methods of removing it and slimming the face

A double chin, also called a double chin in some parts of the world, is usually associated with being overweight or obese. But it can also appear as a result of genetic factors that cause excess skin in the neck area.

Although a double chin generally does not have a negative impact on health, it is an aesthetic problem that bothers some people. The fact that it blurs the oval contour of the face can affect self-esteem, so the search for alternatives to remove the double chin is common.

Some of the most effective solutions to get rid of a double chin consist of surgery, but not all people can afford the expense of going through the operating room. Now, if the cause is excess weight, the main recommendation includes increasing physical activity and eating a balanced diet to lose weight.

As usual, alternative medicine also offers some treatment options that should be consulted with a health professional before being put into practice.

Some alternatives include certain exercises that can help reduce a double chin. Here are some procedures to keep in mind:

1. Close your mouth completely:

With the mouth closed, one can make circular movements with the tongue in a clockwise direction, rubbing the soft palate. Ideally, repeat this routine three times a day.

2. Say the vowels:

Exaggerate each of the vowels by opening your mouth as wide as possible, slowly and elastically. This is an exercise that should be done at least 10 times every day.

3. Head tilted back:

Tilt your head back, looking up at the ceiling. The lower jaw is then pushed forward to feel a stretch under the chin. The person should count to ten and relax the movement. Repeat it ten times a day.

4. Turn your head:

Slowly stretch your neck forward and toward the center. Then slowly turn your head to the right for a few seconds. Later, the head is again brought to the center and this position is held for a few more seconds. Then the same exercise is done on the left side and repeated 10 times on each side.

5. Stick out your tongue:

It requires looking straight ahead, sticking out the tongue as far as one can and trying to touch the nose. Hold your tongue out toward your nose for ten seconds, then relax and repeat ten times.

A double chin can be uncomfortable for some people. – Photo: Getty Images/ImageSource

Similarly, it is worth adopting routine procedures to strengthen the firmness of the skin and improve its appearance. According to a review by the Mayo Clinic, a non-profit organization dedicated to the practice of medicine, these are some general skin health suggestions:

1. Protect yourself from the sun:

Sun exposure can cause premature wrinkles, skin spots and other problems. It also increases the risk of skin cancer.

The main care to protect the skin from the sun includes using sunscreen, hiding in the shade when the intensity of the rays is too strong and wearing clothing with adequate protection, taking care of parts of the body such as the hands and neck. A hat is also useful.

2. No smoking:

According to the Mayo Clinic, smoking is another reason why wrinkles can appear. When a person smokes, the blood vessels that are in the most superficial layers of the skin narrow, reducing blood flow. The result also suggests a pale appearance to the skin, as oxygen and nutrients that are important for tissue health are eliminated.

3. Take care of the skin:

Finally, another top skin care tip is to treat your skin gently by using great quality products when you bathe or shave. To do this, the cited portal offers:

  • Limit shower time.
  • Avoid severe hives.
  • Shave carefully.
  • Hydrate dry skin.

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