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If natural phenomena such as earthquakes or the COVID 19 pandemic have taught us anything, it is that there is nothing better than prevention, planning and making decisions in time to save lives and protect our assets.

Now with the presence of Hurricane Kay, MARINA DEL PILAR ÁVILA OLMEDA and the State Council of Civil Defense have suspended classes in all municipalities of Baja California.

It may sound like a last resort, but it is not. The point is simply not to put students, parents, teachers and administrative staff at risk, to keep the roads as clear as possible in case of rain, so that no one risks crossing roads that are flooded or water to get to work or school.

Later we will have time to make up for lost hours. Of course, good students will take advantage of the opportunity to do their homework and learn what is ahead of them.

And this is that the Tropical Cyclone Early Warning System (SIAT-CT) has put Baja California on orange alert, so the necessary measures are being taken to ensure people’s well-being.

Secretary General of the Government (SGG) CATALINO ZAVALA MARQUEZ clarified that the orange alert means that action must be taken to protect the population from the risks that the hurricane may bring.

The Municipal and State Civil Defense Councils have already been formed and are working continuously. Hurricane Kay was downgraded to a Category I early Thursday morning and is expected to be downgraded to a tropical storm by the time it reaches the point closest to Baja California, but even so, all necessary precautions need to be taken.

Rain may be concentrated in the southern part of the state, with possible effects on San Quintin, San Felipe and Ensenada. In the northern part, only light precipitation is expected.

The suspension of classes is aimed at those who have nothing to do on the street, to stay at home, following the announcements of Civil Protection.

Accordingly, it is requested, if you can avoid it, not to go on the road, but if there is no other option, the Public Trust for the Management of Funds and Investments of the Centinela-La Rumorosa Highway Section (FIARUM ) calls on those who pass through this communication channel, take extreme precautions and drive responsibly in conditions of rain forecast.

FIRUM General Manager CARLOS GÓMEZ GONZÁLEZ indicated that the chances of rain prevail in Baja California and the mountainous region is no exception, so the staff under his leadership is ready to take care of any contingencies that may arise.

For his part, the Minister of Health in the state, J. ADRIÁN MEDINA AMARILLAS, reported that hospitals, health centers and emergency areas were operating regularly before the arrival of Hurricane Kay. Staff are trained to provide care, prevention measures and control of epidemiological risks, in addition to the Council for State Health Security (CESS) table with constant participation of health jurisdictions.

MARINA DEL PILAR participated as a speaker at the Second National Congress of Industrial Women, an event where she welcomed representatives from all over the country and emphasized the value of working women to the development of Baja California.

And time flies so much that September 20 is just around the corner, the date on which the decree for the legalization of cars of foreign origin expires.

For this reason, those who have scheduled appointments to legalize their vehicle at the Public Registry of Vehicles (REPUVE) modules are asked to attend promptly, said GUSTAVO SANTOS HERNANDEZ VALENZUELA, director of the Baja California Tax Administration Office (SAT) . BC).

He explained that they do not need to wait in lines because attention processes have been perfected in the ten points of state regulation, for which the summoned residents of Baja California are required to attend on the day and time assigned to them.

Adrian Medina… Prepared health services before the arrival of the hurricane

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