Queen Elizabeth II dies: what happened to LGBT+ people during the monarchy

On September 8, 2022, the Royal Family of the United Kingdom announced the death of Queen Elizabeth II at her residence in Balmoral (Scotland), and while there is more news, we will talk about some LGBT+ events that happened during her tenure, which begins on February 6, 1952.

Elizabeth Alexandra Marybetter known as Queen Isabel II (London, 21 April 1926 – Balmoral Castle, 8 September 2022), was the head of Great Britain and on Community of Nations (community) from over 50 years until the day of his death at age 96a period in which thousands of LGBT+ people fought for better living conditions.

Except for presence of LGBT+ relatives in the English crown, during the reign of Elizabeth II, the gender diverse population of the United Kingdom decriminalized homosexualitydo The first LGBT+ March in London Y won the right to same-sex marriage. Similarly, Elizabeth II ruled in favor of banning so-called “conversion therapies,” granted a posthumous pardon to gay scientist Alan Turing, and knighted musician Elton John.

Through a brief statement it was announced that “the queen passed away peacefully this afternoon” in Balmoral Castle, Scotland, after doctors said they were worried about his health. Faced with this situation, his eldest son, Charles, the Prince of Wales, who will take the crown.

Confirmation of Queen Elizabeth II’s death on 8 September 2022 / Image: Twitter (@RoyalFamily)

Talking in depth about everything that has happened on the LGBT+ agenda for more than half a century would take us many texts to do so. So this time we are sharing very briefly a summary of some of the most important events during the display of the throne. SEE WHICH QUEENS AND KINGS WERE LGBT+.

Statement by King Charles on the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II / Photo: Twitter (@RoyalFamily)

What is the ‘relationship’ between Queen Elizabeth II and LGBT+ people? Did the president contribute anything?

Talk about a relationship between Queen Isabel II and on LGBT+ population it’s a bit over the top. In fact, the British monarch did not go further than the statements warm and – above all – ambiguous. According to the journalist Peter Tatchellfrom 1952 to 2012 the queen “never uttered the words ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian'” in public.

In his 2012 column guardon also an LGBT+ activist wrote that while he doubted she was a “rabid homophobe” she certainly “doesn’t seem gay friendly”. In the same text, Tatchell emphasizes that, despite his constant visits to organizations, he has never been seen in one that works in favor of sexual dissidents.

On the contrary. He is said to have ignored the demands of groups such as Albert Kennedy Trust Y Stonewall Corps. «The monarchy is homophobic, if not by conscious intent, then by defaulthe concluded Peter Tatchell by announcing this when he asked to see Queen Elizabeth II to talk about the LGBT+ population, the press office never responded. WE TELL YOU WHO QUEEN ISABEL II’S LGBT+ FAMILY AND FRIENDS WERE.

Public acts

Over the years there have been some changes on the part of the monarchy… or at least from a discursive perspective. in June 2017, ‘Your Majesty’ was presented to the members of Parliament of the United Kingdom. During his speech he continued on a promise of an “inclusive” monarchy (But is this really possible in a form of government that operates based on hierarchies and the violence they entail?).

«My Government will move forward to tackle the gender pay gap and discrimination against people based on race, faith, gender, disability or sexual orientation.».

In 2014 by the way, and not by magic, Queen Elizabeth II has signed the latest document to legalize same-sex marriage in England and Wales. Most of the international press applauded the decision, which angered conservative political factions. But as in other parts of the world, the recognition of this right was not born of the will, benevolence or “good vibes” of the forces of official policy. It responded to decades of fighting and organizing by LGBT+ activists.

Queen Elizabeth II of England / Photo: Playbuzz

Ban on ‘conversion therapy’ in the UK

in May 2021in his first public appearance since his death husband Prince Philip of EdinburghQueen Elizabeth II announced that prohibition of efforts to correct sexual orientation and gender identity (Ecosig), also known as “conversion therapies”, will be a priority for the British government.

And although initially The measure addresses both issues of sexual orientation and gender identity, a year later the result was a source of discontent among activists and the LGBT+ population in general. Under the mandate of then Prime Minister Boris Johnsonand his Conservative government, the ban on “conversion therapy” went into effect, but omitted protections for trans people who are subjected to these practices that violate human rights. CHECK WHICH STATES BAN “CONVERSION THERAPIES”.

Royal Pardon of Alan Turing

In order to pay off one of the UK’s largest historical debts, Pres December 2013a year before the signing of the official approval of unions between couples of the same sex / gender, the Queen granted a posthumous pardon to mathematician Alan Turing, a key figure in World War II who killed himself after being convicted of homosexuality. To avoid going to prison, he undergoes chemical castration procedures.

From there, British LGBT+ history picks up Alan Turing Law as a measure of redress for men who have been legally affected by norms sanctioning homosexuality. In this regard, Elizabeth II’s statement mentions that Turing’s was “a sentence that will now be considered unfair and discriminatory”. READ MORE ABOUT THE STORY OF ALAN TURING, THE MOST ELEMENTARY SCIENTIST OF THE 20TH CENTURY.

Elizabeth II and Elton John

Elton John was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1998., a year after the death of his girlfriend, Diana, Princess of Wales. The British crown’s recognition of the openly gay musician was based on both of his music as in his HIV activism and the LGBT+ community. With the title “Sir” he becomes one of the Queen’s Knights. And in 2021, Elton John received a new award, this time from the hands of King Charles. he was baptized member of the Order of the Companions of Honor.

Elton John with Queen Elizabeth II / Photo: Debate

honoring his proximity to the royal familyElton John released the following statement on the death of Elizabeth II. In it, he comments on his sadness at the news and admits that the queen was an important part of his lifefrom childhood to today.

Elton John’s words on the death of Queen Elizabeth II / Photo: Twitter (@eltonofficial)

A brief look at the 20th century

With 7 decades on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II has witnessed—but not participated in—episodes that help us understand modern history. As for the sexually dissident population, his monarchy brought together key events for the British LGBT+ movement.

He ascended the throne in 1952 and reigned for 70 years, until his death, the 14 independent countries United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Bahamas, Belize, Grenada, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Antigua and Barbuda and St. Kitts and Nevis. And while he was not originally in the direct line of succession to the crown, the abdication of his uncle, Edward VIII, allowed him to become the longest reign in British historysurpassing the 63 years of his great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria.

In the first years of her designation as sovereign, the establishment of committee wolfend. The members of this group founded in 1954 there were cases during 3 years. As a result of the 62 meetings held on decriminalization of homosexual relations between adults. It wasn’t easy. Not all members agreed.

Then it makes sense the very formation of the Committee was a proposal from the Conservative Party. But its members did not appreciate that, as we say in Latin America, it backfired on them. The sessions and the debate that arose from them were precursors to Homosexual Law Reform Society. It was one of the key organizations for the changes in sexual offenses law. It was in 1967 when the character of illegality was withdrawn from “homosexual acts”. These regulations apply in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Implementation of the regulations in the territories has been fragmented for several years. READ THE STORY ABOUT QUEEN ELIZABETH II’S BISEXUAL SON-IN-LAW.

The first gay parade

The 1960s and 1970s, the same decades in which Queen Elizabeth II and the British Crown were criticized through numerous artistic and cultural expressionsserves as fertile ground for the formation of fronts in favor of the LGBT+ population. LEARN WHAT IT WAS LIKE TO BE LGBT+ IN THE 1970s.

the ashes of the outbreak of the stone wall riots and the mobilizations that followed ignited the fire in other parts of the world. in Great Britainthe impact was translated into the formation of the first Gay Liberation Front (1970)who distinguished himself as the organizer of first LGBT+ March in London.

If you are interested, you can follow what is happening live in england after the death of queen elizabeth ii in this video.

Did this data help you understand the ‘connection’ between Queen Elizabeth II and the British LGBT+ population?

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