Marciano Cantero: the life and work of a composer of pop anthems and true love songs

“I feel like I was chosen,” he said. Martian stonemason three years ago, back from a record tour of The green dwarfs of the United States and Mexico, bapt Scrambled eggswhich the Mendoza band shared with Spaniards Hombres G. They come from playing in the hollywood bowl and this had impressed this man who was about 60 years old. “In a way, it’s a miracle that you’ve achieved something so great musically and still managed to blow people away. There are a lot of bands that didn’t make it to the Hollywood Bowl, and we’ve played where the Beatles and many of the biggest artists in modern music have played. It was amazing, and when we finished, in the dressing rooms, the people who work there told us that they hadn’t heard the audience sing so loudly in a long time.

Marciano Cantero was definitely chosen. A musician and composer from Mendoza, who in the mid-1980s wrote some songs that crossed limits and boundaries and that more than thirty years later are still there, not only in the nostalgia and recording of listeners on Spotify – which also, of course – , but for the recognition of new generations, with J Balvin and Bad Bunny inviting him to record a song (“Un peso”) to fulfill his own dream. “They called me via video chat and said, ‘Teacher, thank you for making our adolescence happier!'” Marciano said yesterday.

Horacio Eduardo “Marciano” Cantero died yesterday at the age of 62 after a week in hospital for a kidney complication, according to his family. After another string of concerts with Los Enanitos Verdes in the United States and Mexico, which ended on August 12 at the James L. Knight Center in Miami, Cantero returned to his native Mendoza, where he had returned to settle in 2019. , after living for years between Mexico, Miami, and this non-place of eternal Latin American tours. There, in his place in the world, Cantero went peacefully, in the words of his son Xavierwho publicly thanked him for the years they shared.

“I want him to be remembered not only as the songwriter, singer, entertainer that he was, but also as a wonderful person and my best friend in the world.” He’s always said in all the interviews that “Amigos” (the theme from Los Enanitos) he composed because he wanted his son to be his best friend, and it came true and he knew it, so that leaves me at peace Javier said.

Los Enanitos Verdes were formed in 1979 with Cantero on vocals and bass, Felipe Staiti on guitar and Daniel Piccolo on drums. But it was in the mid-80s when the band became Mendoza’s expression of that post-dictatorship rock that gave so much to talk about in these lands. In the underground world of Buenos Aires, and also in Latin America, which was awakening to new pleasures after the dark times. In this multiverse, Cantero forever left behind a handful of pop anthems and true love songs.

“The Green Wall” (his biggest hit), “Your Old Letters”, “Stress Training”, “For the others”, I saw you on a train Y “white guitars” These are some of the songs composed during this golden decade for the band, who at that time toured Latin America again and again, following in the footsteps of Soda Stereo and ZAS.

time trial, the band’s second album, released in 1986, was the work that brought them fame and was produced by a young Andrés Calamaro. “I think Andres was an integral part of time trial and in fact there was one suggestion of his in connection with “The Green Wall” which I still have: he told me that in the chorus instead of stretching out the word “love” I should sing “love, or, or of yesterday.” This issue of swing, although it seems small, he always mastered it with great grace,” Cantero said some time ago about this virtuous relationship.

Los Enanitos Verdes’ success on the continent in the 1990s was never reflected in the country, and this led the group to almost live on tour outside of Argentina. So much so that Cantero decided to settle in the city of Hermosillo, in the Sonoran desert, in Mexico. Until 2019, when he returned to his city, attracted by an old love, a friend from his youth, to whom he had dedicated several of the first songs of the group (among them the classic “Your Old Letters”), and this destiny moved away. A love story from his own compositions.

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