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Demonstration of doctors against temporality.

More and more healthcare professionals are deciding to leave their profession to give a new direction to their professional life. Current working conditions and remuneration of specialists caused a veritable flood of resignations of doctors who, tired of promises that are not realized by the managements, seek new place where to develop your profession.

This is confirmed by a primary care study carried out in Navarre, the results of which show that nine out of ten doctors at this level of care value changing their current professional life. The findings also show that half of the participants are considering leaving and retiring before the age of 65, and a third – reducing their working hours.

In the midst of a pandemic where doctors are needed more than ever, mass exodus of doctors of consultations and the difficulty in filling MIR vacancies become serious problems in dealing with the complex situation that exists at all levels of care. Templates are decreasing more and more and professionals are finding it difficult to find the desire to continue practicing the profession.

One of those doctors who decided to leave the front line of medicine was Charles Anthony Riesco, a gynecologist for seven years. In statements to Medical writing, the doctor explains that he ceased to practice “on January 31, 2022.” He shared his decision on social media, noting that with it he said “goodbye to guardsemergencies and quality of life horror to which health medicine draws us”.

In his case, he decided that he had a lot to contribute to the “improvement of the health system” and decided to take up another field. He currently works “in a automated communication channel between patients and medical services in gynecology and obstetrics”. His project was accepted under the MadridEmprende acceleration program launched by the Madrid City Council.

“My training to the field of health management This led me, to my own surprise, to entrepreneurship. I think there is a context that favors development bit by bit mixed health profiles, beyond the classic consultation assistance; context that enables us to develop projects like the one I’m developing, which I hope will reduce the distance that exists between patients and their healthcare teams“, he assures.

Carlos: “My training in health management led me to entrepreneurship, developing a mixed health profile”

He states that by abandoning complementary medicine, he gained “quality of life that because of the hospital rhythm he almost forgot’, as he could ‘sleep at home and not have the 24-hour working days’ common in hospital centres.

Although he feels happy with “the rhythm and order of life that in the future it will be difficult to want to leave”, he assures this newspaper that he “misses the delivery room, the operating room and life in the hospital”, so he is not ruling out return at some point to gynecological consultations because “the contact with patients and all the health staff has always fascinated me,” he admits.

Without trust of the population and the administration

It’s another case Jesus Matched, a family primary care physician who decided to end his professional career in consulting, showing deep disappointment. “I love my job, but I can’t stand my job“, he explained in December 2021, when, overcome by the situation, he distanced himself from health medicine. The reason for his departure is the disillusionment with the profession itself. “Every day it’s getting further away from what I thought I was going to do and wanted to do to what I’m actually doing.”

Jesus: “We have lost the trust of the population we serve, and we have never had it from the administrations we belong to”

The doctor made his decision public on social media, where he stated that doctors have lost “the trust of the population we serve and we have never had from the administrations we belong to,” imperative reasons for move away from the profession to “stop, breathe, think, put more bandages on this wound and sort out everything that has moved inside during this time”.

In farewell, Jesus Igualada sent a message to his colleagues. “To those of you who follow, for whatever reason, endless thanks. You are the most valuable thing in this system. The only life left to Primary care this is you”. And he added advice to them: “Hold on, if you have the strength, look for networks, support and alliances to keep going, and if you can’t anymore, stop. Before going inside, please stop. I have come this far and I feel privileged to be able to do so. There are situations where it’s really difficult.”

Labor alternatives to medicine

Sergio Swalenin charge of the health area of ​​the employment advisory service Hays, said Medical writing “that a medical graduate may have multiple job opportunities in other health-related fields away from medical practice.”

“The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most common sectors in which doctors are recruited,” explained Hinchado, who emphasized that in the pharmaceutical field a doctor can work in research and development department, clinical research or in the field of pharmacovigilance. “Thanks to their training and the development of their skills, they are highly valued,” he admitted.

Another of the sectors that bets on the employment of doctors are those related to health technologiesas he related in his experience Charles Anthony Riesco. In his case, the gynecologist decided to take it upon himself and create an app, but his future in this field extends to other areas as well. “They are typically employed as consultants in the development of medical equipment for private companies,” Hayes said.

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