Struggle with the truth | Always!

I tell you 20 meanings that apply to this title, and in some I include their respective authors and custodians. If I lack them, I will order them there, boys; beware Dizzy!

  1. At Felipe Ángeles International Airport, “the best in Latin America”, the only one flying is the Saint of the Baths.
  2. Sometimes there are people who give themselves more value than they really have; it is an act of humanity to bring them back to reality. I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking about Miguel Trevino de Hoyosthe mayor of my town.
  3. I am a mountaineer and compose the peaks, I just discovered that my big challenge in life is to climb Everest, and another more terrifying thing is to understand and accept the mayor of the city where I live. You know who I mean, right?
  4. A dialogue between two friends: A.-“It’s good that you came because they were talking bad about you.” B.- “And you protected me?”. A.- – I tried, but I didn’t find enough arguments.
  5. The punishments of childhood are now those of adulthood. namely: A.-I go to bed early. B.- Don’t leave the house all day. ° C.- Don’t go to parties or fandangos.
  6. If you are in journalism – as you think you are – do me the favor of reporting that Salinas de Gortari has reached his 4th report with 76 percent approval and that AMLO arrives at the same event with 61 percent. Not unless someone pays your truck bill. You get lost in the ideology or the wave, I don’t know. You tell me.
  7. “We are not the same”You tell me and I thank you on my knees.
  8. Answers to the poor devil who works and brags in the neighborhood chats where he writes or wash my car in the middle of the flood, that is the dilemma. I’m coming right now, I’m going for the bucket. The dilemma is resolved.
  9. This, with the halting of the trunk and the sinking of the belly for a picture, is the clearest evidence that we are descended from the red-finned monkey and the ape, respectively.
  10. “In one kiss you will understand everything I kept silent” Pablo Neruda.
  11. To think that the flies in your house are witchcraft is from ignorant people of the purest kind. Cover the garbage cans, close the doors and windows, and you will see the “witchcraft” disappear as if by magic. I do not assure you that the same will happen with the targeted ignorance. Note.
  12. There is so much tweeting that one can read idiots for free.
  13. Why do they believe someone who lies every time they put a microphone up to him?” I am intrigued by this theological mystery. In addition to YSQ, I am thinking – again – of the mayor of my city.
  14. Look, village mayor sampetrinoOnce upon a time there was a gentleman named Albert Camus who, in addition to being a great writer, wrote in his first book: “Stupidity always insists.”I think your phrase fits perfectly.
  15. Nationally, my gloss on the President’s report boils down to this: A.-You budgeted several million dollars for a refinery and forgot to factor in the equipment. B.- He runs an airport with no cargo space that loses millions a day and has just been converted into a bus station. ° C.- Build the Mayan Train without permits or an environmental impact assessment.
  16. Now goes my gloss on the report, which will be delivered behind closed doors the sampetrino mayor of my town: A.-He built a bike lane and threatens to build a few more, giving the mother the key to economic development: mobility. B.- Concession parks and public squares of puppeteers, carperos and fritangeros. ° C.- brag ovarystops iconic housing developments that have ALL building permits in bare hills with no trees or flora, such as Loma Larga (Isabella Torresfor example) and permits whistling in the foothills of the Sierra Madre, which make hell upon acres and acres of forest. D.- He says he listens to the neighbors and they get mad at him every time they run into him because he literally turns his back on them. And.- His police officers are tiktoking during working hours, and he is only making remarks to them. Well.- In his first year in office, he spent the $1,200 million left by his predecessor and devoted ZERO PESOS to degreasing the sewers pluvial and therefore in torrents the streets are more than public thoroughfares. rivers.
  17. The basis of the optimism of many politicians is simply fear. Take away the “politicians” and Oscar Wilde’s phrase remains. Who are they thinking of? Me too.
  18. “Better to keep your mouth shut and look stupid than to open it and dispel doubt.”Mark Twain. Same as you, I think.
  19. María Elena Álvarez Buylla, director of CONACYT, spoke about “neoliberal science”.With this he condemned Mexico to the time of galena radius or worse still, start a fire by rubbing two stones together.
  20. If you notice you’re running low pastand you don’t know where to put it or what to do with it except blame it for what you don’t know or can do with your present, don’t hesitate, you are getting old.


“touch”, puts an end to the irreverence of my gabitouching the tip of his foil to the breasts of the said.

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