs, was carried out by Martin Gómez, Alejandro Musso and Marcela Semeria, who They make up the team by prosecutors who lead the file on the double crime of Jose Enrique Del Rio (74) and Maria Mercedes Alonso (72).

the investigation

Prosecutors charged Del Rio Jr. with “double murder, quadruple conspiracy, treason, criminis causa (killing with the intent to achieve impunity) and the use of a firearm.”a crime that carries as its sole punishment life imprisonment.

Court spokesmen informed Télam that Del Rio, assisted by public defender Liliana Cucurulo, began testifying around 5:00 p.m. and his questioning lasted more than three hours, in which, Giving his version of events, he pleaded not guilty and gave an alibi to justify what he did on the day of the crime.

The witness

Meanwhile, the woman named Paola, who had an extramarital affair with the accused tried to kill herself with pills and left a letter in which she regretted being manipulated by a “psychopath”even though he was out of danger.

In testifying as a witness Wednesday to investigators, that woman compromised the defendant, investigators said.

The position of the suspect’s son

After being questioned, Del Rio will remain in custody and prosecutors have 15 days, with the possibility of an extension of 15 more, to ask San Ysidro Bail 1 Judge Ricardo Costawhich warrants his detention.

For the team of prosecutors, the youngest of Del Rio’s children was the one who executed his parents on the afternoon of August 24 at the mansion in the 1100 block of Mello Street with a 9-millimeter handgun that was missing from the house.

There is evidence that incriminates him.
There is evidence that incriminates him.

After he was arrested when he arrived at his home in the Nordelta de Tigre countryDel Rio spent the night in the cells of the Departmental Investigative Delegation (DDI) of San Ysidro, from where he was transferred to the Office of the Attorney General after noon.

Del Rio Jr. had an extensive meeting with his public defender, with whom they spent more than two hours planning what his preliminary statement would be, the sources said.

On Wednesday, prosecutors carried out three raids: one at the defendant’s house in the Barrancas del Lago de Nordelta neighborhood, another at the parents’ house in the country of San Diego de Moreno and a third at Vicente López’s house of a woman identified by the sources only as “Paola” , whose mobile phone was seized and who was taken to testify as a witness.

“This woman admitted in her statement that she had a relationship with the accused. And in a way, although no details can be revealed yet, we can say that she complicated it in this case,” a judicial source told Télam.


in raids Collectable coins, a laptop, mobile phones and a black Mercedes Benz van belonging to the detainee were seizeda Remax real estate bag – white with red and blue trim – identical to the one the alleged parricide was carrying when he left the crime scene and where investigators believe he took the video recorder with the footage from his parents’ home security cameras and some other missing items.

At the same time, Maria Nymph “Nina” Aquino (64)employee of the Del Rio couple, who was detained for almost 13 days as an alleged “supplier” and was released yesterday afternoon, assured a news conference today that she never suspected the youngest son of the victims and believes that his mother, “If she looking down from heaven, she is very angry.”

The detention of Martin Del Rio, who until yesterday was a private victim in the case along with his brother Diego, was expedited last night after Judge Costa issued the termination of Aquino’s detention and stipulated in his resolution that there is another line of investigation being separated her.

According to the sources, Del Rio Jr. has been compromised by a series of controversies about what he did on the day of the event and especially by some videos where investigators caught him walking from the Nunez neighborhood of Buenos Aires to his parents’ house in Vicente Lopez, at the time , where the double homicide is believed to have taken place on Wednesday, August 24 last year, between 5.30pm and 6.30pm.

In some of these images, and after parking his truck in the area of ​​Avenida Del Libertador and Campos Salles de Núñez, the suspect is seen walking the 30 blocks to his parents’ house at the corner of Melo and Gaspar Campos de Vicente López. but covered with a blue diver’s mask, hat and hood.

This is how the house of the double murderer remained
So the house of the double murder remained.

“He left the mobile phone switched on in the car to deceive. On the way out he wore a diver with a blue hood, on the way back he also wore a gray jacket”explained one researcher.

The key to identifying him in the videos is that Del Rio Jr. has a peculiar way of walking with a slight limp that was seen in the images and “recognized by a member of his entourage,” one of the sources said.

Spokesmen revealed that “mobile can be economical” as it was found that the accused was now in debt and had mismanaged his parents’ money, business and property.

In this context, what one researcher described as “the move that never happened and never will happen” of his parents to the exclusive Chateau Libertador de Núñez may have been the reason for the parricide, as the parents believed , that they were moving this week and It was found that Martin paid only four installments of $10,000 and to take possession of the property is missing another 36 installments and a reinforcement of $1,700,000.

Prosecutors believe that on the day of the event, Del Rio Jr. arrived at the Mello Street mansion, that with some excuse – perhaps going to visit Nunes’ apartment – he convinced his parents to get into a Mercedes Benz E350 parked on the street. garage on the property and that he executed them from the backseat with one of the two missing weapons in the house, a 9mm handgun that his father kept on the bedside table in his bedroom.

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