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Queen Elizabeth II, head of state of the United Kingdom and 14 Commonwealth countries, died on Thursday at the age of 96 at her Scottish castle in Balmoral.

His death comes after seven decades of rule, during which he overcame multiple crises in a monarchy that is now opening a new chapter.

It was “beloved sovereign and beloved mother“, his death is “a moment of great sadness for me and all my family members‘ were the words of his eldest son, Carlos, 73, who automatically becomes the new monarch under the name Carlos III.

He and Camilla, the Queen’s new wife, had planned to spend the night in Scotland and return to London on Friday, Buckingham Palace said as they announced the death.

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The deterioration of Elizabeth II’s health has accelerated in recent days. On Tuesday, he hosted resigned Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his successor Liz Truss at Balmoral, forgoing the official London event for the first time in his long tenure to avoid a 500-mile (800 km) journey.

Two days later, his doctors announced “concerned for his majesty’s health and recommends that he remain under medical supervision“So the decision was made for their children and grandchildren to travel immediately, including Prince Harry and his wife Meghan – who were in London for a charity event despite the fact that they have been living in California since they left the monarchy in 2020, a major blow to the institution.”

The death of Elizabeth II was “a great shock to the nation and to the worldTruss assured in a brief speech outside the gates of Downing Street as messages of condolence poured in from across the planet.

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Sports events scheduled for Friday in the UK, including Test cricket and the European Golf Championship, have been cancelled. Manchester United’s Europa League match against Real Sociedad went ahead, but a minute’s silence was observed before kick-off and the players wore black armbands.

Stains on the monarch’s hand

During his meeting with British Prime Minister Liz Truss, a photo posted by the royal family’s official Twitter account spoke of the monarch’s declining health related to old age.

Among some signs of discomfort, such as his visibly slouched posture, is an observation made by some netizens: there is a dark mark on the back of his right hand, which in the image closes with the president of his country.

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The Queen’s ill health dates back a long time

The Queen’s health began to worry the country when, on October 20, after “reluctantly accepts medical advice to rest“He spent a night in hospital to undergo medical tests, the nature of which was never specified.

Since then he had to give up events such as the November 2021 UN climate conference (COP26) in Glasgow or the traditional speech from the throne with which he opened the new parliamentary session every yearone of his most important constitutional functions, which he left in charge of Carlos.

Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II

A photo taken in 2007 showing Queen Elizabeth II surrounded by the royal family.

Entrusted to her body and soul, Elizabeth II managed to weather the pandemic, the devastating death of her husband Felipe – who died in April 2021 aged almost 100 – and the various crises within the royal family.

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For example, “Megxit”, the exile of Enrique and Meghan to the United States, from where they accused the royals of being unsupportive and racist. This is also the case with the scandal with Andres, considered his favorite son, who had to leave public life because of his friendship with the American financier Jeffrey Epstein, accused of sexual exploitation of minors.

One of them, Virgina Giffer, claims she was forced years before to have a relationship with Andres and is suing him for sexual assault in the United States, charges he has always denied, but for which he was stripped of the queen by his military honors and by using the title Royal Highness. The case was settled with a multi-million dollar confidential financial settlement.

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