“My father was love”: the controversies of the businessman accused of killing his parents in Vicente López


Martin Santiago del Rio walked into the San Ysidro Attorney General’s office with the sentence to testify. The 47-year-old businessman, accused of killing his parents with four bullets in a mansion in g. Vincent Lopezsat before the prosecutors and He secured a five-hour inquiry. He not only detailed various issues but also answered questions. Investigators are convinced he caused a series of lies and that he could not explain key points The investigation.

In addition, the detainee said that his father, Jose Enrique Del Rio“He was not a man. ethical in business”. But it was about more. He assured that together they came up with a plan to defraud the other victim – his mother mercedes alonso. When he tried to justify what he was doing during the murders, according to Justice’s vision, he incurred a series of possible lies which are checked in the file.

The prosecutors Marcela Semeria, Alejandro Musso and Martin Gomez They consider these controversies elementary to destroy the history that Del Rio Jr. made last night. Today they are revealed by Infobae.

The moment of Martin Del Rio's arrest
The moment of Martin Del Rio’s arrest

The businessman was arrested on Wednesday evening. When they put the handcuffs on the door of the private quarter of Nordelta where he lived with his family, the charge was read to him: double murder of his parents.

The bodies were found on Thursday, August 25 inside the mansion where the marriage took place the richest district of Vicente López. They both sat on theirs Mercedes Benz which in turn was parked in garage of the house. She was in the driver’s seat, and he was a passenger. Both were dressed for going out and with seat belts on. The automatic door was closed and there was no forced opening.

The subsequent autopsy confirmed that the man He had three bullets in his body and the woman, one in the eye.

The interior of the house presented a scene “manipulated“, It is the killer ransacked the house with the intention of perverting justice. Also, the safe was open and the lock was missing. DVR of security cameras. The hypothesis from the beginning was that the aggressor entered with a key and knew the inside of the house.

One of the rooms in Vicente Lopez's house
One of the rooms in Vicente Lopez’s house

When the security cameras of the neighboring houses began to be looked at, the investigators found that a man entered the house on Wednesday, August 24, through the gate, on the street. 17.33 and then left at 18.36right in the time frame where the murders are believed to have taken place.

Surveillance surveillance of this man leaving the house yielded surprising results: the killer had the same limp as the youngest son, Martin Santiago del Rio. When he arrives at the corner of Riccieri and Libertador, he gets into the truck, or rather, del rio son.

The hypothesis of the researchers is that Martin Del Rio He arrived with his Mercedes Benz truck at 4:30 p.m. at the intersection of Richieri and Liberator and parked it. He then drove nearly 40 blocks to his parents’ house, killed them, and returned to his vehicle the same way. Boarded at 19.15 and left the place.

Martin Santiago del Rio leaves the crime scene

The investigators also believe that the motive for the crime is economic. The son lied to his parents about the purchase of an apartment in g Chateau Liberator. The victims were convinced that on the day of the murder they would move to this place, but they were deceived by Martin because this acquisition It never happened as he had told them. The couple did not want to stay in the mansion any longer. Vincent Lopez and wanted to go live in a safer place.

During the investigation, prosecutors asked Del Rio Jr. what he was doing on Wednesday of the killing between 4.30 p.m and on 7.15 p.m. “I parked the van near the Chateau and sat there for two hours answering messages and they were answering emails. At 18:30 I went to Belgrano“.

However, in one of the references attached to the file, it is clear that the mobile phone of From the river has registered almost no activity during this time period. Data traffic flags that you have only used 2KB, which is the same as saying it’s not used. On the other hand, the telephone antenna confirmed that the device had not moved by 19:15 from the Chateau area. The same is indicated by security cameras from the area where they just watch him leave the place 19.24and not 6:30pm as stated last night.

Martin Del Rio aboard his Mercedes Benz van
Martin Del Rio aboard his Mercedes Benz van

He also tried to explain the situation in Chateau Liberator. He said that in reality he and his father invented a plan to defraud to his mother., a kind of deception between the two, where they lied to each other mercedes alonso, telling him they bought an apartment when none existed. However, in the chats between Joseph Henry Y Martin it reads that the man was convinced, as was his wife, that they would move.

Therefore, according to the prosecutors, it is about a a lie more than the defendant.

I wouldn’t be the only one on this. Both to his parents and in the investigation, Martin Del Rio he said he had “everything arranged with the Thai embassy” to rent Vicente Lopez’s house after he is released. Also that for the time being a senior official of this diplomatic person will remain in the Department of the Chateau until the transfer of his parents. With this excuse, he delayed the time to move.

However, Ficas confirmed this there was never any contact Log in From the river and a Thai degree. The alleged high-ranking official who will move momentarily to Chateau does not exist. It was also not possible to verify whether he ever entered the embassy of the Asian country, despite the fact that in the chats he sent him photos of the facade their parents.

Nor can it explain in the inquiry the matter it involves Verga Brothers changer. It has been verified in the chats that Martin He had told his parents that on the day of the crime they would take his belongings and take them to Chateau. But prosecutors consulted with those responsible for the company and denied any previous contact with the man now in custody. During the investigation, Del Rio Jr. could not explain this point.

The hypothesis is that for some reason Del Rio Jr. told his parents that the apartment in Chateau is purchased and ready to be applied when in fact I had bought it in 36 installments and they could only move up to month 37.

One of the photos of the interior of the Chateau that Martin Del Rio sent to his parents
One of the photos of the interior of the Chateau that Martin Del Rio sent to his parents

as reported last night Infobaewhile the inspection was in progress, a search was also carried out in the Forum building in Figueroa Alcorta where Martin Santiago del Rio I had an apartment for rent. He passed by after killing his parents on the day of the event. A blue diver identical to the one worn on the day of the event was found at the scene, a ferrari which the Del Rios had won in a recent lawsuit, brand gun glock caliber 9mm and the documentation of another weapon of the same caliber but brand Bersa which does not appear anywhere.

Prosecutors showed him the photos of the operation. Martin Santiago said that the two guns belonged to Jose Enrique and that Bersa Absence may be the weapon the alleged killer used to kill his parents. He again tried to blame his father. He said that this gun and the missing documents arrived at this department because they were in one of the packed shipping boxes. Also that he didn’t know these items were there. But at that point, prosecutors pointed out to him that both the cardboard box and the plastic box that contained the guns were open at the time of being found during the attack.

Materials seized from Del Rio Jr.
Materials seized from Del Rio Jr.

Before they finished the investigation, he was shown the footage from the security cameras showing the killer walking around. in everything he said don’t be him. They also revealed similarities between the blue diver found in the attack and the one seen in the images and again denied any resemblance.

To complete the act of protection, he again spoke of his father: “The truth is, we have so much millionaire inheritance that my father I never asked for a bank, I never asked for credit, never asked for a credit card, nothing. My mother has basic cards. Everyone knew it, my father always said he didn’t want banks. My father was a commercially sophisticated man, but familiar love

Martin Santiago del Rio He will be detained at the San Ysidro DDI. He is charged with double murder, aggravated by binding, treason, criminal trespass and use of a firearm. The punishment, if found guilty, will be life sentence.


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