“My biggest defeat was my divorce”

Genoveva Casanova is the first guest of “Plano General” in the new season of the talk show directed and hosted by Gennaro Castro. The Mexican writer and photographer He talks about his relationship with house of the dawnand his tenderly special relationship to and with the Duchess Cayetana de Alba ex-husband Cayetano de Alba, with whom they have two children. Also, the Mexican criticizes this anti-Spanish trend from Latin America at the expense of the colonizing past of discovery, is shown moderately feminist and she is proud of her Humanitarian work.

Question.- How would you define yourself?

Answer.- I think defining yourself is very difficult. But yes, there is one characteristic that I have that is very much my own, is that I never tire of learning. I’m always looking for something new to learn because I like everything, everything interests me, everything fascinates me.

Q.- Do you feel like a seductive woman?

R.- I do not know. Not so much anymore. I think. i still feel I mean, I love dressing up. I like to like.

Q.- Why do you think they always keep you in your marriage with Cayetano Martínez de Irujo?

R.– Well, I think it has a lot to do with the fact that the social press has had a lot of power internationally for many years. So most of what was talked about and known was always, almost always in that type of press. However, there are things that have come out in the press that I have done for work. What is happening is that it may not have had that impact.

Q.- Why did the Duchess of Alba adore you so much?

The Duchess of Alba was very funny and had a great personality

R.- I think it’s because we were very similar in many ways. We shared the love of art, we shared the humanitarian vocation. She was very funny, she had a great personality. I think because we spent so much time together and she spent a lot of time with my kids, I think that brought us together a lot. And I think she was a second mother to me because she touched me from a very young age. He trained me a lot, taught me many things and he did it with a lot of love and with a lot of discipline.

Genoveva Casanova opens the new season of “Plano General”, the talk show directed and hosted by Gennaro Castro. RTVE

Q: Do you feel comfortable in Spain with the treatment of the press? Are you as famous in Mexico as you are in Spain or not?

R.- I guess more or less. I haven’t measured it much. I had a season where it was very difficult, very difficult. But over time, the truth is that most of the people I’ve met over the years in the media world have been great people.

Q.- In your professional career, what makes you feel most proud?

R.- I honestly don’t know because I’ve been lucky enough to be able to do everything I’ve dreamed of. So I think I feel very proud of my humanitarian work. I think that’s probably what makes me feel the proudest. Also, especially because over time, even then, I didn’t realize the impact my work was having and long after I discovered it was more important, I felt more fulfilled in that sense. Then my work at the foundation was also valuable.

Q: This is the foundation of the House of Alba.

R.- Organization of the house and I’m very proud of it too, especially because I made my mother-in-law feel very proud and it fulfilled me a lot.

Question: What is your way of defending equality between men and women?

I always protect women with all my claws

R.– I always protect women with all my claws. I believe we should have equal rights and equal opportunities. This is what I understand as feminism and that is why I feel like a feminist.

– Because of your humanitarian vocation, have you thought of going to Ukraine? What do you think about the exodus of refugees fleeing to Europe?

R.- Yes, I thought about it and contacted some foundations that I know work there. I believe this is the biggest humanitarian crisis Europe has experienced since World War II.

The team of “Plano General” during the recording with Genoveva Casanova. RTVE

Question: Are you worried about the economic situation in Spain or in Europe?

R.– Yes, it is very worrying. The level of price increase is brutal not only in petrol but also in supermarkets. It is that now all the basic products have gone up a lot, but the income remains the same and the expenses have increased quite a bit.

Q.- When you listen to Mexican President López Obrador talk about the mistreatment that Spain has done since the opening, what do you think, what do you feel?

I am a person who strongly believes in reconciliation

R.- Frankly, it makes me angry. I’m a big believer in healing wounds, not opening them up. I’m a big believer in reconciliation and I don’t like to feel like a wound is being opened that doesn’t make sense because it’s already healed. I don’t think it’s fair either. I think that Spain has given a lot to all Latin American countries. I feel that most of the people I know in Mexico are proud of their Spanish ancestry because we are all cousins, nephews, grandchildren, brothers of the Spanish. Honestly, I’d like to hear you give Spain its place and appreciate this wonderful country.

Question: Do you think that Spanish political life is very polarized and that it mainly harms the common interest or not?

R.- I feel that the polarization of politics in Spain has created a lack of patriotic love, which makes me very sad. It worries me because if we have had anything in Mexico, it is patriotic love, pride in being Mexican. It doesn’t matter if you come from Oaxaca, if you come from Monterrey, if you come from Veracruz, it doesn’t matter if you’re half indigenous, if you’re of Spanish heritage, if we’re all very Mexican and have a great love and respect for our homeland. So I would like to see it here.

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